Many Kicath look up to Kithworto Aknatazán - not only as a warrior, but a hero of our people. The truth is, the Kicath look up to the idea of him - I have called him a comrade, a captain and even friend; the Kithworto that was celebrated during the Second War of Black Fog is not the same Kithworto that exists now. Now, in the place of Kithworto Aknatazán is something...other.

- Agent Tau

Kithworto Aknatazán is a legendary hero of the Kicath race, as well as one of the most famous figures of the Second War of Black Fog and the wars against the forces of Chaos. Born into Kicathian aristocracy, Kithworto has been regarded as a great warrior for much of his life - though sometime during the events of the Second War of Black Fog, he became host to the ancient Chaos Monster Nava-Maktansavansar, that slowly became part of his very being. Kithworto's struggle to remain himself throughout the wars he fought eventually culminated in his former self fully merging with the Chaos Monster. Kithworto's life after the last war against Chaos has been lost to rumour and hearsay; many saying that he has departed this universe altogether.




Despite having become one with Nava-Maktansavansar, Kithworto retains the appearance of his Kicathian self. Even before his merging with the Chaos Monster, Kithworto exhibited the melanistic skin mutation that is a part of his lineage, along with deep red eyes that set him apart from the appearance of other Kicath. His merging with the Chaos Monster has not altered his appearance massively, apart from an increased muscle mass. During his service in the Kicathian military, much of his body was replaced with cybernetic enhancements, though it appears his merged self has assimilated these parts.


Before his merging with Nava-Maktansavansar, Kithworto was typical of many Kicathian soldiers - he possessed a dour, if not slightly abrasive temperament that was frequently complimented with a dark sense of humour and a strong ability of sarcasm. Kithworto's personality altered greatly over the years during his struggle with merging with the Chaos Monster - he became more aggressive, erratic and violent until his mind merged completely. Near the end of his recorded traces, Kithworto no longer regarded himself as a Kicath and no longer held any earthly attachments, believing his former self to have disappeared. However, he feigned a sense of empathy to ease others around him - though it is believed that Kithworto was genuinely saddened by Koluap's death, which implies that the former Kicath is not gone entirely.


Kithworto was a highly-trained warrior in the martial arts of the Kicath, and gained a reputation during his years of war as an expert demon slayer and a seemingly unkillable force. Kithworto's powers grew exponentially after being host to Nava-Maktansavansar, being able to harness essence at a degree that seemed indistinguishable from that of an Essential. By the end of the third war against Chaos, Kithworto's fully realised powers were of such great magnitude that entities such as Hez'Kalka truly feared Kithworto's ability to lay waste to his plans, believing that his bonding with a Chaos Monster had given him powers beyond even Master Kroc's comprehension.