i do like killin dumbos. its a pleesant feelin fer all da boyz involved.

- Knar'gank

Knar'gank is the highest ranking Sneaky Boss of Da Rogue Boyz. The sneakiest Loron, Knar'gank is capable of chameleon-style camouflaging of his skin, and can wait for hours without moving, as he is capable of photosynthesis. He is also the cousin of Gol'thabex, and friend of Fre'kloar. Knar'gank is one of the most quiet of the Loron, a trait he shares with his cousin, but like Jol'kiar, is wise (at least by Loron standards).

History Edit

Knar'thil Edit

Knar'thil was Knar'gank's father and a legendary sneeka. One of the first Loron sneekas, Knar'thil was a member of the original Sneak Boyz mercenary group, who caught the attention of Zr'Ahgloth. Knar'thil was hired to cause trouble in the same orphanage that both Gratz'kaoz and Gratz' family rival, whose name is unknown (but is referred to as Badgangmanz) resided before Zr'Ahgloth took over as new Propa Big Boss of the Propa Big Loron Empire. Knar'thil was tasked to eliminate both, but to make an example of them first.

When Gratz'kaoz and Badgangmanz both ran from the orphanage, and later fought with Badgangmanz sentenced to death, Knar'thil saved Badgangmanz, and allowed Gratz'kaoz to kill Badgangmanz but after Gratz killed him, giving his son Knar'gank to Jol'kiar, where he was looked after.

Early life Edit

Knar'gank was born in the jungle, where he spent the first 20 years of his life. His family had been banished from the Loron empire they came from, and thus, lived on their own in a jungle. As a result, his family had been very adapted to that environment.

When Knar'gank decided he wanted to move to an empire, he joined Da Propa Big Loron Empire, where he learned that he needed to be sneaky to survive, just as in the jungle. Eventually becoming more and more adept, he make his way through the ranks and eventually defeated the most notable Sneaky Boss, backstabbing him off a cliff. This earned him the respect of all the Sneekas around the Empire.

Joining Da Rogue Boyz Edit

Knar'gank met Da Rogue Boyz after being hired by Thr'aloy to assassinate Fre'kloar. He was, however, defeated by him and his Warbosses. Due to not having any Sneaky Boyz with him at that time, Fre'kloar decided to spare Knar'gank if he joined his gang. Knar'gank accepted, and with time, gained the trust of all other warbosses.

Da Rogue Era Edit

During the times known as Da Rogue Era, Knar'gank participated in Da Ice Cube Trials. His plan was to steal a prized UNOC possession, and he stole Kalcedia Myran's undergarments, much to his own amusement.

Characteristics Edit

Appearance Edit

Knar'gank appears as a regular Sneeka, which appears painted in black because black is "sneekia". However, black is merely his "default" skin colour; in fact, his skin is capable of changing colour, in the style of a chameleon. Knar'gank has his prized shanka and also wears a helmet equipped with a cloaking device, stolen by him from one of his first assassinated targets.

Personality Edit

Knar'gank is the most quiet and cunning of the Warbosses, and is also one of the most intelligent, losing only to Jol'kiar, Kal'kuir and Rel'larutina. Knar'gank thinks methodically and make "complex" plans before going into action, much unlike the rest of his squad, and because of this they often conflict between themselves. However, the warbosses all have grown to accept and respect Knar'gank's wisdom.

Abilities Edit

Knar'gank is an expert in survival and a master in precise close ranged combat. He can easily take down the biggest and strongest enemies by hitting them in their weak spots, which other Loron usually can't be bothered to do. Thanks most likely to genetic mutation by Da Chikz, his scale cells contain chlorophyll and chromatophores, as well as containing small hairs on his scales to absorb nutrients and water, in the same way a plant's root does. His scaly skin is also notably more regenerative than most other Loron, as well as tougher. This is possibly a product of his life in the jungle, or a product of genetic modification.

Chromatophores allow him to rapidly change colour through mechanisms that translocate pigment and reorient reflective plates within the chromatophores. Unlike Earth species, the chromatophores for colour change are contained within the skin/scale cells, for the outer and inner skin layers. With the chlorophyll, he can photosynthesis, meaning that when waiting for his prey/target, he can wait in one spot for hours (staying still), without needing to sleep or move spot. While it won't work at night, he actually stores the food from the sun over time for night, keeping him awake. He is also capable of taking in water from the ground and nutrients, due to small hairs on his scales similar to those on a plant's root, allowing him to go even longer. He needs water often so that his eyes don't wear out, if he is waiting for a long time.

Relations Edit

Homies Edit

Blue faceyeh yor cool

  • Da Leedas - lissen to da bosses
  • Da Poshiez - i work fer yoo. at timez.
  • Da Warbossess - lissen to us
    • Ray'loth - dunt tell me wat ta do cos my tactics ar betta. yor still sik tho
    • Voa'reak - man yoo draw attenshon to yaself wiv flyin. a reel troopa doesnt rely on som dum gadget ta be dedly
    • Kal'kuir mate. yoo mite be good wiv tekk but yor not actually dat cleva anywher els. yoo hav so many implants whai dunt ya get brain implants
    • Zalk'don - da opposit of me cos he jus blows stoof up an is all loud im all quiet. hes good at wat he does i guess
    • Naktor'zak - if yoo was a reel loron yoo wuldnt b stuk in a tank
    • Brag'klogga - dis guys all cray an weird an stoof but dats wat maeks him so sik
    • Drizz'pyrokirk - quite a sik geeza

Neutral Edit

Yellow faceyor in ma path. dats not a gud idea

  • Kolossus - i fink he dunt like us anymor...

Enemies Edit

Red facestabbity stab stab

  • Kalcedia Myran - yoo rival me in UNOC...but yor nuffin but a dirty chik. wiv dirty panties.

Notes Edit

Quotes Edit

he looks like a wimp but man hes a tuff wimp

- Fre'kloar

I actually like this Loron. Strange.

- Viceroy Zmacc

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