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Be warned, Tyrant. This is no ordinary drone.

- Zillum, warning Tyrant of Khuenaten during the New Cyrandia Wars

Marinox Drone 78K5A42, most known as Commandant Khuenaten, was a Cyrannian Marinox commandant of the Cyrannus Galaxy and one of the highest ranking figures of the Neraida Gigamatrix. Notably, he was among the worst nemesis of the dreaded Mortalitas king Zillum, attempting against his life in two occasions and being one of the few entities to have nearly killed him twice.


Khuenaten's past was a mystery. It was not known how he got the rank of commandant, if he was chosen for his abilities or just created for this specific reason.

Great Cyrannus War[]

Khuenaten leads the Dronox and Marinox to battle

Year Two

During the Great Cyrannus War, Khuenaten joined the fray by attacking the CAS planet known as Cianbur, where he led armies of Marinox and Dronox drones in battle. The invasion ended with the planet being dominated by the Marinox. After the battle was over, Khuenaten retreated back to a Grox Cube, preparing his next strike. Khuenaten later attacked another CAS planet, but he was more interested in collecting information about the empire than destroying the planet altogether, leaving the Dronox alone to do that themselves. He found out about much of the Confederacy's history, and got a big interest in General Zillum.

Khuenaten later decided to attack the United Republic of Cyrannus next, leading an assault to the planet known as Caasuamin. However, Khuenaten had another plan in his mind, and instead of aiding in destroying the planet, he started to abduct citizens of the planet instead. He used these captives to create a new class of cybernetics slaves for the Cyrannian Grox: the Caprigrox. Khuenaten used his Caprigrox drones against the Republic on his next attack, which caused much fear, surprise and disgust against the citizens of the planet. Khuenaten's plan was a success, and yet another planet fell for his attacks. He once again launched an attack against the Republic, days after. However, this time, the Indoctrinate Collective appeared to aid them. Khuenaten was heavily damaged after being attacked by Koluap, forcing him to retreat.

Year Three

Khuenaten and his drones invade civilian homes

In the beginning of the third year, Khuenaten was repaired and decided to attack the Confederacy planet of Ascioa. Feeling particularly nasty, Khuenaten started to invade the houses of civilians and slay the inhabitants. Being overwhelmed in both land and space, the planet fell to the Grox. While the drones finished the job, Khuenaten came back to his Grox Cube to prepare for their next invasion. Khuenaten still wanted to give the Dracogonarious a payback, but he decided to target the Confederacy instead.

Kheunaten facing Zillum

Khuenaten remained behind the scenes for the next months until he led a massive invasion against the Confederate capital of Carindes. Causing mass destruction and murdering billions with his fleet, Khuenaten was eventually confronted and killed in battle by Zillum, who decapitated him. Despite his death, a new body was created for him by the same time as the creation of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.

Year One of the Dark Times[]

Meketanor talking to Khuenaten

During the first year of the Dark Times, Meketanor appeared to Khuenaten and gave him a chance to serve under Tyrómairon, where he could obtain vast powers like Meketanor had obtained, as well as infinite more beneficts. The acolyte said that living under the Cyrannian Grox's rule was limitating and not rewarding, that serving the Mornûnendur would be much better for him. Khuenaten stared at Meketanor, and appeared to let go of his weapons.

However, in an extremely fast maneuver, Khuenaten tackled Meketanor and struck him several times with his blade, sending the acolyte flying into the air. As he hit the ground, he disappeared in another portal, which closed before Khuenaten could follow him. The Marinox commandant let out a metalic roar. It was clear that his will was vastly greater than Meketanor could have ever expected.

Year Two of the Dark Times[]

A new Nagith world is discovered.

During the second year of the Dark Times, Khuenaten was abord the Grox Cube which contacted the Republic Remnant when it came into contact with the Cyrannian Grox. The Grox and Apollo conversed, and the Grox concluded that Apollo should board their ship. Before Apollo could finish his last sentence, the fearsome sight of Khuenaten flanked by two Libertus drones beamed directly to the bridge of Colonial One. Captain Narea screamed at the sight of the Cyrannian Marinox immediately approaching Apollo, placing a transport beacon on his neck. Within five seconds of appearing, the Grox beamed back to their Cube, along with Apollo himself. Apollo was soon assimilated and placed on Khuenaten's Cube. Soon afterward, the Cube attacked the flagship of Mortikran, managing to assimilate it. However, to Khuenaten's annoyance, Mortikran escaped to tell the tale.

The Cube soon began to scour the Unknown Regions, looking for evidence on the Neraida's mysterious past. On one of these excursions, Apollo managed to find an ancient Nagith World, where they both discovered that the Neraida were the so-called "children" of the Nagith Empire. With this knowledge in hand, Khuenaten began to plot the demise of his Bisistar enemies.

New Cyrandia Wars[]

Kheunaten and Zillum have their final duel

What happened to Khuenaten between the discovery of the Nagith link and the second year of the New Cyrandia Wars is a mystery, but he was known to have slowly developed a autonomous personality due to his desire for vengeance against Zillum due to his 'death' at Carindes. This event led to the Marinox commandant launching a furious attack on the Mortalitas homeworld of Moreuse with the intention of hunting Zillum down and killing him. He successfully managed to infiltrate the Mortalitas's flagship and cruelly defeat Admiral Tyrant in combat before having his final duel with Zillum himself. While at first having the upper hand through his sheer power and skill, Khuenaten was eventually disintegrated after being flung at the dreadnought's hypermatter reactor.

Khuenaten's actions were received with disdain by the Neraida, who considered his individuality a flaw which was not worth fixing. This led to the Gigamatrix discontinuing Khuenaten in favour of Aedanius II of Neraida, leading to the Marinox commandant's demise.

Personality and Traits[]

Khuenaten was a strong, agile and soulless cyborg. He was armed with several weapons, making him very capable of both close and long ranged combat. Khuenaten was also equipped with cloaking devices, which turned him invisible to most creatures and radars, except for heat detectors. Khuenaten, like other Marinox, usually had a cold, emotionless personality. However, since his death at the hands of Zillum, Khuenaten felt a great hunger for revenge, something his Neraida masters eventually found too harmful to be kept and led to his discontinuation.



Orange face.pngYou may now attempt to justify your continued existence.

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Red face.pngI will obliterate you, lower lifeform.


If only he followed the path of righteousness! He would become even more powerful!

- Meketanor

Rise up again, and I'll strike you back down.

- Zillum





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