She is the kind of person who's rather hard to read. A workaholic for sure, yet her dedication is more than commendable. And when you finally scratch off her exterior, you get... probably the cutest Zazane ever.

- Traslia

Khaya Chisalka is a Noble Enforcer of the Merchant Fleets and an associate of the Penumbra Unit, serving under Penumbran Tetra.


Early History[]

Khaya was raised by her uncle from an young age, after losing both of her parents to space pirates. Her uncle Khortaavis Chisalka, one of the Merchant Fleets' highest authorities and most powerful warriors, would become a source of inspiration to her, who strove to mimic him and his fighting style since she first began training with a katana. Khaya's typical quick-draw fighting style was inspired by her uncle, and she joined the military officially at a very young age, wishing to make him proud of her. Khaya eventually obtained the rank of Noble Enforcer through a lot of hard work, obtaining the title following a hard-earned victory against the Old Niaka Order where Khaya was described as taking on an army of Niaka mechas by herself.

Ice Age[]

During the Zarkhator Incident, Khaya was assigned by the Fleets to act as the security officer of Penumbran Tetra's vessel following it being attacked by Soltako Armed Military. At first treating Tetra and his crew with the same discipline as any other person she dealt with, Khaya eventually grew fond of the Krektal and his team and opened up to them. She put her life at risk to defend Tetra at multiple occasions, fighting PMC mercenaries and Zarkhator forces while never backing down from any battle. By the end of the incident, Khaya requested to the Fleets for the possibility of staying with Tetra's team permanently, which was eventually agreed on due to her positive results as a crewmember of the Penumbran's ship.



Khaya appears as a young adult female of the Borealis Zazane race. Her scales are blue, black and with shades of brown like most females of her species, and she also possesses the characteristic three pairs of horns all Borealis Zazane females have. Khaya's armor is sleek and built with agility in mind, and she also wears a helm which somewhat obscures her large blue eyes. Khaya is described by others as looking more 'diminutive' and sometimes 'cute' than most other Borealis Zazane, lacking a large number of sharp features or scars on her skin.


Khaya is an extremely disciplined warrior who always put her mission as her top priority. A woman of few words, she is willing to put herself in mortal danger as long as it means getting her objective done, having little fear of death. This is attributed to her desire to have her uncle be proud of her. Beneath this workaholic exterior, though, Khaya is actually extremely girly and cheerful, something not often expected from Borealis Zazane females, with Khaya showing overly stereotypical feminine tastes such as going shopping and talking about boys.


Khaya, like all Borealis Zazane, is an extremely strong individual who could easily tear a human's skull apart with her bare hands. Her weapon of choice is a Zazane katana which she quick-draws every time she attacks a new enemy. Khaya's fighting style involves her approaching her enemy, unsheathing her katana, striking and then sheathing it again. While this is potentially very dangerous and could potentially put her under serious danger, Khaya shows no fear of fighting like this, putting heavy emphasis on killing her enemies with a single attack rather than multiple ones.



Green face.pngYou're awesome! Let's do stuff together!

  • Tetra - No one will harm the captain while I still breath.
    • Vesinash - Always so grumpy.
    • Traslia - Do you really think I look cute? Teehee!
    • Lirtelta - Heehee, I can punch as strong as you!
    • Voroch - Ngh, he can be creepy sometimes.
    • Nirta - Ehh. Just don't cause trouble, okay?
  • Khortaavis Chisalka - I'll make you proud of me, uncle.
  • Erureidan - ...Oh jeez, oh wow...


Yellow face.pngHow may I help you?


Red face.pngYou're under arrest.


Strong, dedicated, and reliable. She makes for a valuable member of the crew, even if she is, uh... well, prettier than most Zazane.

- Tetra




  • Khaya's base character and fighting style was inspired by the Alonne Knight Captains, enemies from the game Dark Souls II.


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