I have heard of the Silent Shogun. He wields a relic from a time before our race even arrived to Borealis, something as old as the Zazane species and apparently blessed by Vaxal himself. I never had the opportunity to meet him in person, but rest assured, if I could, I would most definitely bow down to the presence of such a mighty warrior.

- Kryptkor Talsar

Khortaavis Chisalka is a Borealis Zazane warrior who owns the title of Archblade in the Merchant Fleets, wielding the famed cursed blade known as Sin's Edge. Among the strongest Borealis Zazane of modernity, he is an individual who thrives for order, discipline and patience, serving as an advisor and as guidance for the Fleets' higher ranking members as well as a potential master for any students who may have interest in training under him.

Khortaavis wields his blade with unmatched efficiency, having such a strong will that the demonic weapon came to obey him rather than attempt to take him over, though he has been affected by its energies nonetheless as shown by his rather damaged appearance. This, however, does not stop the warrior in his tracks, and he is to this day widely respected across the Merchant Fleets and the whole Polar Crystal Alliance for his adamant willpower and leadership skills.


Khortaavis was born at an indeterminate location at the Eastern Arm of the Borealis Galaxy at 2,717. Most of his past is considered classified, and none other than his superiors and his family members have any information on the subject. What is widely known is that he would come to wield the dreaded Sin's Edge at around the age of twenty five, initiating his lifelong effort to tame it and quench its fury. The Sin's Edge is a demonic Zazane katana of immeasurable age, dating from the times of the First Sovereign Domain when the ancient Zazane leader Zagdala Breek was still alive. The sword, a treasure passed down by the Borealis Zazane's ancestors, would be one of the few relics of their race which was never lost upon their arrival to the Onuris Universe seventy thousand years ago, though how the blade ended in the possession of the Fleets is a mystery on itself.


Khortaavis and his team at Brezank

Khortaavis' decades of training and usage of the weapon eventually resulted in it accepting him as its wielder, and the warrior has used it through the ages to fight the enemies of the galaxy such as the Devourer's Chosen and the Borealis Consortium Network during the Second Borealis Galactic War. After losing his younger sister and her husband to a space pirate attack, Khortaavis adopted their daughter, Khaya, and made her his surrogate daughter and student, coming to find amusement in her clumsy but genuine effort to follow his footsteps. Upon the declaration of the Ice Age, Khortaavis was given the opportunity of joining the Penumbra Unit, a title he politely refused due to his dedication to the Fleets though he still accepted the opportunity of becoming an Colonel of the Aegis Guard. Khortaavis served as the Alliance's commander during the Cataclysm in the Cyrannian Neutral Zone, leading the forces of Borealis to aid the New Cyrannian Republic in the destruction of the Corruptus Overworld Brezank.



Khortaavis appears as an adult Borealis Zazane, though the decades of exposure to the Sin's Edge's energies have caused mutations across his body. A smaller second pair of horns has grown upon his skull, his fangs have become larger and his body as a whole has become more massive, making him larger than all normal Borealis Zazane. Regarding his armor, Khortaavis' was built to be both combat-effective and fit for ceremonial purposes, meaning he has little need to ever not use it.


Khortaavis is a strict and stoic individual who spends most of his time in deep meditation. He has trained himself both physically and mentally to wield the Sin's Edge since the day he was given the chance to do so, and thanks to it, he has developed a will of iron powerful enough even for the demonic sword to bow down to his control and allow him to wield it with little negative drawbacks. As a member of the Fleets, he shows disdain for Borealis' criminal Zazane and is not above cutting them down if they refuse redemption, and regarding his allies, he maintains a cold appearance until given reasons to warm up to them.


Khortaavis is one of the most powerful Borealis Zazane in current existence and one of the most skilled warriors of the Merchant Fleets, being the only Zazane in modernity who is able to wield the Sin's Edge, an immensely ancient katana imbued in Descension Energy which dates back to the Zazane's First Sovereign Domain. A master of sword techniques akin to the terran Iaijutsu, Khortaavis fights by quick-drawing his blade and delivering terrifyingly strong blows which can cut through even the strongest alloys thanks to the blade's advanced and Essence-imbued nature. Khortaavis himself is several times stronger than a normal Zazane, shrugging off hits which would cause pain to a normal member of his race thanks to his exposure to the blade's energies, which has led many to believe he is halfway through the process of becoming Descended.



Blue faceYour actions are sufficiently beneficial.


Yellow faceState your intentions, for I am a busy person.

  • Gavakar - A foul mouthed one indeed.
  • Helo Roslia - Valiant youngster. It makes me wonder if all of your kind are like you.
  • Voro Acetenus - I can see the strength of a great warrior in you.


Orange faceMy blade thirsts for the blood of sinners.

  • N/A


I've had a run with this guy once back in my mercenary days. It was one of the single most terrifying moments of my life. That blade he wields... it's not a normal weapon. I saw him suck the life out of a mercenary with it, then toss his body away like a ragdoll.

- Dolgan Tuchaki

My uncle is the best master ever!

- Khaya Chisalka

I remember requesting info from Khaya about her training in the Fleets; she told me of the Archblade and his techniques. ... I must say, I am thankful that the man is on the Fleets' side rather than one of the many rogue Zazane warbands out there.

- Tetra

Perhaps one day I should like to meet him, face to face. He seems to be a warrior worthy of respect and time I would part for his words.

- Kithworto





  • Khortaavis is inspired by Sir Alonne, a boss from the game Dark Souls 2.
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