A strong man stands up for himself. A stronger man stands up for others.

- King Glynn



Glynnorious Ta'raron (ᎾᏝᏍNNᏯᎿIᏯᏜᎭ TᎦ'ᎿᎦᎿᏯN in Asconian) was born during a great time of peace and prosperity. As a child, Glynn was trained in combat by General Noruuk and trained alongside his best friend, Shaank. In his spare time, he read books and imagined what it would be like when he became king. Glynn looked up to his father and wanted to be just like him.

First Encounter with ZiskinEdit

When Glynn was 12 (approx. 20 human years) Volver Empire gained a new "ally" named Ziskin. Glynn became very suspicious of Ziskin and spied on him. Eventually, Glynn found out that Ziskin was going to betray the Volvers. Glynn tried to tell his father, but he did not believe him. Zizkin promised to help fight advanced empires by inventing some new super weapons. Dr. Que, a Volver scientist, explained to Gartoom that the super weapons were very advanced technology. King Gartoom agreed to make use of the weapons. But that was a big mistake.

Months later, King Ziskin revealed the new doomsday machine called the USX Super Drone to the Volver Empire. King Gartoom was pleased with the robot and decided to buy it from Ziskin. But before he could, Ziskin ordered the machines to open fire on all of the Volvers in the crowd. Glynn was right! Ziskin was really the son of Nano Biskin, sent to Ascon to eliminate the Volver race.

Ziskin was powerful enough on his own, and even stronger with those machines by his side. Glynn and his friend Shaank teamed up against Ziskin. Glynn delivered the final blow and badly wounded Ziskin. Injured, Ziskin escaped and left the star system. Glynn was commended for his bravery and became an icon of courage.


7 years after that fierce battle, Glynn left planet Ascon with his friend Shaank to explore and expand their empire. Along the way, they stopped at Vat Tego, a space port in the Orion Belt of the Galaxy. While they were refueling, a woman named Laurie was being attacked by an outlaw. Glynn quickly attacked him and saved Laurie. Laurie then decided to join their crew.

Glynn, Shaank, and Laurie explored their galaxy, meeting many fascinating races. They learned many combat skills and tactics from those races, improving their overall abilities. Gartoom called his son back to Ascon for missions to make peace with other empires, or sometimes even fight other empires.

Hyperon EncounterEdit

Glynn and his crew were searching the galaxy one day and were ambushed by an alien ship. Glynn quickly opened fire and managed to damage it. The crew of the enemy ship boarded his ship. Glynn, Shaank, and Laurie prepared themselves to fight up close and personal. The beings boarded and revealed themselves to be the notorious Hyperon Mercenaries. Their leader, Captain Blitz, confronted Glynn, challenging him to a one on one fight. Glynn accepted this challenge and drew his sword. The two fought for about 30 minutes. Glynn gained one opening and knocked Blitz down. Glynn was about to strike him, but decided not to. Blitz was shocked that Glynn did not kill him. The Hyperon follow the Knight's Code: Protect the innocent from the guilty and Show mercy upon your enemies.

Blitz decided to ally the Hyperon with the Volver Empire for his merciful yet powerful heart.

S'actha RepublicEdit

Glynn met the S'actha people during a quest for spice. The S'actha had in their possession Pink Spice. Glynn and the S'actha began to trade spice. Eventually, the S'actha joined the Volver Empire with an alliance. Glynn studied their religious beliefs, which were not much different from his own. The S'actha apparently have on record when the first ancient races began to worship Spode. Glynn had a great interest in this empire and became good friends with Herenzi Visst, a S'actha warrior. Glynn decided to help train the S'actha Army to become great warriors. Spice for Trining was their deal. Glynn soon departed and returned home.

Battle of MineraEdit

A Helmore named General Chainbarr was trying to save his race from the evil Antroth Empire that was attacking his homeworld of Minera. Chainbarr sent a distress signal out into the galaxy hoping for help. Glynn picked up on the signal and decided to travel to Minera to help. Once he arrived, Glynn called back to his home planet to tell his father about the situation on Minera. The Volver Army arrived on the scene and defeated the Antroths. Cainbarr, impressed by the Volver's performance, decided to ally with them. About 3 years later, the team and the Volver Empire had become known all over the Galaxy.

War of Tyris MajorEdit

Glynn Returned to his homeworld after the Battle of Minera and stayed for about 2 years, carring out his normal duties. Deserving of a break from work, his father decided to give him a vacation to Planet Resort for some R and R. While he was gone, the planet was attacked by Ziskin. When Glynn returned, all he saw was a ruined city of the once great Volver Empire.

Glynn then sought out the help of a famous adventurer named Professor Cat Kit. He travelled to the college where Prof. Kit worked and asked him about the invasion. Cat revealed that the Ziskin had attacked the planet. Glynn was enraged. He asked Cat to join him in finding Ziskin. Cat agreed and suggested that they create a new Allied Army.

Spore 2012-09-21 23-11-49

Glynn, surrounded by Biskin troops.

Ziskin had built a weapon called the Galactic Devastation Ray. It was capable of destroying multiple planets in one shot. Glynn and Cat fought violently against the Biskin and their allies. As the fight continued, the weapon charged. Pogo, a famous warrior hired by Glynn, freed the Volvers and other races from their prisons and lead them into battle. Shaank went straight into the battlefield with Glynn. The two friends fought side by side once more. Suddenly, Zikin swooped in and stabbed Shaank in the back, killing him. Glynn was horrified, then extremely angered. Glynn had to confront Ziskin one on one once more. Glynn fought viciously, shooting and slashing Ziskin. Ziskin couldn't hold up to Glynn's blind rage and fell to his knees.

Spore 2012-09-22 00-12-55

Glynn vs Ziskin

Glynn was victorious and was going to deliver the final blow...but he was interuped by none other than Averil Daxur. Averil poisoned Glynn and escaped with Ziskin. Glynn, completlely weakened by the poison, could not destroy the weapon. Chainbarr arrived to help Glynn and the others. He decided to sacrifice himself by using his core to destroy the weapon. Glynn tried to stay him, but Chainbarr told him "I've lived long enough. I think you still have some time left." Glynn was shoved into an escape pod and was lunched along with everyone else to planet Ascon.

Spore 2012-09-22 00-24-51

Glynn flies over the destruction of the Super Weapon.

After the big battle, King Gartoom sent Glynn to Farmia, the Antroth homeworld. Glynn Whent to Farmia and forced the Antroths to surrender. Glynn also participated in the battle of Floo alongside King Lavern. After that battle, the war was over. Shaank's body was never found, but a statue was built in his honor.

A New KingEdit

I will lead as my father before me, as he lead as his father before him. I will bring peace and prosperity to the Volver Empire, and to those who follow the path of light!

- King Glynn during his inauguration
Spore 2012-09-21 22-22-04

Glynn and Laura during their wedding.

Years after the Galactic War, King Gartoom passed away, leaving the Empire to Glynn. As king, Glynn passed laws insuring equal rights for all species living on Ascon. He also passed the Neutrality Act, stating that "The Volver Empire shall not go to war with any empire unless given a valid reason to do so.". He broke down the barriers between the bounty hunters and the normal Volvers, treating both the same way. Glynn gave Volvers a choice on what they wanted to do as a job. Many Volvers and other species loved King Glynn and supported his political pursuits.

After all the laws and acts, King Glynn settled down and married Laura(Laurie). They had a son, Brygon. Glynn continued to carry out his normal duties and trained with his son from time to time. Though because of his royal duties, training with Brygon was the only time they ever spent together.

Pirate WarEdit

Months after Glynn's crowning, a war was raging between the space pirates and the Fiction:Ugandalorain Empire.. Glynn was contacted by Ugandalore the Great, the ruler of the Ugandalorian Empire. He requested the Volver to aid them in the war. Glynn quickly agreed. He wanted to get even with those pirates, they stole a very expensive spacecraft from the Volver years ago. With the two powerful allies working together, the war was over in a few weeks. Over the course of the war, Glynn had become good friends with Barda Clett, a Ugandalorian warriour who was also fellow bounty hunter. The friendship with Barda and Ugandalore the Great assured that the Volver and Ugandalorians would form an alliance.

Nebulorian-Alpha WarEdit

Second Battle of MineraEdit

About a year after the easily won Pirate War, King Glynn received a transmission from the Helmore of Minera. Apparently they were being attacked by an impire unknown to the Volver. glynn agreed to help and sent his army to defend Minera. With the enemy fleet destroyed, Glynn called them back to Ascon.

Battle over AsconEdit

Hours later, the Volver find something...unusual. They discover a strange vortex between the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds. They send two scout ships to study it, but when those ships arrive, an Nebulorian ship exits the portal. The Volver contact the ship, but the Nebulorians suddenly cut the transmission. Before the Volver can react, the Nebulorians fire a green laser, with destroys the two Volver ships. Then, more Nebulorian ships exit the portal. The Nebulorian invasion has begun. Ship after ship was destroyed, countless Volvers died in brutal, fiery explosions. The Nebulorians had technology that not even Dr.Que or Cat Kit could comprehend. Not soon after, the Nebulorians attacked Ascon. The battle was being lost and the Nebulorians continued to attack with overwhelming force. Glynn decided to use the Volver Laser, the Volver's most powerful weapon. It fired and destroyed the Nebulorian fleet.

Battle of AsconEdit

King Glynn could not believe what had happened, the fabled Nebulorian Empire was actually real. The Volver as many other races had believed that the Nebulorians were a myth. Glynn, realizing this threat, contacted the Ugandalorians, hoping that they would help them fight these godly foes.
Spore 2012-10-22 21-55-42

The Nebulorians Attack Ascon

During the call for help, the Nebulorians attack again, this time accompanied by the notorious Dead Watch. The Volver could not effectively defend themselves from both enemies at once.

Then, the Ugandalorians as well as the Soldarians desend from the clouds, joined the Volver, and defeated the Nebulorian and Dead Watch fleets.

New PlansEdit

King Pulporious V later revealed to Glynn that Averil would be working with them to end the war. Glynn immediately attacked Averil only to be stopped by Pulporious' words. Later, Glynn traveled to Farmia and managed to gain the support of the Antroths. He ordered Oskel, an Antroth warrior, to help the Soldarians defend Militora, the Soldarian homeworld. Glynn then got some rest, for a large battle would soon begin.

Final BattleEdit

Glynn and his allies heard that Bengo Flett had died at the hands of Ne'yon. Glynn, angered by this, vowed to avenge his death. He teamed up with Barda Clett and Ugandalore The Great of the Ugandalorian Empire to invade the east side of Ne'yon's hideout.

During the invasion, Glynn, Barda, and Ugandalore were blocked by Lorka Gredyc, a Dead Watch field marshal. Barda told Ugandalore to take the Volver and Ugandalorian troops to the Netherworld Temple, where Ne'yon was planing to release the False God. Ugandalore decided to listen to Barda and left with the troops. Glynn pointed out to Lorka that he was out numbered, two against one. Lorka then revealed that Ne'yon had revived King Ziskin, ruler of the once great Biskin Empire. Glynn was enraged. He attacked Ziskin, leaving Barda to fight Lorka. Glynn and Ziskin fought hard. It seemed as though Glynn would not win. His armor was cracked, his ribs broken, and his weapons systems were offline. Ziskin stood over him gloating. But as many people know, Glynn always has a trick up his sleeve. He quickly sets of a remote controlled shock wave from his shield, electrocuting Ziskin. He then jumped on Ziskin's back and jammed a grenade in his armor. The grenade explodes, blowing Ziskin to pieces. Glynn finally burns Ziskin's remains with a Lavatuft Flamethrower.

Glynn later rejoins Barda who was also victorious against Lorka. The two then head to the temple to meet up with Ugandalore, W'tze and their other allies.

Glynn and Barda arrive at the temple. W'tze was fighting Solid, Ugandalore was fighting Tox already and their forces had arrived. Glynn left Barda to fight Ne'yon. Suddenly, the mystical being known as The Dark One appears and fights Ne'yon alongside Waptoria Life Guardians and six Ugandalorian Commandos. The Commandos are defeated, as well as Dark. Glynn rushes in and fights Ne'yon one on one.

The two fight a long hard battle. Averil jumps in to shield Glynn from a fire ball that Ne'yon blasted. Glynn became angered, and attacked Ne'yon with a flurry of slashes from his sword. Apparently, Glynn's sword (which used to belong to his grandfather, ) was Ne'yon's only weakness. Ne'yon was powerless against the sword and decided to activate the Spear of Apocalypse, a weapon that could destroy the entire universe. Glynn and the others were helpless against it. Glynn told everyone to evacuate the planet. He knew what he had to do.

Omega DestructionEdit

Glynn decided to destroy the weapon by attacking it's power cell. Though in the process, it would explode. Ne'yon told Glynn that if he did destroy it, the explosion would still destroy the universe. Glynn hopped into a Nebulorian tank and towed the Spear of Apocalypse into the Omega Dimension and detonated it. The explosion destroyed the entire Omega-Universe. Debris flew through the portal back into the Alpha Dimension. Along with the debris, flew Glynn's sword and helmet. He was no where to be found.


During the Enlightenment War, at the end of the Battle for Ughandalore, Glynn was revived by Xizothano Ada as "King". He was given leadership of the other pieces; Holreb (Rook), Bishop (Gartoom) and Knight (Zirux), who all happened to be his ancestors. Glyyn's first task was to save his son, Brygon and his friend Barda from Knight's rage. Subduing Knight, he teleported both himself and Knight to the Abyssal Dimension (Ada's domain).

After the Enlightenment War ended, King, together with Rook, were the only pieces that actually liked the formation of the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment. This greatly displeased Ada, who believed the formation of the UAE to be a threat to his plans.

Return of THEMEdit

As Ada's second in command, Glynn received an exponential power boost similar to the one lord Ne'yon received thousands of years ago. With this power, he was able to defeat his son in one on one combat due to his interference with Ada's plan for galactic domination. Later on in the war, Glynn was deployed to deal with his son once more, but this time he had to face Barda. During the battle, Glynn revealed his identity to Barda and Brygon, who were overcome with shock. He also stated that he planned to eventually drain Ada's power, allowing an easier win in the end.

Glynn is currently at the Abyssal Dimension (Ada's domain), in order to await further instructions.

Personal InformationEdit


Glynn is a calm and collected Volver. As a leader, he believes in justice and equality. But as a warrior, Glynn is almost unstoppable. He believes in a fair fight and will not harm the weak. He values his friendships and family. Glynn is very loyal to the empire. If necessary, he will die for his people.

Though calm most of time, Glynn has anger issues that he is still working out. It is best to stay away from him when he's wouldn't like him when he's angry.



Mark II Glynn, back when he was a young man, wore this armor. It supports basic Volver weaponry and can protect against heavy blows from opponents. Its energy capacity is small, so this armor is only recomended for training cadets and long range battle.

Mark III Glynn upgraded his armor to this class around the begining of the Grox War. It is an upgraded version of the Mark II with a larger energy storage unit. This armor also features resistance to heat, cold and energy based attacks.

CRE Prince Glynn-0caff8b2 ful

Glynn's Mark IV armor

Mark IV This is the armor Glynn usually uses. It is equipped with an even larger energy capacity and shield system. Glynn also uses some of the Sacred Volver Weapons while wearing this armor.

Mark V This armor is Glynn's most powerful set of combat attire. It can withstand the blast of an atomic bomb and can generate large sheilds that can block almost anything. The suit is powered by an Anergy Core, a seemingly infinate powersourse. Glynn only uses this armor as a last resort if the Biskin return. Though it seems invinceable, there is one flaw. The armor can only be powered by an Anergy Core. If it was removed, it could not protect Glynn and he would be trapped inside of the armor. This is hard to do though, seeing as you would have to get close to Glynn to take it out.

CRE Glynn (Awakened)-0eeed9a1 sml

Glynn in Mark V Armor


Poison Tail Volvers are genetically able to produce toxins in a sack near the base of their tail. They shoot deadly poison that can cause temporary blindness, paralysis, and if hit with enough of it, death.

Plasma Rifle The Plasma Rifle is a basic weapon for most empires. This version has been upgraded and modified by the Volver to better suit them in combat. It holds 3 plasma rods (30 shots per rod), and has a quick reload time. It fires quickly too, which makes up for its low power.

Volver Knight Shield A shield made of a strange material similar to Bengo Flett's Soldarian Elite armor. It can absorb the attack of the enemy and convert the force of the blow/shot into energy for the wielder's armor. This shield originally belonged to the first Volver king, Holreb, Glynn's great-grandfather.

Alphorium Blade This blade is forged from Alphorium. Alphorium is a strange element that can drain the energy of whomever comes into physical contact with it. Volver had evolved to negate the effects, so Glynn can wield the blade without it draining his energy. This blade was also used against Lord Ne'yon hundreds of years ago. It is the only known Volver weapon that can harm even gods.

Elite Volver Knight Battle Helmet This helmet gives the Glynn complete control over the armor he is wearing and can be used to control or hack electronic equipment. It also provides misson info, controls the armor's temperature, allows communication with other races, translates languages from another race and allows him to speak their language, and most importantly, protects his head from injury. This helmet is Glynn's very own invention.

Abilities after RevivalEdit

Glynn retained many of his original abilities that he had before, only this time they were greatly enhanced.

Acid Tail His tail now shoots deadly acid, capable of melting through some of the toughest metals.

Essence' Glynn can now harness Ada's powerful essence. He can shoot void bubbles, open up black holes, create implosions and use telekinesis to lift and crush objects with ease. He also teleport around with great ease, can take other with him, and can even teleblock others. Finally, Glynn gained an protective barrier that cloaks, protects him from serious damage and that speeds up the rate of his regeneration.

Abyssal Sword Ada created this weapon to replace Glynn's Alphorium Sword (which he passed down to Brygon). Its hilt is ivory white, while its blade is dark green and sleek. This blade is capable of disintegrating anything it touches. If charged with enough essence, the sword can rip the very fabric of space and time, opening a portal into the Abyss.

Nyarqaeshian Armor This armor was created to replace his old armor. It is dark green and white in color, though the green is dominant. The armor also creates an energy field for Glynn as another protective layer after his barrier is down.



Green face

  • Xizothano Ada - My "master"...
  • Rook - Your skill in battle is excellent, just as I expected from a great ancestor as you!
  • Knight - Keep your temper in check.
  • Bishop - My father, and third in Ada's army. Funny how the younger Volver kings rank higher than the older ones.
  • Prince Brygon - Son, you'll be next in line. Please do your best.
  • Shaank - My childhood friend. Mark my words, I will avenge your death!
  • General Chainbarr - My fallen friend. His sacrifice saved billions of lives.


Blue face


Yellow face

  • Terikalinra - Your attitude is hateful, but your skills in battle make up for it. Also, thanks for saving me from Ne'yon.
  • Bengo Flett - You shall never be forgotten.
  • Ugandalore The Great - Live on in our memories, my friend.
  • King Lavern - He's a very great warrior and king. He shouldn't be underestimated.
  • Barda Clett - Forgive me, Barda, but I've got to do this.
  • W'tze - Remember, W'tze, I'm doing this for you lot, not because I serve Ada
  • Pulporious V - You can't win this war. Remember that.
  • Queen Si'daal - I'm sorry, Si'daal.
  • Oskel Leton - Give it up already.


Orange face

  • Nebulorians - Why must I serve alongside you? You've make the lasts months of my former life a hell!
    • Ne'yon - One wrong move, Ne'yon...Just one...And I will cut you down, regardless of who you serve.
  • Omega Grox - I don't like your attitude. Not at all. Be glad we serve the same master.
  • The Infectants - Such a fool plague! Just be glad we serve the same master.


Red face

  • Biskin - You've put my race through Hell. You shall receive all of my rage!
  • Grox Meta-Empire - You are only good at one thing: Dying.
  • Grox Followers - Following the ways of the Grox is foolish. It will cause your own destruction.
  • Bio-Morphling Horde - Ugh! Disgusting, undead beasts! Rot in eternal damnation!
  • Dead Watch - Those who threaten my friends, will be killed. Those who threaten me, will be obliterated!


Quotes from himEdit

Don't take it personally. I hate everyone equally.

If I had a Sporebuck for every time I was wrong, I'd be rich.

You never bring a knife to a gun fight huh? How about a lightning blade?

Why can't I just relax for 3 sectons?

I've got half a mind to kill you...and the other half agrees!

Quotes From OthersEdit

You are an awesome warrior! Perhaps you are worthy of my great presence!

- King Lavern

I would kill you any chance I got, but I enjoy fighting you... So I'll let you live for now.

- Averil Daxur

I may be gone, but I will remain in your heart forever old friend

- General Chainbarr

A brother in arms and one of the few warriors I truly respect. May he live long and have 1000 and more victories!

- Ugandalore the Great


- W'tze

Torscka would be ashamed of you. I thought we where brothers, Glynn. You betrayed everyone...

- Barda Clett

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Theme MusicEdit

==Main Theme==
Two Steps From Hell - To Glory

Two Steps From Hell - To Glory

Theme of Glynn

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