We have waited long enough. Today, we shall reclaim what is OURS and nothing will stop us! FOR THE EMPEROR!

- Grochius II

King Grochius II is the leader of the Andromedan Grox Empire.


Grochius II was created as a normal Grox drone, nothing but a mere servant. However, an error in the cloning process has given him exceptional skills and talents. He spent years studying, gathering information about the history of the universe and the Gigaquadrant politics. He became extremely fascinated with the ancient Grox history when the Grox were the dominant force in the Gigaquadrant. and were controlling half of Andromeda. He believed that the Grox are the master race and that its destiny is to conquer all the universe - with him at the spearhead of his . His obsession and arrogance have gone so far that he has started to call himself Grochius, the name of the legendary first Grox Meta-Emperor.

Finally, his knowledge and talents were noticed by the Grox Empire and he was promoted into a military commander. Spending centuries exterminating the lower lifeforms of the Milky Way, Grochius became the Milky Way's Grox King's right hand, and was finally allowed to fulfill his dream by the Meta-Emperor; to lead the great fleet into Andromeda and conquer it.

Now-promoted King Grochius II soon led the Grox into the Andromeda War.

Andromeda War[]

The first action Grochius II did in Andromeda War was a massive, brutal assault of Andromeda's core regions and outer Segmentums, meant to create a stable position in the galaxy for further attacks, as well as to get the Andromedan artifacts. Grochius quickly took over the entire Starmaster Alliance and did massive damage to the Shellious Imperium, all from the safety of his flagship's seat.

After the Andromedan Grox Empire moved their campaign into the inner rim regions of Andromeda, protected by the Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth, Grochius slowly started to become more reckless and violent. After the battle for the capital of the Domain of As Radan, the formerly calm Grox king started to claim he was hearing voices in his head; guided by them, he started his search for ancient Grox relics, such as the Mechovirus, an ancient plague that nearly destroyed the ancient Grox billenia ago. Unleashing this plague by infusing himself in this dark essence, Grochius reinvirogated the Grox attack on all segmentums of Andromeda; wherever he went, the Mechovirus came with him, turning both Grox and AGC soldiers into mindless cybernetic zombies. After his flagship's destruction during the battle for the Brood of War's homeworld, Grochius attached himself to a massive battlesuit called Project Infinity, essentially making him a living killing machine. This, however, started to erode the Grox king's sanity even more, inspiring both fear and disgust to his subordinates - especially the Dronox supreme commander, Ixxan.

After fighting the Commonwealth on the orbit of Nocturnia and in numerous other places, Grochius at last confronted his enemies on Cathemera, one of the core worlds of Andromeda. Fighting over the cure to the Mechovirus, Grochius nearly defeated the AGC soldiers, but was ultimately brought to his demise when Ixxan, finally realising that Grochius lost himself to insanity and delusions, refused to act to save him from the direct impact of the Cathemeran cure, destroying his Mechoviral body utterly.

However, it is certain that Grochius's legacy remains in Andromeda even now...



Grochius II used little weaponry, preferring to rule his subjects from the safe distance. However, when he was needed on the battlefield, Grochius II did not abstain from combat and used his battlesuit to decimate the enemies of the Grox. His battlesuit, Project Infinity,, was much larger and more advanced than the common ones, even allowing him to fly using antigravs. A pinnacle of Grox technology, his suit was a weapon not to be trifled with, possessing lightning-fast reflexes and immense strength, as well as reality-warping weaponry.


Grochius possessed immense tactical skill and is highly intelligent. Otherwise, he had no special abilities.


Grochius was a visionary leader. He dreamed of the rebirth of the Great Grox Empire and is a zealous fanatic that would not hesitate to sacrifice even his own servants for the sake of fulfilling his dream. However, he is willing to cooperate with those who can help him to increase the might of the Grox Empire, and he had some loyalty to his allies. Neverthless, despite his honour, he was still a ruthless, omnicidal Grox warlord.

Since the beginning of the war, however, Grochius also started to develop a very unstable demeanor, gradually losing his own goal to insanity and bloodthirst.


Grochius has a strange, dull purple tone of his fur but otherwise looks like a common Grox. He usually wears a crown and a cape to show his status.



Green face.png...


Blue face.pngObey.


Yellow face.png...Good.


Red face.pngLower lifeforms are asking for their death. So be it.


Scary...Iovera IX


- King Mirras III

Our will us yours to command Grochius,for the Emperor!

- High Prophet of Disdain

Don't test my patience again, inferior.

- Lord Korizakh
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