It would be a mistake to assume that Kitoruka Aknatazán was anything like his brother. The entity who bore that name is gone, instead, we have one of the most feared generals the Dominion could devise. Were he to ever set foot on the battlefield, the conflict would end in a heartbeat as his rage and malevolence consumed all who opposed his authority, and damned to torment eternally in the bowels of Inferno.

- Sarec

Kitoruka Aknatazán, also known as Maíkanamnon in the demonic ranks, is one of the high-born Xi'Arazulha aligned to the Xhodocto, and is a high-ranking leader in the Dominion of the Xhodocto under the servitude of Angazhar.

History Edit

The being known as Maktanshatinmaíkanamnon has always existed, though in his original existence as a Vi'Navitum, he went under the name of Sentritarothyladravanál. Like all other Xi'Arazulha, Sentritarothyladravanál was created from a metaphysical schism at the hands of the Xhodocto, thusly converting him, body and mind into a Xi'Arazulha. Himself and a few other Xi'Arazulha led a proxy war against the Vi'Navitum on the Kicath homeworld of Paclernos, which resulted in a victory of the Vi'Navitum after two hundred millennia. In this time, the Xi'Arazulha and Vi'Navitum both chose to incarnate themselves as Kicath, though over the consistent reincarnations, they imparted more of their being across time, and their memories of former lives became increasingly vague until they lived and reincarnated as Kicath without any thought. Only two of these Xi'Arazulha, Maktanshatinmaíkanamnon and Maktanshatinaknatazán, had infrequent instances of ascending to godhood in past lives.

The current incarnation of Maktanshatinmaíkanamnon, known as Kitoruka Aknatazán, was born in 2712 as the first of five children to the Aknatazán family. Kitoruka is the biological brother of Kithworto (incidentally the current incarnation of Maktanshatinaknatazán), and the two bore a sibling rivalry that had evolved into estrangement in adulthood. During his service in the military, he was approached by Kitanúniama Zonmnakhéron to become a part of the initial stages of the third program of the Agency, in which he accepted. Whilst Kithworto was also a part of the Agency also, the two had never crossed paths in service as Agents. During the battle against the Skijornax Horde on planet Augetumeron in 2750, Kitoruka was killed in battle, and thus was presented with traditional Kicathian funerary ceremonies and was buried in the Aknatazán family burial grounds.

Through dying, the transcending consciousness of Kitoruka, and what remained of Maktanshatinmaíkanamnon was left astray in space and time, until it was the decision of of Angazhar to reanimate Kitoruka's body thirty years later, having recollected Kitoruka's Xi'Arazulha thoughts and memories, recreating the Xi'Arazulha as a malicious and vengeful spectre. His first command as Angazhar's newest servant was to destroy Kithworto, and in doing so had intervened in Koluap and Windey's wedding ceremony. Kithworto had taken Kitoruka and continued their fight in Tangent, where Kithworto had escaped before being killed outright. Kitoruka was chosen, along with Hez'Kalka to participate in a fight to claim the Ilambil Katarn as it remained motionlessly in Inferno. The blade had destroyed his body as he touched the hilt with his fingertips, though by the destruction, he could not recollect his body until Krathazhrukhal did so for him upon the political formation of the Dominion of the Xhodocto. After the events of Tantummodo Mortem, Kitoruka sought to overtake the Kicath Empire, in which he succeeded in the events of the Kicathian Dissension.

Characteristics Edit

Appearance Edit

Kitoruka has undergone various transformations in his life beyond a Kicath - his first form was that of a demoniacally-transformed Kicath, similar in appearance to that of the Samut'angar, though as of present, his appearance vaguely resembles that of a common Xi'Arazulha, though he has undertaken more subtle measures and wears pitch-black armour much like Hez'Kalka's, which follows the ancient Zhulultu fashion. Kitoruka has also taken the form to have two large skeletal appendages protrude from his back, which he uses as weapons of his own design.

Abilities Edit

Kitoruka is only one of two Xi'Arazulha that can undergo the transformation into the Omega State, the other being Kithworto. Though he is capable of such a transformation, it is of a lesser degree than Kithworto's own. Kitoruka is among the most powerful leaders of the Dominion of the Xhodocto, being a part of the higher echelons of the Xi'Arazulha hierarchy grants him similar status to the Dominion Lords. Kitoruka's powers as a Xi'Arazulha has had little display in modern times, though if his brother serves as a valid example, Kitoruka is capable of galactic annihilation at the least. Kitoruka is the most powerful direct servant of Angazhar, and is the most powerful one to have ever served him.

Personality Edit

Kitoruka inhibits a more typical persona of a Xi'Arazulha and a servant of Angazhar - he is driven by malice and anger, and his loyalty to the Xhodocto removes much of his qualms of mercy and hesitation to commit atrocities beyond imagination. Kitoruka has little to no compassion for the kind he once lived among, and even by Angazhar's standards, he is considered the ideal instrument of the Xhodocto's infinite destruction.

Relations Edit

Serving Edit

Yellow face "I stare into the blackness of nothingness, and I bathe in its soulless embrace."

  • Angazhar - I shall serve until the end of time.

Allies Edit

Orange face "Know your place in this reality. We have none."

  • Hez'Kalka - "I needn't be your inferior. I have no ties to the physical realm."

Neutral Edit

Orange face "You only have one purpose in this world...and that is to be decided."

  • Kolossus - "Can you obtain forgiveness from them?"
  • Shu'wokerama - "I have little to say to the forces of the Nightmare Realm."
  • The Dark Purger - "I have nothing to say to the forces of your kind."
  • Koluap - "Insignificant."
  • Tyraz - "My master has had...problems with you before."

Enemies Edit

Red face - "You shall be drowned in the black waters of Chaos."

  • Kithworto - "I will have you erased from this existence."
  • Thea'Nhirara - "They do not have time for your dreams."

Notes Edit

Quotes Edit

He has shed his shell to serve the true lords of all without question, without doubt or fear. He is their instrument, and thus I defer for his hand to direct me to spread glorious devastation.

- Maleus

We shall revel in the bloodshed you commit. You shall pain the omniverse for its insolence of existing.

- Shu'wokerama

Sod off, you twat!

- Koluap
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