...And what is more important, he has, pardon my words, not lost sight amidst his strength and power. In spite of the strength he wields and the innumerable enemies he has faced, he remains compassionate, kindly, and overall intact with regards to his personal balance and his relationships with others. ... He is more than an ally or partner as of now, having proven himself passive and caring enough to be called a friend as well.

- Kirlisir

Natyrazhakamaris Anthorsovaylato (Mahanayan: Nāthoražākamarās Anthōżōvālatho) formerly known as Kamaris Vorava and now as Knight Kamaris is a Mahanayan of who is a member of the Aldárae Order within the Cyrannus Galaxy. Kamaris is of intergalactic renown, having been an associate of Vekaron during the Ice Age. Known for his blindness, Kamaris has fought many enemies with the use of the spiritual energies the Mahanayans possess, of which has brought him wisdom in his time.

History Edit

Natyrazhakamaris Anthorsovaylato was born in 2347 to an aristocratic state on planet Thataanvavra, in Universe 66501. The Anthorsovaylato family, being one of a militant nature, inducted the Mahanayan into the ways of war from a very young age. When it came to maturity, Natyrazhakamaris was already well attuned to battle stratagem. By the official militant authorities, he was trained into becoming a Colossus, a member of a Mahanayan sect of warriors dedicated to planetary peace, at a very young age. He completed the training process before he reached 50 years of age. In 2407, a civil war erupted on Mahanaya, the Mahanayan homeworld. As this was almost a cultural event, peacekeepers were set in place to avoid bloodshed. However, the war waged on for much longer than any Mahanayan had expected. By 2430, 12 million Mahanayans were killed by the savagery conducted by the Mahanayan warlord Hez'Kalka and his associate Siaokono Tylstatkyo. As the Mahanayan Colossi were considered to have failed in keeping the peace, Natyrazhakamaris and others were outcast as Hez'Kalka gained control of Mahanaya in 2573.

The Colossi lived in silence for many decades, until Hez'Kalka gained demonic power in the early 2700's. The Colossi strongly opposed the will of demons, and resisted Hez'Kalka's control until he escaped to the First Gigaquadrant in 2766. Following the Annihilation in the 2780's, the Mahanayans who resisted the control of the then-forming Dominion of the Xhodocto sought refuge in the Borealis Galaxy. Natyrazhakamaris remained in the Mahanayan Borealis States, rebuilding their world. When the process was complete by 2790, he set out to find out information of the galaxy.

It was not until early 2794, did Vekaron of the Penumbra Unit find the now-called Kamaris on a Imalmah slave-ring planet. After negotiations between Kamaris and the Imalmah went ill, Kamaris was forced to slaughter the negotiators. Vekaron's team discovered Kamaris and mistakenly engaged him, resulting in Kamaris' incapacitation. Following a brief talk and a correction of misconceptions, Kamaris joined Vekaron's crew. Kamaris remained a member until the end of 2797 after the end of the Ice Age. Due to the insular nature that Vekaron's crew had become - having started a family with Kirlisir, Kamaris decided to bid farewell to his fellow companions and ventured to the Andromeda Galaxy alongside another, Kitmnárochoaltánún. Kamaris remained in Andromeda until he caught word of similarly attuned individuals operating in the Cyrannus Galaxy, and leaving Kitmnárochoaltánún, travelled there himself to learn of the Aldárae Order.

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Kamaris is a significantly tall and well built Mahanayan, due to his service as a Colossus until 2797. The most significant trait of Kamaris is his blindness; having been blinded by the acidic nature of T'enth-ei. Kamaris preferred not to reconstruct his eyes with cybernetics and thus used an energy of perception to allow him to see without the use of eyes. He has since taken to wearing a blindfold. He wears a suit of armour that is deceptively modern in design; whilst it appears ancient and native of Mahanayan custom, the armour is of contemporary and highly advanced material and technology.

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Aldárae Order Members Edit

Green face "It was light that brought me to this galaxy, and I remain so that the galaxy does not fall into darkness."

  • Aoirtae Valaeris - I have seen the same machinations of destiny in her as I have seen others. She will lead Cyrannus to a resolution it needs.
  • Kara Inviá - She is steadfast, and I believe her destiny ties in with the fate of the galaxy.
  • Vanikaimar - He reminds me of one I once travelled with.
  • Janice Ross - I have never seen a human this far from -- you are from the Quadrants?
  • Zahra Ross - I know the dangers discretion has brought upon oneself.
  • Cainak - It is an honour to fight with a Civatron.
  • Arasah-Nui - She will make an excellent warrior. I am old enough to know that.
  • Ryen - To have braved Zhuleshxi and lived is something I respect.
  • Alinor Nanuq - You and I have much to talk about on the prospect of battle.
  • Robert Lefler - You have an unorthodox life, even so to have joined the Order.
  • Aenaró - He has taught me many things I don't know about Cyrannus.

Friends Edit

Green face "You are special to me. This information I do not part lightly."

  • Vekaron - ...The Order would welcome you, if you ever choose to leave Borealis.
  • Wragrot - I am still game for our long-awaited sparring match.
  • Vyatak - Thank you for your assistance.
  • Kitmnárochoaltánún - It is time for you to carve out your own path.

Allies Edit

Blue face "Good."

Neutral Edit

Yellow face "Pleased to make your acquaintance."

  • N/A

Disliked Edit

Orange face "You tread on weak ground."

  • N/A

Enemies Edit

Red face "The ground falls beneath your feet."

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Quotes Edit

To see a friendly Mahanayan. The universe is turning upside down.

- Kilchárunya

You should have joined us when you had the opportunity. The Xhodocto have opened our minds, and they will make sure you regret your choice.

- Commander Tylstatkyo

Welcome to the crew. I can see you being of great help in our adventures.

- Vekaron

I like this guy, he has guts. I still wanna fight him man-to-man, though.

- Wragrot

I'm glad he's on our side, I look forward to seeing him in battle!

- Aoirtae Valaeris
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