The last person who annoyed me as much as you do had their body scattered to 44 different planets.

- Kilchárunya

Kilchárunya Althārulísi (formerly Toázensa) is a Kicathian Bounty Hunter who operates in the Borealis Galaxy, and was one of the associates of the Penumbra Unit under Vekaron.






Yellow face.png "We will fight together, so it seems."

  • Vekaron - "He's shown me a good tour of the galaxy."
  • Vyatak - "Hm. Could make me a dangerous weapon..."
  • Gardin - "I might have got used to you now."
  • Wragrot - "I don't think Murgur and Kicath mix."
  • Kirlisir - "Don't paint my claws again, please."
  • Kalcedia Myran - "Cover up. Please."
  • Dolgan Tuchaki - "Should have been born a Kicath."
  • Kitmnárochoaltánún - "I don't think kasat [foreigners] understand the Kicathian concept of family."
  • Kamaris Vorava - "I know now that making a Mahanayan angry is possibly the stupidest thing to do in the universe."


Orange face.png "Get out of my way."

  • Kithworto - "He has done much for the Gigaquadrant. Not that it matters to me."
  • Agent Nu - "Stay away from me, you psycho."
  • Agent Psi - "Agents do scare me slightly."
  • Agent Mu - "Ugly."


Red face.png "My death list can expand to fit you."

  • Torrent - "I personally have no reason to hate you. But killing you will keep me on Vekaron's good side."


Quotes from others[]

I think she would have been a good Agent...a shame.

- Agent Tau


- Agent Nu


- Arkarixus

She can smack me with those legs anytime.

- Hachiman

She reminds me of Lamni for some reason.

- Lemmo

Don't try to act all angry at me. Doesn't work.

- Wragrot

Come and get me, scum sack. You punch like a woman.

- Torrent

Yey, auntie Kilch!

- Gardin