The last person who annoyed me as much as you do had their body scattered to 44 different planets.

- Kilchárunya

Kilchárunya Althārulísi (formerly Toázensa) is a Kicathian Bounty Hunter who operates in the Borealis Galaxy, and is one of the associates of the Penumbra Unit.

History Edit

Kilchárunya was born in the Kicath Empire in 2761, during the War of Ages. As a youth, Kilchárunya suffered from political oppression like the majority of the Kicath at the time. As society was split, Kilchárunya suffered the brutal side of Kicathian nature. She lived in the outer colonies, which were under less control than the closer planets - in effect, criminal activity was higher. Like all Kicath, she was trained to combat aggressors. She was shown to have exemplary skills, and was considered for the Agent IV Program - however was not chosen in the end. She was shown to have a morale far more subjective than what the program was looking for - she was highly intent on killing criminals.

Eventually, Kilchárunya broke from the Kicath Empire. She based herself in Borealis, which was notorious for its dystopian culture and high criminal activity. Kilchárunya began to earn money for herself by picking off wanted criminals, and managed to even gain cybernetic enhancements from the Kicath. When the Kicathian Republic formed in 2791, Kilchárunya based herself within its territories - within safe Kicathian borders.

In 2793, Vekaron and his associate Wragrot located Kilchárunya, and battled a Zí-Jittorám. After the battle, she agreed to join him in the Penumbra Unit.

Abilities Edit

As a trained Kicath, Kilchárunya shows mastery over hand to hand and melee skill with blades. Most of the skills she learnt in the combat schools of the Kicath Empire, but the rest were self taught. After gathering cybernetic enhancements, she had a high development in her acrobatic skill, effectively gaining near Agent-like dexterity. Through Kicathian technology, she is also capable of short-distance teleportation. She is also somewhat stronger than the average Kicath, able to take on a Loron with an advantage.

She is equipped with numerous kinds of weapons - including bladed gauntlets, dual Kicathian pulse-blades, and a blaster. Her armor is somewhat advanced for public-sector armaments, although her teleportation module is private-sector.

Personality Edit

Kilchárunya is a sociopath due to her exclusion from society and almost altruistic intent to rid the Gigaquadrant of criminal activity. As she has become a sociopath she is also very aggressive - anyone who stops her from her mission is as likely to die as her target. She is somewhat quiet and keeps to herself.

Relationships Edit

Allies Edit

Yellow face "We will fight together, so it seems."

  • Vekaron - "He's shown me a good tour of the galaxy."
  • Vyatak - "Hm. Could make me a dangerous weapon..."
  • Gardin - "I might have got used to you now."
  • Wragrot - "I don't think Murgur and Kicath mix."
  • Kirlisir - "Don't paint my claws again, please."
  • Kalcedia Myran - "Cover up. Please."
  • Dolgan Tuchaki - "Should have been born a Kicath."
  • Kitmnárochoaltánún - "I don't think kasat [foreigners] understand the Kicathian concept of family."
  • Kamaris Vorava - "I know now that making a Mahanayan angry is possibly the stupidest thing to do in the universe."

Neutral Edit

Orange face "Get out of my way."

Enemies Edit

Red face "My death list can expand to fit you."

  • Torrent - "I personally have no reason to hate you. But killing you will keep me on Vekaron's good side."

Notes Edit

Quotes from others Edit

I think she would have been a good Agent...a shame.

- Agent Tau


- Agent Nu


- Arkarixus

She can smack me with those legs anytime.

- Hachiman

She reminds me of Lamni for some reason.

- Lemmo

Don't try to act all angry at me. Doesn' work.

- Wragrot

Come and get me, scum sack. You punch like a woman.

- Torrent

Yey, auntie Kilch!

- Gardin
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