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I would say that is a rather worthy successor and a just ruler. I recommended him myself, of course; I knew that Vanlirasan would lead the Kicathian Republic far better than I would. I am a warrior, not a politician; Vanlirasan is a face that I cannot mask no matter what I can do.

- Kithworto

President Kitravasuron Vanlirasan is the first and current President of the Kicathian Republic, and a former fighter pilot for the Gigaquadrantic Kicathian Naval Forces. Personally recommended during the first presidential elections in 2798 by Kithworto Aknatazán, Vanlirasan is considered a popular and fair ruler, the first head of state of any Kicathian government of which has been deemed so for centuries.

History Edit

Pre-Presidency Edit

Born on the Borealis capital planet of Anatezc-ji 0 in 2631, Kitravasuron was born into the somewhat affluent Vanlirasan family, known for a long-standing and high-ranking military tradition. Having been educated in the path to join the Naval Forces by the time he was twenty, Kitravasuron's interests truly never laid in joining the military, but rather becoming a politician in hopes of changing the face and reputation of the then-Kicath Empire. Despite this and not wishing to dishonour his family's name, Kitravasuron enlisted into the Naval Forces, and was fully trained as a fighter pilot by the time he was thirty.

Having completed his service after twenty years, Kitravasuron had seen multiple battles across the Kicath Empire, mainly quashing multiple rebellions and insurgencies. The prospect of forcibly taking action against the population of the Kicath Empire had disenchanted Kitravasuron's view of the military; there were no enemies of the Kicath Empire, and much of the military effort was stomping upon any distinguishing sign of a civil war breaking loose. In not wishing to continue after his mandatory service, he was met with disrespectful remarks of his family, especially upon his desire to educate himself in the political system. Despite what was thought of him, his efforts to make himself known in politics was eventually recognised by 2693 upon the coronation of Emperor Kitraminak, the last emperor of the Kicath Empire before its dissolution.

Known for voicing his opinions against the continuing policing and oppressive stance of the Kicath Empire, Kitravasuron was instrumental in legislating liberal measures to the protectorate populace of the Empire, and forging an enjoyable society in the Kicath Empire up until its split in 2789. As the military coup was staged in the Kicath Empire that year, Kitravasuron was established in the Borealis Galaxy, and had worked with Kithworto and the Agents in removing Empire presence from the galaxy, in doing so helping establish the Kicathian Republic. He remained a strong political figure through the years of the Ice Age, and before the turn of the century, Kithworto had decided to resign his position as head of state of the Kicathian Republic, creating a Republic in its place.

Presidency Edit

Kitravasuron was personally supported by Kithworto during the election period in Borealis, and in doing so had won a 72% majority vote. He was almost immediately sworn in as the first President of the Kicathian Republic; something that many Kicath had long awaited for, and was seen in a good light within the Borealis Galaxy itself. Kitravasuron's first years of his presidency was largely met with the strong opinion that the Kicath should wage war against the Kicath Empire, though Kitravasuron felt that it was against his policy to do so. Though he knew it was a necessary evil to commit, Kitravasuron instead beseeched the help of Kitalatheraz Aknatazán, who in turn motivated Kithworto to support the amassing of an army. The conflict was known as the Kicathian Dissension, which resulted in the reclamation of the core Milky Way territories after over two hundred days of war.

Criticising the act of the war, Kitravasuron was met with both praise and scrutiny by the Kicathian population; though what he had enacted once the territories within the Milky Way were completely under the Republic's control once more had earned the respect of the Kicath further - using the Agents to deliver aid to every colony that required it, Kitravasuron had enacted and produced the largest altruistic aid program in Kicathian civilisation for over twenty thousand years. Because of this, he became highly popular with the non-Kicathian populace of the Republic.

Nearing 2801, Kitravasuron entered talks with the Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth (during its transition to the Pan-Andromedan Ecumene to discuss settling in Andromeda once more. This came about from multiple peace talks and forging greater economic cooperation between them and the Commonwealth, and thus the Republic had exercised their entitlement to expanding across 180,000 systems more in the Andromeda Galaxy. Nearing the next election period by 2808, Kitravasuron had ensured his re-election as the Kicath were granted Highlordship in Andromeda in 2807; the first years of his second term were met with further approval in Andromeda as the Kicathian Republic became highly interdependent with Andromeda.

The Republic had met strong turmoil in 2811 as Kithworto had signed the Avalôtur Covenant with the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Kitravasuron was pressured by this act, from the Republic itself and a majority of the Xonexi Cluster to take action upon this; the Republic had further denounced Kithworto's actions as it had jeopardised their standing in Andromeda, and dismissed him from office in the Republic's affairs.

Characteristics Edit

Appearance Edit

Kitravasuron stands of average height for a Kicath, and maintaining his Borealis heritage by donning colours of steel grey and blue in his clothing. Typically ornate and high-end for Kicathian fashion, Kitravasuron's clothing combines fabrics and metal, also complimenting his prosthetic arms and legs, of which are an almost staple attribute to modern Kicath culture. His eyes glow an unusual teal colour, which indicates he has strong heritage in Borealis, Andromeda and from the northern parts of Paclernos. Trying to maintain a sense of stoicism, he has groomed the crest on his head, and often looks after his skin.

Personality Edit

Defying the bloodthirsty Kicathian stereotype, Kitravasuron is a Kicath dedicated to peace and prosperity. He embodies the more modern Kicathian sentiment of promoting a cosmopolitan and cooperative Kicathian Republic, and is ideally against the prospect of war. Having already served one term in presidency, Kitravasuron has evolved in his political maturity - his cohesion in talks have become highly respected, and unlike what many think of the Kicath, he uses his words rather than his fists.

Abilities Edit

Though not enhanced like an Agent nor possessing essence powers, Kitravasuron's experience in the Naval Forces indicates that he is of peak physical fitness for a Kicath, and has been given special training in combat should he find himself in such a situation. His prosthetics have granted him a higher degree of strength and stamina than what the natural body of a Kicath would allow, though as a politician and a peaceful individual at heart, Kitravasuron does not require hardware as strong as an Agent might possess. Due to his training, Kitravasuron has considerable skill with most ranged weaponry, though at his most proficient, can pilot Kicathian fighters.

Relationships Edit

Allies Edit

Green face "We all come from different walks of life, though it is not a coincidence that we meet."

  • Kithworto - My decision was for the good of the Republic.
  • Agent Alpha - You advise me in war, though war makes me uncomfortable.

Liked Edit

Blue face "There is an opportunity to speak more, though only if you think it is necessary."

  • Uriel Ultanos - The Paragavatus has been good to us. That I am grateful for.

Neutral Edit

Yellow face "It would be unnecessary to make a fool of yourself in front of me."

  • Alexandre I - I respect the human, though his somewhat profound impatience towards us is entirely unfounded.
  • Iovera IX - The Radeon have been difficult to cooperate with in the past. The Ecumene's progress proves their willing to change.

Disliked Edit

Orange face "You are intolerable, and foolish for speaking to me in that tone."

  • Agent Nu - You tarnish the reputation of the Agency. That is unacceptable.

Enemies Edit

Red face "I will not press the button; though my people will."

  • N/A

Notes Edit

Quotes Edit

His leadership of the Kicathian Republic has been most admirable. I'd very much like to meet him some day.

- Proconsul Apollo, New Cyrannian Republic

Since the establishment of the Republic's territories within Andromeda, Kitravasuron's efforts have shattered the perception that the Kicath are short-fused psychopaths. His efforts have strengthened the Republic and prepared it for an egalitarian age that has permanently divided it from the empire it emerged from. For his mindfulness towards his non-Kicath citizens, I respect him.

- Uriel Ultanos

I know we were all a little baffled when the Kicath were made Highlords in Andromeda, and there's been a lot of talk about entitlement, favoritism, pandering, or political maneuvering to isolate us on the council. We should be vigilant about those things––but two years after the decision was made, I want you all to know that I've changed my mind. President Vanlirasan doesn't always vote the way I'd like him to, but his influence on Andromeda has been overwhelmingly positive. He supports our democratic reforms, interdependence, market-based solutions, and most recently, has come out against the Avalotur Covenant. He's gone against one of his own in order to protect our Gigaquadrant. -That- is political courage from a leader who deserves our respect and consideration.

- Emperor Alexandre I of France in a town hall discussion on Roussigny in 2811
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