I quite precisely recall the one time—which feels like a lifetime before now—when my father mentioned this one's name. His voice in that moment was almost alien to everything he was, and everything he is now: a mixture of fear, a modicum of respect, and something akin to a deluded excitement. And in that moment I understood. Not just why he has remained hesitant, but why those that are like him, both mortal and beyond, remain cautious: they all feel that same thing, speak in that same tone when this one comes to mind.

- Qurik Skel

Nava-Maktanasavansar is an inordinately prominent Chaos Lord in the incarnation of a Kicath known as Kithworto Aknatazán, a military warlord, political leader and one of the primary individuals involved in the struggle against the forces of Chaos itself. One of the First Gigquadrant's most-well known leaders and wartime figureheads, Kithworto's notoriety as an extremely powerful essence user was the source of great content of the followers of Chaos and their acolytes. Several governments across the Gigaquadrant either deem Kithworto an ally or a subject of intergalactic danger, and in particular cases, both.

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Though tethered to the identities of the Vi'Navitum and Xi'Arazulha, there is no precise description as to what the entity known as Nava-Maktanasavansar is - whatever the entity is, it is far beyond the more comprehensible hierarchies of either kind. Some believe that Nava-Maktanasavansar was another sentient byproduct of the creation of Shard alongside the eye known as Terastia, yet unlike the eye, Nava-Maktanasavansar developed its own form and independent will that was left unhindered by the Xhodocto. Others believe that Nava-Maktanasavansar is Terastia itself, yet the eye has been described as wholly malevolent of which Nava-Maktanasavansar is not. Appearing similar to that of both the Xi'Arazulha and Vi'Navitum, the early Essentials were unaware the Chaos Lord assumed a lesser form, and over time, as the Vi'Navitum rebelled against Krathazhrukhal had also forsook him and partook in the war.

Between the time Nava-Maktanasavansar fought with the Vi'Navitum and became involved with the Kicath is completely lost to history - although the war behind the Vi'Navitum and the Xi'Arazulha across the First Gigaquadrant was now thought to have been part of a hunt for the Chaos Lord as it disappeared among the mortal populace, invisible to them. Over time, Nava-Maktanasavansar assumed the forms of several races, eventually resting on the form of the tribal Kicath on their homeworld of Paclernos, coming about as a war god to their ancient religion. Over the millennia, and under the possible circumstances of assuming a lesser form, Nava-Maktanasavansar began to forget itself after each incarnation of Kicath, its divine heritage spreading genetically across the Kicath. However, there was one linkage to each and every incarnation it took - the name Kithworto.

The most recent incarnation of Kithworto was born in 2727 on the Kicathian homeworld, a high-born of the ancient and respected house of House Aknatazán, with pseudo-mythological lineage back to the divine Xi'Arazulha themselves. House Aknatazán is a vast family name and that bears its own genetic characteristics, and Kithworto thus was born with silver-black skin, carmine red eyes and the greater stature that the Aknatazán Kicath came to be known for. He was the youngest of five brothers. As a high-born, Kithworto was given the same educational background and childhood that all Kicathian children experienced - though descending from a family with prestigious military heritage, Kithworto was expected to become a military leader in his life. As result, Kithworto enlisted as part of the then Kicath Empire's army when he came of age alongside his brothers.

As two of his brothers perished in the wars that the Kicath fought in their core worlds, Kithworto's native powers over essence began to develop. By the events of the Second War of Black Fog, assisting the Dracogonarious Empire in quashing the invasion of The Corruptus, he had become a fearsome warrior in his own right, regarded as one of the championing soldiers of the Kicath Empire's armies. In that time, he had also been informed of his anomalous heritage - something that Kithworto further investigated under the suspicion that he in fact was not a Kicath all, but a being of divine descendants.

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When he returned to this universe soon after the conclusion Great War for Dranvamus...He was beyond anything that we could imagine. And yet despite what flows though his veins, despite the very power his mind has over reality, it is his voice, and his sense of reason that shapes the fabric of known space more. Some consider him a god, some an unchallengable engine of death, but I consider him a sage more wise in the matters of reality in its wholesome entirety than the most venerable of elders.

- Uriel Ultanos XVI

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  • Kithworto was originally a captain on Xho's save on Spore Galactic Adventures.
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