All fear the day my voice calls for them, for it is the voice of death.

Kirlisir, widely identified and known as the Dancer Discordant, is a Rovegar rogue who openly opposes the authority, structure and government of the Rovegar Matriarchy, as she accuses the organization as being "corrupt from the inside" for unknown reasons. She is a revolutionist and desires a change in government authority, claiming that the current head of the Matriarchy, Matriarch Vileraz IV, is tyrannical dictator, murderer and enslaver.

It is unknown where she had learned her skills but she is an adept swordswoman and a skilled user of Elemental energy, using both to her advantage whenever possible. She wears a modified version of the Gallarade armour, which is considered one of the best forms of armour within the Matriarchy due to its Essence amplification abilities and physical strength enhancement, while also using customized Gallarade-Pattern Witch Gauntlets, possessing two blades upon each gauntlet instead of a single one, with the blades vibrating at a near-microscopic level to slice through armour and other highly-resistant solid materials.



Kirlisir's origins are unknown, as is her heritage and upbringing. While she is thought to have been born within the territory of the Rovegar Matriarchy, it is not yet confirmed and she may have been born outside of the Matriarchy's borders if she was born within the Geriamias Sector itself. She is theorized to have been trained in the art of Rovegar combat and was given the armour during her early years as she made herself publicly known during her (by Rovegar standards) adolescent years. Her clan of origin, the Nation Fleet if she belonged to one, her place of training and her teacher are unknown to public knowledge and even the highest of authorities within the Matriarchy's government, making her past a complete enigma and mystery that is still being sought by official registrations and authorities within the Rovegar Matriarchy's chains of command.

Revolutionary Life[]

Kirlisir made her presence known to the Rovegar Matriarchy at the age of 50 years old through infiltrating a meeting of Rovegari cults and a few Rovegar officials and managing to eliminate all of the guards and attendants of the meeting aside from a single Rovegari cult representative, who she kept alive in order to tell the Rovegar Matriarchy what they saw and revealing to them how "godly" the Rovegar really were after having killed their supposed deities right in front of their eyes. The following day, the Rovegar Matriarchy caught wind of the attack and suspected treachery amongst the cult, although their attempt at annihilating the cult with foot soldiers was met with the slaughtering of their task forces within the first hours of the operation. Evaluation of the situation allowed the Rovegari Militant captains to identify the murderer of their forces as a fellow Rovegar wearing highly advanced armour and using especially powerful weaponry found only within the highest ranks of the Militant and the position of Gallarade. It still remains unknown to this day how Kirlisir had managed to obtain such powerful weaponry and armour, although it made her presence all the more frustrating for the Matriarchy.

Kirlisir has since been destroying Rovegari cults and assassinating important military and religious authority within the Matriarchy while avoiding capture without error or fault. She has worked alongside various mercenaries and other associated individuals in order to gain shelter from the Matriarchy while she rests as well as money and assistance in her tasks. Several times, she has made announcements to the Matriarchy's military, religious groups and governmenment claiming that the Matriarchy itself is corrupt and ran by greed and selfishness, possibly referencing the current Matriarch Vileraz IV, as a reasoning behind her motives and goals. On one particular assault she had been planning, she came across the New Wranploer Legion that had decided to attack the same planet. The ensuing chaos devastated the planet's major cities, with Kirlisir being taken by surprise by their sudden and random appearance. After she had managed to preserve herself and rescue several surviving Rovegar from the fires, she explored the wreckage of a certain city and came across a bizarre collection of individuals who had managed to secure the survival of a single Rovegar child by bringing her with them. Since that day, Kirlisir had felt curious and compelled to investigate the child's upbringing with the group, what the group stood for and if they could be trusted with a member of her own race.



Kirlisir appears as a somewhat-average Rovegar with blue tints, pigments and hues rather than the usual red and green, with her blonde hair also possessing naturally blue highlights and shades, traits that are uncommon but not completely unheard of within the Rovegar species. Kirlisir stands at 2,3 meters in height, an indication that she is not yet a full adult in terms of Rovegar standards and is probably within the middle stage of her Rovegari teenager years. Like most other Rovegar, she appears slim although not exactly frail due to her style of attire and can be easily identified by her trademark "eyepatch" - a piece of equipment integrated into the side of her skull which has replaced her right eye with a highly advanced scanner and detection system which can identify, classify and memorize a wide variety of individuals, species, organizations and technology with full access to her only due to being controlled by neural links to her brain, although it is capable of displaying public information through holograms and such as well as upload and download data to and from computer systems.

She is rarely seen without her unique, customized Gallarade armour, which protects almost the entirety of her body. This piece of armour allows her to travel decently without worrying of being naked, allows her armoured body parts to remain comfortable and free to move without any restraint or confinement and increases her physical and Essence capabilities beyond what could be considered normal for a Rovegar teenager. It also allows for stealth operations as it can turn her physical form invisible and undetectable to most forms of security and surveillance system due to reverse-engineered Kormacvar technological design. She is also always seen with her customized Gallarade-Pattern Witch Gauntlets, which possess two blades upon each gauntlet instead of the standard one which vibrate aggressively at microscopic level. This makes her appear rather intimidating to most other Rovegar and aliens.


Kirlisir is confident yet appropriately reserved, holding no undeserved prejudice against aliens despite being a Rovegar who usually see themselves as superior compared to most other forms of sapient life. She is willing to work alongside others and can co-operate well within a team or group but can also perform well independentely, adapting to situations as they arise and change with her own devised combat and stealth strategies. She is calculating yet unpredictable, planning for every outcome, conclusion and reaction for everything she does and makes the most out of any situation she can, using objects within her environment and sometimes the environment itself to her advantage if necessary. She enjoys insulting and embarassing her enemies as much as she takes pride in killing them, going so far as to install a personal kill counter within her optical enhancement device so as to count everybody she has killed over the course of her life and remember them indivdiually.

Outside of battle, she is strangely somewhat clumsy. She has a positive attitude and knows how to relax and enjoy herself but also knows her limits, yet this doesn't stop her from making certain mistakes during social conversation or activities. It is theorized that she is so adapted to fighting and battle that she is not used to socializing properly but it doesn't stop her from at least trying, claiming that she only has one life and she needs to live it towards its full extent while making her presence known and ultimately achieving the goals she has set for herself. She can be threatening if angered but holds friendships and alliances dearly, willing to forgive most people for any faults they had committed towards her and will not hesitate to apologize if she has done something wrong to those close to her. She enjoys being around company as she tends to live a somewhat lonely life, thus she interacts with people as much as she can. Despite her social eagerness, she doesn't desire sexual relations in fear that she will lose control of her Essence powers and accidentally kill somebody close to her during the act, although she prefers to stay away from the subject yet she will seduce and tempt enemies only to either leech from their life force or kill them.


Kirlisir makes extensive use of modified Gallarade armour of unknown origin, although it is thought to have been constructed within the Rovegar Matriarchy due to its usage of reverse-engineered Kormacvar technology as vital pieces of its components and functions and the Matriarchy is one of the only civilizations within the Borealis Galaxy that uses Kormacvar technology alongside the Seagon Empire and the Kormacvar Legacy. The armour is outfitted to provide a maximum amount of comfortable wear, allowing her to move freely as she normally would with no restraints to her motions and movement as one would find in other forms of standardized military-grade armour. The armour acts as a multi-function piece of equipment as it is designed for both stealth and combat usage; it can effectively "cloak" Kirlisir and itself from visible sight and nearly all forms of surveillance and security technology (barring Essence detection), provide invisible force barriers which deflect both ranged and melee attacks although this can be depleted if damaged too highly, control Kirlisir's temperature balance within especially hot or cold environments, enhance her physical capabilities such as her speed and strength and can amplify and concentrate her Essence-based abilities beyond what would usually be considered standard within Rovegar society, giving her a lot of access and control over her concentrated powers.

She makes use of a set of Gallarade-Pattern Witch Gauntlets which have been modified and designed to suit her style of combat as well as her physiology and biology; they possess an extra blade on each gauntlet instead of the standard one upon each. These blades vibrate at the microscopic level, providing her with the ability to easily slash through armour, flesh and other materials without much fault or error. This ability is further amplified due to the strength granted to her by wearing the armour, making her strikes extra powerful. She is precise and accurate with her strikes due to the optical enhancement gadget that is implanted into the right side of her skull and effectively replacing her right eye. This device can allow Kirlisir to scan, identify, memorize and categorize a wide variety of subjects such as people, races, organizations, technology and other factors concerning alien and native society. It is also capable of uploading, downloading and replacing data and information within alien computer systems and can display information publicly via holographic projection imagery. It is equipped with a personal death counter which counts how many individuals Kirlisir has killed over the course of her life.


Kirlisir is granted an additional amount of physical strength due to her custom Gallarade armour although this ability is not natural to herself. Her natural abilities include her accuracy and precision, which is granted by both her experience and her optical enhancement device, and her agility and flexibility, granted and complimented by her Rovegar biology and personal physiology. She can speak various languages including Rovegarian, although she often makes grammatical mistakes when it comes to alien language thus does not use such very often.

Perhaps her more well-known ability is her powerful Essence potential; she is capable of using advanced telekinesis, telepathic communication, Essence detection, levitation and, as all Rovegar can, exploitation of influence and suggestion via seduction and temptation. She is also capable of generating blasts of Essence from her palms and controlling its flow, concentration and direction. While she can teleport, she is not so direct of it and can end up in random, undesired places if she loses concentration during the process of teleportation thus she uses this ability sparingly.



LoveRelation.pngYou are my everything. Everything I have ever hoped for.

  • Vekaron - “If it takes hugs and kisses to make you happy, then I'm prepared to give it all for you.
  • Gardin - “I just know that one day, you're going to make me look like crap and I'm going to be proud of you for it.


Green face.pngYou had better believe that we make a great team, all of us.

  • Erureidan - “I'll make you proud, Bro, and one day I'll kick your arse.
  • Wragrot - “What's the matter big guy, afraid of hitting a woman or scared I'll have you on your arse?
  • Kamaris Vorava - “A blind man judges people by the extent of their spirit, not their body. For that, I commend and admire him.
  • Kilchárunya - “Painting your nails was fun, perhaps we should try it again sometime, eh?


Blue face.pngLet's go kick some arse.

  • Kalcedia Myran - “I suggest you keep your eyes on our enemies and not on Vekaron. And everybody else.
  • Dolgan Tuchaki - “You're tough and have a good punch, I'm glad I'm not on the receiving end this time around.
  • Kitmnárochoaltánún - “You're good with a blade, Kicath, but I'm afraid that I'm too much of a badass to get taken out by you.
  • Vyatak - “Somebody has to look out for us when we're too head-over-heels about fighting.
  • Vansenk - “Perhaps in another life, we'll meet on better terms and you can live a greater life that you deserve.
  • Tetra - “Heh, I've heard the stories, you're certainly an impressive guy.


Yellow face.pngI like to get to know people better, although sometimes, I think knowing people a little less is a better option.


Red face.pngDon't think I wouldn't pound your arse if I was given the chance!

  • Vileraz IV - “Why don't you come over here and fight me, too scared I'll ruin that pretty face of yours?
  • Torrent - “Stay dead, you murderous creep.


My blue-headed goddess. I'd most certainly be dead if you weren't with me right now.

- Vekaron

Mommy can pack a punch! Pow!

- Gardin

Yeah, the frilly girl can fight pretty well. But who has the best psychics? Hint hint, it's not her.

- Wragrot

Sis! I wanna see you kicking a lot of arses next time I see you!

- Erureidan

Hah. Dance all you want. One day, you will tire out, and I will cave my heels into your skull.

- Vileraz IV




  • Kirlisir's name is derived from the names of two Pokemon; Kirlia and Gardevoir, with the latter's name being Sirknight in the Japanese translation of the Pokemon franchise and games.
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