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I'll forge my own path.

- Kara Inviá

Kara Inviá is a female Libertus who serves as a knight of the Aldárae Order alongside her partner Aoirtae Valaeris. The daughter of famed Republic politicians, Apollo and Gianne Inviá, and the brother of the aspiring diplomat Laoi Cretacea, Kara has made a name for herself as a brash, outspoken but deeply compassionate young woman, dedicated to ensuring the future of the Cyrandia Cluster is one free from tyrants such as Tyrómairon and Morgandaûr.

Born several years prior to the outbreak of the Great Cyrannus War, Kara and Laoi were, from a young age, thrust into the galactic spotlight as members of the Republic's First Family. When the Great War erupted across the cluster, she was protected from many of the greatest threats posed to the Cyrannus Galaxy, all of which sought to end the presidency of her father, who stood as a beacon of hope against the chaos of war. One of these threats, the mysterious power-broker known as Tyrómairon ultimately succeeded, forging the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and forcing Apollo, Gianne and their family into exile, where Kara and Laoi would spend their adolescence. As young adults during the rise of the New Cyrannian Republic, Kara and Laoi began to make their own mark on the galaxy, with the young Kara showing the first signs that she could manipulate the mysterious energies which permeate the Cluster.

As an adult, Kara became captain of the New Republic starship Auethnen Raptor, a spy ship for top-secret missions into Imperial space. Kara and her colleagues, the mysterious Master Ryen, the crafty Aoirtae Valaeris and the worrisome pilot Munalur, set in motion a series of events during the Cyrannian Cold War, which would forever change the course of the galaxies of the Cyrandia Cluster. During this journey, Kara has evolved much as an individual, caring deeply about her new friends as well as the citizens of Rambo Nation and the Republic.


Early LifeEdit

Kara and her brother Laoi were born on the capital planet of the United Republic of Cyrannus, Orbispira in the year 06 BNE. Her parents, Apollo and Gianne decided to keep their birth a secret in order to protect the twins from the prying eyes of the media. Eventually however, Apollo revealed their existence in a press conference the week after their birth.


Kara and her brother arrive on Capricaerón.

However, evil forces eventually learned of this, with the demonic beast Shu'ytrogarva attacking Apollo and the family. Luckily, magical snakes appeared and fought off the creature. Around this time, Laoí and Kara received their pet Dvottie, Tigarlu. During the second year of the Great Cyrannus War, Laoi and Kara met Empress Ramashe for the first time. The two twins grew to love her to the point where Apollo named her the twin's godsmother, meaning that she would be responsible for their well-being should anything happen to their parents.

She joined her family in the Republic Remnant where she later met her new friend Gorf. Kara bitterly despised her time in the Remnant and believed that they should take the fight to the Empire back in the Core Worlds. As the voyage went on however, she began to grow more conscientious while losing none of her spunky personality. When the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus found the Remnant, Kara and her family were shipped to Apollo's homeworld of Capricaerón. Her father soon returned from Imperial custody on Orbispira, but declared his intention to retire from politics, ultimately her mother decided to do the same. Kara and Laoí however were interested in following their footsteps and were introduced to Raen Magalen who began to tutor the twins in politics.

Sadly their peace was not to last for long, as Gianne was assassinated by a sniper. When an Imperial Stormtrooper clad in red armor arrived at the apartment, Kara answered the door and knew what had happened but refused to believe it. The next day they were brought to Magalen's condo a few miles away. There they remained for a while until Kara reached word that Ramashe had returned from her captivity at Carnthedain. At once she and her brother travelled to the Rambo Capital where they met with Ramashe. Seeing Ramashe both Kara and Laoi bursted out in tears and were comforted by Ramashe who took them inside the palace and told them it was their home for as long as they wanted.

The next day both Gorf, Tigarlu and the Adjunct arrived at the palace as well- much to their delight. A few days later, walking through the Royal Palace she overheard Ramashe and Savra Mathen- emperor of the Corthrinus talking over trade treaties and a possible politician alliance. Remembering dreaded stories over the Corthrinus she had to tell her father when he returned, so he could warn Ramashe about the Corthrinus. A few weeks later, Apollo returned to Laoi and Kara, delighting both of the growing teenagers.



The group converses with Thaur Vicliquam.

When the New Cyrannian Republic was formed, Apollo decided to live in Ramashe's palace permanently, much to the children's delight. After the Cyrandia Conference, Ramashe and Ram'lendila took both Karka and Loai upon one of the hills of the highter levels of the Royal Palace. Both Laoi and Kara looked in awe, as from their position they got a nice panorama view over Tirithsiliiana. While looking above, they saw the towering walls and tower of the Royal Palace. Suddenly, from behind a tree Osha Stefani appeared and gave a private concert to the young Libertus. Ramashe arranged this private concert to lighten the mood and to give a boost to their spirits after all they have been through. Kara later travelled to Mou'Cyran with her family, during which the Regellis Star Empire attacked the planet.

Encounter with the Cognatus

Almost a year into the New Cyrandia Wars, Laoi and Kara, along with the Adjunct, Tigarlu and Gorf travelled from the Rambo Capital to meet with their father on Mou'Cyran. Unexpectedly, the ship detected a lifepod with a single lifeform on board. As a compassionate young man, Laoi decided that it would be best to beam the individual onboard in order to provide medical assistance. The individual turned out to be the disgraced Cognatus shiplord Thaur Vicliquam, who almost attacked the group before being blasted back by Gorf. Attempting to reason with the zealot, the Adjunct revealed the true nature of his false religion and ultimately resulted in the group befriending Shiplord Vicliquam. Upon arriving at Mou'Cyran, Laoi and Kara directed Vicliquam to their father, who pointed the way to his old friend Voro Acetenus.


Laoi, Kara, Maryah and Ramanei greet one another.

Trouble in the Royal Palace

...How are you doing this? How did... since when are you all supernaturals?"
"I'm no supernatural... I-I just knew I could help her.''

- Maryah and Kara discuss her newfound healing abilities.

Near the close of the New Cyrandia Wars, Kara was involved in an incident in the Royal Palace of Rambo Nation. Meeting with her old friend Maryah of the Indoctrinate Collective, Kara and her brother escorted the monarch to a meeting between Apollo and Ramashe. Though intended to be a peaceful meeting, bounty hunters and the Vengeful Claw were waiting for them. Fleeing from the criminals, Kara tended to the injuries of Ramashe's daughter Ramanei Joy Feather, surprising everyone with her mysterious powers. Though she could not explain where she gained these abilities, she simply stated that she had a "feeling" that she could heal the young Serindia. After the bounty hunters were driven off, Kara said her goodbyes to Maryah and returned to her studies.


When she graduated, Kara was approached by an unofficial element of the Starfleet of the Republic, who offered her the captaincy of the Auethnen Raptor, a starship modified to appear as a smuggling vessel for operations within Imperial space. Though her father disapproved, Kara agreed. Simultaneously, Kara's mysterious powers which came to light during the incident in the Rambo Royal Palace continued to grow, leading Apollo to contact the mysterious Osteola Master Ryen to help train her aboard the Auethnen Raptor. Kara would also meet the Mon Nahdar Munalur, who became her first mate.

Cyrannian Cold WarEdit


The Auethnen Raptor attempts to escape the Imperials.

New Beginnings
Munalur: "That Imperial was an Inquisitor, Kara! A Basileus Justiciar! I don't like it, but Republic Command would never agree to a rescue mission!"
Kara: "To the Chaos Realm with them, then. Aoirtae was captured on my ship, on my watch. I'm not abandoning her just because a few bureaucrats will be grumpy."
―Munalur and Kara, after Aoirtae's kidnapping

For the next year, Kara would captain the Auethnen Raptor on many missions into Imperial space, gathering intelligence and providing various resistance factions with arms for use against Imperial forces. In 07 NE, Kara and the crew of the Raptor travelled to Andustar in the Outer Rim in order to negotiate with the local Andustarans in the hopes of establishing a Republic listening post somewhere on the planet. There, Kara, Ryen and Munalur met with a young Ortella hunter known as Aoirtae Valaeris, who had been living on the planet since the death of her parents when she was a small child.

Aoirtae was desperate for passage off of Andustar, which Kara agreed to. While travelling away from the planet, the Raptor was attacked by an Imperial squadron under the command of Inquisitor Vandalion, who sought to apprehend Ryen due to the threat he posed to the Phaedric Order. During the ensuing dogfight, Aoirtae was teleported off the Raptor and onto Vandalion's ship. Though Munalur was sceptical about chasing down the Imperials to rescue her, Kara decided to launch a rescue mission. Travelling to the mines of Vurdon, the crew of the Raptor desperately attempted to rescue their new friend, only to discover that she had unleashed the same powers that Kara possessed to throw off her would-be oppressors.

While Kara and Munalur held off the Imperial troops, Ryen engaged Vandalion in a vicious duel. Taking advantage of Ryen's compassion, Vandalion almost killed him, only to be driven off by Aoirtae's skill with a blade. Taking advantage of the chaos, Kara and her crewmates managed to rescue several slaves and escaped the planet. After the incident, Kara and Aoirtae had a long chat in the mess room of the Raptor, where they bonded over their shared experiences and powers. To their mutual surprise, Ryen would offer to be their official mentor in honing their abilities, an offer which the two young women accepted. With one adventure over, the Auethnen Raptor set course for the mystical world of Aldár, where the destinies of both Kara and Aoirtae would be written.

Battle of Aldár
Meketanor: "Not only do I get to destroy this heretical place I also get my sweet revenge against the mortal who escaped me before."
Kara: "I'd like to see you try, ugly."
―Meketanor and Kara, during the Battle of Aldár

In 10 NE, after several years training with Ryen on Aldár, both Kara and Aoirtae were tasked with preparing for their final trial. While Aoirtae went on a spiritual journey to the Peak of Ages, to speak with the mysterious Master Du'utahrovin, Kara continued to train with Ryen at the Temple. After two days, the two travelled to the Peak, where they met with Aoirtae, Du'utahrovin and Master Aenaró. On her journey, Aoirtae had experienced a vision of the Zevian Skull, informing the group that they needed to travel to Aecor in the Quadrant Galaxies.

Battle of Light and Dark 09

Kara fights Meketanor.

Kara contacted her father for the first time in many years to discuss passage to the mysterious Quadrantia world, which was under the joint jurisdiction of Rambo Nation and the Cognatus Empire. When Apollo recontacted her with approval, Kara set off to Aecor with her allies on the Auethnen Raptor. There, she was reunited with Apollo and her brother Laoi, as well as Apollo's close friend Dané Elenya. Travelling to the sanctuary of the Zevian Skull, Kara, Aoirtae and the others argued with the Lord Regent Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo about how to proceed, with Aoirtae ultimately coming into contact with the Skull, mysteriously transporting them all the way back to Aldár.

There, they found the world under attack from the Phaedric Lords Meketanor and Venatorius, in addition to the Sorcerer of Carnthedain, Morgandaûr. Kara attempted to protect Apollo, Dané, Rambarth and her brother, utilising her powers to hurl objects at Meketanor, keeping him from killing her family. However, she knew she was outmatched. It was only through the arrival of Master Du'utahrovin that the allies found victory, with Aoirtae plunging her blade through Morgandaûr's chest, seemingly destroying him. After the battle, Kara used her healing powers to tend to the wounded before biding Aoirtae farewell when she embarked to another realm to meet with the mysterious Lord of Eternal Starlight. When she returned over two years later, Kara had become a powerful warrior within the growing ranks of the Aldárae Order, though lost none of her wit.

Rescue and the Battle of Ambar
Vanikaimar: "You are but a child. Unfit for combat. Should this be dangerous, you will die. Leave such missions for warriors."
Kara: "Why do we let the frozen fossil speak, again?"
Vanikaimar spars with Kara prior to the mission to Rihanae

Bringing Aoirtae and Apolithanatár to a meeting of the Ethelnór Aldárae, Kara was shocked to learn that her father had been captured by the Rihanaen Star Empire, likely under the influence of the Phaedric Order or the Imperial Inquisition. When she arrived on the Auethnen Raptor to Apollo's coordinates, along with Aoirtae and Vanikaimar, they discovered that Apollo, Dané Elenya and Gorf had been captured by Inquisitor Vandalion. When the Inquisitor incapacitated Aoirtae, however, he was knocked unconscious and brought back to Aldár, where he revealed that the Empire was preparing to fire the Ecimaex superweapon against the Republic. When Vandalion escaped, Kara attended a meeting in which Apollo formally agreed to ally the New Republic with the Aldárae, while Ryen declared the Order to be officially reborn.

Battle of Ambar 03

Kara and Aoirtae speak to Radiant during the Battle of Ambar.

In 15 NE, Kara joined a joint Aldárae and Cyrandia Resistance operation to free the Miluiel from the Empire's grasp. During the Battle of Ambar, she faced some of her most intense fighting yet, before coming into contact with an Oikoumene artificial intelligence known as Radiant. Radiant directed them to a control tower from which they could remove the shackles of servitude that the Empire had placed on the Miluiel, though in so doing, attracted the Phaedra to them. Fighting viciously against the Phaedric Lords, Kara and her Aldárae allies ultimately emerged victorious and were saved from Thaurlathrón's wrath by the timely arrival of Apolithanatár, who freed the Miluiel.

Early years of the Second Great WarEdit

Opening Battles

Kara and her crew returned to Aldár in time to participate in the planning of the Battle of the Ecimaex Wall, a joint venture between the Republic military and the Order. During the meeting, Kara met Rhavor Aldorón and Commander Corvexa and over the course of the mission grew close with Rhavor in particular. Travelling on board the Raptor via the Republic armada, Kara and her team boarded the Ecimaex flagship Silencer, commanded by Captain Nirndal, in the first major operation of the Second Great Cyrannus War.


Kara and the group capture Nirndal.

When they had sabotaged the Silencer, they captured Captain Nirndal, though not before being confronted by the Phaedric Lord Vandorallen, who sought revenge after his defeat on Ambar. Kara was forced to watch Aoirtae faced Vandorallen alone when she was telekinetically thrown by her friend from the Silencer's bridge, to force the young Libertus to leave without her. While Kara led the group to safety aboard the Raptor, however, she refused to depart without Aoirtae. To her relief, the Ortella soon made her own way to the Raptor, having killed the Phaedric Lord in a blade duel. Escaping back to the Republica, Kara watched as the Silencer detonated, destroying the Ecimaex Wall. However, she soon learned that the Empire had already launched a first strike of their own, destroying the Republic capital Mou'Cyran.

To her relief, her father had not returned to Mou'Cyran after the meeting at Aldár, and had subsequently been sworn in as President when news arrived that Nexarón Valkistair was one of the scores killed. Though fatigued after the Battle of the Ecimaex Wall, Kara refused to rest and instead volunteered to once again fly into action in the battle against the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation, the dreaded weapon which destroyed Mou'Cyran. During the subsequent Battle of Cadian, Kara, Aoirtae and Vanikaimar boarded the station and destroyed one of the primary hypermatter reactors, with the help of the Imperial agent Caranye Valaeris, who revealed herself as Aoirtae's sister as they fled the doomed battlestation.

After the Battle of Cadian, Kara returned to Aldár where she received command over a Defender-class light corvette to use in battle against the Empire. During the First Battle of the Mou'Cyran Remnants, she piloted the Defender and worked to repel the Imperials, though secretly believed that if she had commanded the Raptor, she would have destroyed many more Imperial ships. Indeed, she quickly abandoned the Defender-class to another pilot, and made continued use of the Raptor throughout the opening stages of the conflict, using it to ferry Aoirtae and Vanikaimar to Coruanthor, to aid in its defence against the Empire.

Toward the end of the Battle of Coruanthor, Kara reunited with Aoirtae and Vanikaimar, helping them to defeat an Imperial platoon by providing air support with Munalur from the Raptor. She ferried them to the Aeolus, the command ship of Helo Roslia, where they were contacted by Apollo, who informed them that if Coruanthor fell, the Republic would soon follow. To prevent this, he tasked Kara and her friends with seeking out the Cyrandia Resistance and enlisting their support.

SGCW Labyrinth of War 07

Aoirtae, Kara, Ross and Vanikaimar face Lord Echoriax.

Travelling to the Neoarkan Sector of the Outer Rim, they soon discovered that it was the Resistance that found them, and not the other way around, rescuing the Raptor from an encounter with an Imperial light cruiser. They were escorted to Resistance Command, where they discussed their plans with General Sesoka and the other leaders of the rebellion, eventually convincing them to aid in the Republic's defence of Coruanthor. Returning to the ecumenopolis, Kara and the crew of the Raptor travelled planetside to capture the Capital Building, only to find all the world's councillors slaughtered by the Phaedric Lord Echoriax, who engaged them in a vicious duel. The crash of a Star Destroyer nearby forced Echoriax to escape, however, marking the end of the Battle of Coruanthor with a Republic victory.

Civil War
Rambo Guard: "Lower your weapons and come in peace."
Kara: "Give us my brother, and I may decide not to remove your arms."
―A Royal Guard and Kara, during the Battle of Pauvenris

After the battle, Kara bid her farewell to her friends for the time-being, and travelled to Capricaerón, spending a month to herself, connecting with her family and old friends. However, when the traitorous Praesator Adelheidis declared the formation of the True Republic and attacked the Saxhleel Wormhole, she was tasked by her father to escort Senator Raen Magalen and Naelys Valraenos to negotiate with the Praesator. However, when Adelheidis declined to speak to Apollo's representatives, and opened fire on the Republic ships, Kara jumped into her Delta-class starfighter and boarded Adelheidis' flagship, the Talon of Veloci, where she planned on spying on the True Republic and undermine their plans from within.

Travelling to Apatalore, Kara made contact with former President Apaltar, who was under house arrest under Adelheidis' brutal regime. Though she struggled to persuade him to join her cause to defeat her, Apaltar was eventually convinced, and agreed to help Kara find allies against the True Republic. Travelling to Andormaru space, they successfully gained the support of both the Andormaru and the Adelphi, as well as the fleet of Fleet Admiral Anuatolian. During the Battle of Lianna, this fleet arrived to save Fleet Admiral Laege Shavalera and Primarch Voro Acetenus' armada, under siege from the Rambo commander Malegras and Adelheidis herself, both of whom were ultimately driven off.

SGCW Precipice 03

Kara, Quirk and Aoirtae outside the Estate on Pauvenris.

When High King Rambert Ramveral declared his support for Adelheidis, and attacked the New Republic, Kara was horrified to learn that he had imprisoned Laoi on Pauvenris, home to brutal salt mines and the greatest Rambo atrocities. Along with Aoirtae and Vanik, Kara teamed up with Qurik Skel of the Saviki Void Combine, as well as a Republic and Mendel fleet, and besieged Pauvenris. Using Saviki skimmers, the group travelled to the central estate overlooking the brutal work camp, and after dispatching elite House Ramveral guards, they entered the building. There, Laoi attempted to defend himself by throwing a plate at the door, only to hit Kara on the head. Chastising her brother, Kara was nevertheless delighted to see her brother, and warmly hugged him. However, when a crashing Star Destroyer hit the ground outside, the group were forced to escape, and thanks to the timely arrival of the Rambo Loyalists, they made it safety into orbit and back to New Republic space.

Corruptus Rising

You've lost. Beaten by Apollo's daughter. Do you hear me?! Lost!

- An enraged Kara, upon defeating Mar-Júun

Kara later joined the crew of the Raptor when it joined with the Rambo Loyalists to depose High King Rambert, whom the Ethelnór Aldárae suspected of being manipulated by the Phaedric Lord Ruuvitharn. However, during the subsequent mission to the Rambo Capital, it was revealed that Rambert had in fact been corrupted by Mar-Júun, as part of a grand scheme to bring the Cyrandia Cluster under the sway of the Corruptus. However, while Kara and her allies were successful in defeating Rambert, Mar-Júun escaped, and the Empire utilised the chaos to dissolve Rambo Nation and bring it under the direct control of Orbispira.

Upon retrieving the Spear of Ramielum, the only weapon capable of killing the demon lord, it was swiftly captured by Mar-Júun's forces and brought to the Nightmare Region. There, with the aid of Hachiman, Kara and her allies managed to defeat Harbinger and retrieve the heavily damaged weapon from his dead grasp. Afterwards, she joined the mission to destroy Mar-Júun's Crimson Imperium on Vasuband, and became enraged when Aoirtae was knocked out of the fight. Using her anger, when she and the group finally confronted Mar-Júun, she fought with all of her might, and despite Mar-Júun's power, used the Spear to destroy him. After the battle, she returned to the Herald of Retribution, to help escort her injured friend back to Aldár.

Fall of the Twelve Worlds

Nothing like a galactic war to dampen your day.

- Kara Inviá

Over the next several weeks, Kara and Aoirtae would spend their time wondering the forests of Aldár, training between themselves and enjoying a brief respite from the war. One evening, while relaxing at a makeshift campfire, Inviá and Valaeris were joined by Apolithanatár, who told them the tale of Apotheosis, and of Tyrómairon's love for Libraé. According to the Lord of Light, only through knowing one's enemy would they be able to defeat him. The next day, Kara and Aoirtae met with Master Ryen for a stroll and some tea on the banks of the Great Lake. There, Kara received the distressing news that the Twelve Worlds were under siege by Imperial forces, and along with Ryen and Aoirtae, travelled on the Raptor to distant Capricaerón.

SGCW The Wheel Turns 1

Apolithanatár chats with Kara and Aoirtae.

There, in order to bypass the capital city's shield, Kara led the group into the tunnels between the East River, where they eventually encountered the Phaedric Lord Agonânghâsh. Ryen ordered his pupils to escape while he held the Shadow off, and the two girls watched in horror as Ryen sacrificed himself to save them, destroying Agonânghâsh in the process. Though overcome with grief, Aoirtae and Kara were driven by Ryen's training, and eventually reached the Presidential Pyramid, where they rescued Apollo and his supporters, ferrying them on the Raptor to what remained of the Republic fleet. Once they arrived, Kara and Aoirtae bid the others good fortune in their endeavour to forge the New Republic Remnant, and departed to Aldár, to inform the Order of Ryen's fate and the fall of the New Republic.


Birth of the Rebellion

After informing the Order of Ryen's fate, both Kara and Aoirtae felt duty-bound to return to the Remnant's fleet before it departed into unknown space, and travelled to the Republica's location in an unknown star system close to the border with the Unknown Region. Almost as soon as they arrived, an Imperial fleet dropped out of hyperspace and launched a vicious assault on the Remnant. With the Raptor out of fuel and in need of serious repairs after the Fall, Kara and Aoirtae jumped in an Advanced ReCon Starfighter and led numerous Republic squadrons against the Dreadnought Absolution, disabling the gravity well generators and allowing the Republic to flee into hyperspace.

SGCW The Ghosts of the Republic 2

Aoirtae and Kara meet with Commander Sevine.

Rendezvousing on the Republica, Kara and Aoirtae were led to the bridge by Commander Kalae Sevine, where the leaders of the Remnant were deep in discussion about the Remnant's limited options, though it remained clear to all that the original plan of seeking aid from the Unified Order of Cognalorilos remained the Remnant's best bet. Upon dropping out of hyperspace, the Remnant was greeted by the Cognatus authorities, who escorted Apollo, Kara and Aoirtae down to the planet's surface. There, they met with Primarch Acetenus and Fleetlord Morin Ehtar, who led Kara and Aoirtae to their quarters.

On the way, the trio were accosted by a group of Cogsangui loyal to the Cognatus Empire, which had struck a deal with the Great Star Dominion, a militaristic faction led by Zillum. Battling their way through legions of Mortalitas warriors with the help of Fleetlord Ehtar and Ankhnes Nar Monomai, Kara and Aoirtae reunited with Apollo, and returned to the Republica. Once they had arrived, Apollo tasked Kara with escorting the civilians to the Star Destroyer Aeolus, to prevent them from falling into the hands of the Dominion soldiers which had begun boarding the ship. Thus, Kara was forced to watch in horror from the Aeolus when Zillum himself boarded the flagship, sparking a chain of events which led directly to the deaths of both Admiral Cretacea and Gorf.

SGCW Raid on Coruaan 02

Aoirtae and Kara capture the Phoebus.

In the aftermath, Kara struggled to maintain her composure, but put her feelings to one side and attempted in vain to console her heartbroken father. In subsequent months, Kara and Aoirtae went on numerous clandestine missions against Imperial holdings, including a particularly notable mission to Coruaan, where the two managed to steal the Phoebus, a fully armed Phoebus-class Star Destroyer, which provided a major boon to the Republic fleet. To Kara's relief, Apollo eventually pulled himself together, and helped orchestrate the mission to contact the Revanchists, a group of Republic rebels which subsequently joined forces with the Remnant.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Kara is a very beautiful female Libertus, much like her mother. In her youth, she wore only the finest dresses and clothes, her favourite of which being a white dress with red designs along the edges, with many remarking that she strongly resembled a miniature version of her mother. During her late adolescence and young adulthood however, Kara instead began wearing more swashbuckling outfits akin to a smuggler or a particularly stylish rogue. Nevertheless, even as an adult many claim she is almost identical to Gianne, only not held back by social etiquette or decorum that Gianne had to develop in order to become Senator of Coruindia. Unlike her mother however, Kara is unusual in that she has bright blue eyes, a rarity amongst Libertus.


Personality and TraitsEdit

Do not underestimate my sister. Her wrath of words leave none standing.

- Laoi Cretacea

Kara has many facets to her personality, contributing to the perception that others have of her being a complicated person. Unlike her more refined brother, Kara is somewhat troublesome and fiery in her beliefs and demeanour. Though she is often witty and sarcastic with regard to her sense of humour, Kara is somewhat quick to pass judgement though views her often scathing comments as mere honesty rather than an attempt to insult those who she finds distasteful. Indeed, though she is inherently caring and compassionate toward others, she still retains a mean streak toward those that annoy her.

Though others may view this streak as coming across most strongly with her brother, in reality Laoi knows that she is merely joking. Indeed, though she often pokes fun at her brother, she loves him dearly. Most of the time, Kara has a playful and witty personality as well as a sarcastic sense of humour and there are few situations, even life threatening ones, where Kara doesn't make a sardonic comment, though usually, this is in jest. Though she isn't boastful about her parentage, she does take pride in her family and it's history and is completely loyal to her family members, willing to go to great lengths for them even at personal risk to herself. Indeed, whenever someone tries to harm those she cares about, she quickly becomes very defensive and is quite willing to scar them both physically and verbally, in contrast to the typical Libertus, who generally prefer the latter exclusively when dealing with such things. Though she had a great relationship with her parents and was left deeply saddened by her mother's death, she has always had a special bond with her father, Apollo.



LoveRelationThe universe is even colder than me. The only thing that can stop you freezing to death are good friends and family around you to keep to warm.

  • Apollo - He thinks he's a bit too cool. That irks me.
  • Gianne Inviá - I'll do you proud.
  • Laoi Cretacea - Wow, he has no game. But I have love for him.
  • Willelmus Cretacea - I rarely see him with the "Admiral" thing he has going on.
  • Gorf - At first the whole molesty thing was a bit weird. Now? Totally endearing.
  • Ramashe - That hat is gigantic.


Green faceI'll always have your back.

  • Aoirtae Valaeris - I'm with you till the end.
  • Ryen - You may be my master, but I'm still your captain!
  • Munalur - You worry too much! Relax!


Blue faceI guess we're friends then.

  • Maryah - I apologise for my brother's social skills.
  • Adjunct - He's an ancient floating ball that follows us around.
  • Ram'Lendila - All the politicians I've met have turned out to be super-nice. Maybe it's just me.
  • Osha Stefani - She should be our nation's president...
  • Ramanei Joy Feather - My girl!


Yellow faceAre you here to impress me or something?

  • Thaur Vicliquam - Hold up, a million awesome mouth jokes just popped into my head.


Red faceYou are all on my list.


I see her doing magnificent things in the future.

- Apollo

My little princess!

- Gianne Inviá

Most of the time, she's great fun to be around.

- Laoi Cretacea

She has an interesting view of the world. I'd like to chat with her some more.

- Maryah

Children are the flowers of life.

- Lamenar Reminocles

She's a bit snarky but I think she's cool.

- Septis Ultanos

You make the family cheerful, Alive Gianne.

- Gorf

You impress me. Try not to be brought down by pottery in the future.

- Qurik Skel



  • Kara was loosely based on Kara Thrace from Battlestar Galactica. This was reflected in Cyrannian's original plan for the character to be a fighter pilot on the CRS Aeolus. Nowadays, she is an original character.
  • Kara is one of Cyrannian's favourite characters to write dialogue for.
  • Kara was voted SporeWiki's Featured Character in March 2018.


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The juggernaut of imperialist ambition, conqueror of galaxies, the Empire of might, stability and order.
The centre of peace and progress, a bright beacon of hope in the dark, a Republic greater than distance or time.
Factions and Figures
Galactic Chronicles
Each of these conflicts is but one tiny piece of a larger whole, a war endless and inestimably larger.
The galaxy of order and prosperity.
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