All these years we've been at war, Kavaat has been a valuable ally, always there to provide an extra advantage over The Grand Teyan Empire. His devotion and willingness to take risks have won us many more engagements than playing it safe, though I would not be one to stock an entire armada with commanders of his demeanor.

- Anima Lux

Kavaat Sus is a ranking Fleet Admiral of the Holy Ankoran Navy and commander of the Empyrean Dawn, a prototype model of the Apostasy-Class Star Destroyer. Born on Lusara, he serves as leader of the Muaran Resistance fleets, and is noted as an odd-ball amongst his own people for his impulsive attitude.


Early LifeEdit

Kavaat's early life was largely uneventful, though devotion to Spode was emphasized throughout his upbringing, shaping him into the zealous devotee he is today. Attending a simple religious institution, the young Ankoran initally studied for a place in the Eclisiarchy, though upon reaching adulthood, his outlook had changed. While still devoted to his god, he quickly enrolled at a military academy, learning tactics, and becoming a naval cadet.

Fall of LusaraEdit

Lusara had never posed a threat to the Grand Teyan Empire. With only a token garrison to defend itself from pirate incursions, the small agricultural world was ill-prepared for the Teyan Blitz. A fleet capable of tearing through the fleets of the lesser scouting forces of Andromeda's larger empires arrived in orbit suddenly, launching an invasion the Ankoran Empire could never have forseen.

Kavaat was barely a cadet at the time, forced into a battle far beyond his capabilities. Ankoran ships broke all around him under the hail of Teyan fire, and their husks would be tossed to the planet's surface by weaponized space tugs, littering the grazing grounds of the Ankoran's livestock with the burning, broken hulls, and raining destruction down upon habitation centers. What few Ankoran ships survived the initial few hours of the assault soon found themselves with nothing left to defend, and fled into deep space. Kavaat was one of the few survivors of the terrible battle, and was promoted for his valliant efforts in aiding the unwinnable defense.

Aftermath and Encounter with Qurik SkelEdit

Shortly after the Fall of Lusara, Kavaat played a significant role in organzie an empire-wide defense against the Teyan Blitz, suggesting (and taking) bold action where others saw no hope. Though this slowed the Teyan advance into Ankoran territory, a speedy end to the invasion quickly dropped out of sight for all involved.

At some point during the aftermath of the initial Blitz, Kavaat's ship was boarded by Qurik Skel and his crew of Saviki mercenaries, who had been hired by rivals in the Ankoran navy, whom viewed his reckless tactics and sudden climb through the ranks from cadet, to captain, to admiral as a threat. In the ensuing skirmish, Qurik and Kavaat had a brief close-quarters encounter, in which both nearly killed the other, both having to flee the fight, near-death, for recovery. The Saviki boarding crew promptly retreated from the ship and left Ankoran space.

Founding of the ResistanceEdit

Kavaat played a rather important role in the formal founding of the Muaran Resistance. During an Ankoran push into the Chasm, his scouts stumbled upon the refugee city of Muara, which at the time was protected by a relatively small force of war-weary volunteer soldiers and battered military craft. After personally visiting the shanty, scrap-metal city, which was still heavily divided between the numerous governments-in-exile which inhabited it, he was overcome with an intense desire to protect it, and sought out Anima Lux, a refugee from the former Romanian Commonwealth who wished to build a more united government for the city, as well as a military force that could push back the Grand Teyan Empire.

Taking on the role of the Muaran Resistance's primary naval commander, and organising the rag-tag fleets into standardised military units, Kavaat soon became known as the Defender of Muara, protecting it's exterior from unwelcome eyes. His political partnership with Anima also helped convince the refugee governments to agree to the new administrative system she and her supporters had devised, leading to the official birth of the modern Resistance government.

Teyan Subjugation WarEdit

Standing as the head of the Murarn Navy, Kavaat quickly began to prove his effectiveness - and unorthodox methods - as the First Admiral of the Resistance, commanding several devastatingly effective guerrilla raids on GTE fleets scattered across the Segmentum from the Empyrean Dawn. Finally confident that the Muaran Resistance was at a point where it could wage a guerrilla war across Segmentum Exterioris in order to combat the Grand Teyan Empire's merciless advance across the galaxy, and potentially even halt their genocidal march into the segmentum, Kavaat authorised the invasion and reclamation of Kaer, intending to extract the last Red Devils survivors, High General Key'Tara and her rebel band - though soon the fleets found themselves liberating the Mithadorn-aligned planet from occupation with the support of the fleets of the Draconid Imperium.

With the Imperium's support, Kavaat and the allied fleets descended on the Teyan fleet blockading the already contested planet, breaking the occupation and allowing the Resistance to establish a firmer hold on two entire systems. Kavaat and Anima would subsequently announce the beginning of the Exterioris Campaign in 2826.


Slightly stockier than the average Ankoran, Kavaat is known to dress sharply, though lavishly. Often seen in his customised set of non-regulation Ankoran Power Armour, decorated with expensive jewlery and cloths, the blue-skinned reptilian is unwilling to be seen as anything other than awe-inspiring when his friends and allies are around.


Rash and radical, Kavaat is as devoted to his god as any other Ankoran is expcected to be: Feircely. Perhaps even moreso, the Ankoran Fleet Admiral's hot-headed devotion to Spode is more zealous than most Ankoran. As flamboyant and agressive as his prized vessel would suggest, he is never one to shy from a fight, and is known to often charge head-first into battles ill-advised of his fleet - though each victory has helped build his reputation as an astoundingly succsseful commander.



Green face - “May your path remain forever in the good grace of Spode.

  • Anima Lux - “It's been quite a journey, the creation of this Resistance.
  • Lata Sus - “Dear sister, never change.


Blue face - “Allies in war and peace, may Spode guide you.

  • High General Key'Tara - “Crazy lady, but nice when you get to know her. Don't trust her with matches.
  • IX - “Any friend (or lover) of Anima's is a friend of mine!
  • Maota Kakn - “We are very much alike. I like you.
  • Taos Thanin - “I've got to ask you for some tips on Bowcaster design one day.


Yellow face - “Perhaps friend, perhaps foe. Let's talk.

  • Vey'Kunla - “Perhaps worth getting to know better. I just hope he doesn't fall over dead when I next look at him.
  • Kalia Suuk - “Agent? What are you up to now?


Orange face - “Get the bloody hell off my ship!

  • Kulvarla - “May I recommend putting a bullet through your face?


Red face - “In the name of Spode, I will strike you down!

  • Qurik Skel - “I will not tolerate anyone who plunders my vessels, least of all machine-worshipping lowlifes.
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