And thus the crystal gates of Sabxat-neter spread wide, and the Burning King strode forward, his greatsword stained with the blood of those mad enough to oppose him; whithersoever he went, the foes of the Serene Empire fell before his Host. Unstoppable was he, and terrible was his wrath; no force in the world could make him flinch from his sacred duty or temper his lust for blood. Not even death.

- Chronicles of the Serenity Empire, Catechism 108:12

Kimorgos is the king of the Outworlder race and one of the leaders of the Endless Host. Formerly an Outworlder of unnaturally massive size who led his people by a combination of awe and fear, he was reduced to ashes alongside the rest of his race when they migrated to Koldenwelt. Unlike the rest of his people, Kimorgos decided to not possess a corpse to interact with this new world, and instead possessed his own flame-powered suit of armor, turning the king into a juggernaut of flames who craves for nothing but the conquest of this new world.

Always considered a selfish and arrogant individual since before his death, Kimorgos is a dreaded figure who bows to no one but the Lich Lord of the Endless Host, and he makes his power clear by being able to take on entire battalions of Koldenweltian soldiers by himself. One-handing a greatsword almost as big as he is tall and being nothing but flames in armor, the Outworlder king is a nearly unstoppable force who shrugs off all but the most potent attacks, and when your royalty demands something, nothing will stop him from obtaining it, even if more individuals must be added to his undead legions in the process.




Before he became an undead, Kimorgos appeared as a gigantic Outworlder who always used an imposing heavy armor, decorated with a horned helmet. Because of his affinity with fire magic, his eyes were always burning in an intense fire, enough to intimidate even his own soldiers. Following his transition to undeath, Kimorgos' body was turned into pure fire, which caused his silver-plated armor to become scorched and reddened. Superheated smoke and steam periodically blasts itself out of the armor's joints.


Even before his undeath, Kimorgos was an incredibly prideful and arrogant being who favored his own needs over the needs of others. His position as the king made him narrow-minded and selfish, believing himself to be the greatest of his people. The transition into an undead being caused Kimorgos' mind to deteriorate considerably, causing his self-centered attitude to become more and more visible and making him obsessed with the idea of gathering the skeletal remains of his fallen enemies to further empower himself.


Kimorgos has always been a master in swordfighting and a powerful user of fire magic. His sheer size and strength allow him to crush his foes with ease and freely walk around in extremely heavy armor, shrugging off all but the strongest of hits, and once he is defeated in battle, he has the ability of resurrecting himself with the cost of heavily weakening him. He currently wields a massive, ultra greatsword which has been seen cutting through all but the strongest materials, with Kimorgos' blows being powerful enough to instantly cleave full plate armor-wearing men in half.



Yellow faceYou have the king's attention.

Neutral Edit

Orange faceGet out of my presence.

  • N/A


Red faceWhen the king orders you to die, you obey.


Take my advice; stay dead, and stay away.

- Sefarina Brightwing





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