If I were to say a few things about Kitanúniama Zonmnakhéron, it would be this; Alpha, Agent Nu, Kithworto and even myself - we were all taught to live like a warrior, kill with incredible efficiency and die with our dignity intact. Kitanúniama Zonmnakhéron was the one who did all of that for us.

- Agent Tau

Penumbran Kitanúniama Zonmnakhéron is a former High Commander of the Gigaquadrantic Kicathian Naval Forces and a current member of the Penumbra Unit as its twenty-seventh member. For nearly one hundred and fifty years, Kitanúniama served as a director for the Kicathian Agency.

History Edit

Kitanúniama Zonmnakhéron was born in January 2654 to the relatively small Zonmnakhéron household, with familial ties to both the Aknatazán and Rāmalánaon houses for many thousands of years. Like many aspiring Kicath who wished to serve in their military forces, Kitanúniama joined their ranks in 2582 upon becoming of age and suitable for volunteering. Whilst recognised as a talented soldier with the current supervisors of the Agency building a profile and case for a selection to be an Agent II should he live to 2710, much of his greater abilities were recognised in his capability for leadership. His profile was later considered to take place as the Supreme Commander of the Agency in the 2600s, though it is thought that he refused to become an Agent. Throughout 2585 to 2670, multiple wars against dissidents of the Kicath Empire was fought as well as insurgents of the same origin - in that time, Kitanúniama was promoted to High Commander. Many successful covert operations on the enemies of the Kicath Empire were mainly conducted through a squad signed by him, and soon became a Kicathian hero in his own right.

In 2670, Kitanúniama was approached again by the Agency concerning the Agent II program, though in this case he was offered a directorial position rather than becoming an Agent. Whilst this took months of consideration, Kitanúniama eventually accepted and up until 2710, Kitanúniama's position in the Agency was to select potential candidates for the Agent IIs. Following the Agent II Occasus mission, he selected the twenty four commanders of each program - and such was the case through the Agent IIIs in 2746 and Agent IVs in 2786. In preparations for the Agent V in 2791, Kitanúniama was instrumental in grouping the Agents as the Kicathian Republic formed from a political schism, moving the base of operations to the Borealis Galaxy, though moving the Agent V to nearer the end of the decade. Kithworto had other plans for Kitanúniama, however; he elected that, whilst absent from Borealis, that Kitanúniama would become part of the Penumbra unit and protecting the best interests of the Polar Crystal Alliance. In 2795, he assisted Vekaron, another Penumbran on a joint mission to Afiloxenos regarding the reconstitution and eventual integration of the Zí-Jittorám race in Borealis society.

It was unlikely that concerning his position was Kitanúniama involved in the Kicathian Dissension, though his actions as of late have been classified by both the Kicath and the Polar Crystal Alliance on political secrecy.

Characteristics Edit

Appearance Edit

Kitanúniama appears as a Kicath of average height and somewhat aged due to being over two centuries in age. Much of his body has been modified to better suit his lifestyle in relative old age for a Kicath's unaltered lifespan, even so to produce an aesthetically bionic left arm that has since been upgraded to the Kicathian-noted 'fifth generation' in conjunction with technological advancement routines in the Kicathian private sector. The extent of modifications to his body, right down to the molecular degree suggests that Kitanúniama wishes to live for as long as possible.

Personality Edit

Kitanúniama embodies the Kicathian stereotype of aged war veterans; having participated in many Kicathian skirmishes in his youth and trained over a hundred future Agent Commanders, much of the Agents' personalities tend to be derived from what Kitanúniama has instructed. Whilst most Penumbrans tend to have some consideration for the public, Kitanúniama's ruthless persona shines through - his ability to perform tasks without any emotional strings attached make him a dangerous yet reliable individual, though as most Borealis civilians tend to be wary of Kicath, so are they wary of Kitanúniama.

Abilities Edit

The modifications on Kitanúniama's body have granted him a simplified version of Agent IV technology that has been implemented upon him in place of previous generation technologies in his history. His bionic left arm, though considered crude for Kicathian technology gives him Agent-like strength, though only in that arm alone. Assuming that the technological methods are both nanotechnological and regenerative, Kitanúniama's physical mobility even in old age proves to be as great, if not greater than a Kicath in their prime. The advancements of technology effectively make Kitanúniama, among other agents physically immortal.

Relations Edit

Allies Edit

Blue face "Let's talk."

  • Kithworto - "Training you was impressive, and now it is an honour to serve."
  • Agent Alpha - "My greatest creation."
  • Agent Nu - "Difficult, but nearly invincible."
  • Agent Tau - "Intelligence is a great weapon."
  • Agent Upsilon - "Defence is a good offense."
  • Agent Zeta - "Peace is sometimes the better option."
  • Agent Eta - "Powerful weapons are always an advantage."
  • Agent Mu - "Essence is a strange but good decision."
  • Agent Chi - "Ruthlessness is a feared trait."

Neutral Edit

Yellow face "Hmph."

  • Vekaron - "Penumbrans are brothers in arms...I suppose."
  • Agent Omega - "Disappointing."
  • Agent Xi - "Vastly intelligent. But his choice was not."

Disliked Edit

Orange face "Ridiculous."

  • N/A

Enemies Edit

Red face "Dead."

  • N/A

Notes Edit

Quotes Edit

I've not met him personally but I've heard a few good things. He will certainly be a good Penumbran.

- Vekaron

Only heard rumors about this one, though would prefer to avoid him than face him in combat

- Inquisitor Chi Chodecra
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