The Eye watches from a distance and identifies her prey. Like a predator, she is swift and deadly, going for where you are most vulnerable. However... the Eye is the kind of predator who enjoys playing with her food before she eats it.

- Unknown

Kalcedia Myran, otherwise referred to as the Eye, is a polymorphic, artificially-birthed Zazane and a member of the Unified Nation of Ottzello Commandos, fulfilling the primary role of a recon operative and the unit's primary stealth agent and sharpshooter. A woman who holds her satisfaction as equal priority to her job, Kalcedia is intelligent and sly, often in charge of devising tactics for her unit, and is blissfully aware of her capabilities and her appearance, leading to a very confident personality and overwhelming self-esteem - while she is dedicated and more than competent at her career, she is known for a somewhat selfish streak that leads her to pursue her own interests, unafraid of using others to achieve them should she find such a method necessary.

An independent and proficient individual, Kalcedia finds herself overcome with an unnatural affinity for often sexual pleasure and entertainment, with the extent of her promiscuity holding few to no boundaries as she views herself, along with many others, as an unrelenting, dominating figure with a severe lack of shame. Despite her hypersexual tendencies and her manipulative capacity, she maintains a driving sense of compassion; she strives not to bring death but to offer protection and comfort through her services, and despite her remorseless reputation as a soldier, she finds herself incapable of bringing harm to those who have done no wrong or are forced into poor conditions, mainly children, as they are often unaware of the extent of the cruelty of the universe they live within. While she views many individuals as being useful for little more than additional guns or bed partners, there are a select few, including her own unit, that have gained her genuine affection as beneath her lustful exterior is a girl who seeks a true purpose and meaning to her life.


Early Life[]

Kalcedia Myran began life as a nameless experiment devised by the Zazane abomination Kol Daren aboard his vessel, the Judge of Virtue, within the Ottzello Sector of the Borealis Galaxy in an attempt to create a physical manifestation of his more effeminate and sexually-driven impulses; in effect, Kalcedia began her existence as little more than a work of art that had been sculpted by Kol, a partially-living, breathing masterpiece that entertained Kol's interests for only so long. A mere few months after her creation, Kol had grown tired and disinterested with his "daughter" - although he would not call her as such - and had left her unsconscious form to die and decay within the outskirts of the Unified Nation of Ottzello's borders, with her genetic construction halted and abandoned by Kol as he had lost interest in supporting her with the necessary resources to "complete" her while also having altered her anatomy considerably, depriving her of a functioning reproductive system and causing her to remain absent of ovulation. She was not the first nor would she be the last of these kinds of "artworks" that Kol Daren would later abandon or destroy according to his span of interest.

Eventually, Kalcedia, who had awakened at a later date within the underlevels of an industry-heavy UNO colony, would engage in a fight for her own survival within this new world she had awakened to, with no recollection of the events prior to her abandonment. She fought the scum and criminals that dominated the underworld of the colony and made a name and reputation for herself, with UNO militia being incapable of felling her as she overwhelmed their forces single-handedly through her sheer strength and chameleon-like capabilities, up until when she was discovered by scouts from the UNO government, who had been searching for potential candidates for their supersoldier project - the United Nation of Ottzello Commandos, or UNOC. Desiring to pursue opportunities beyond crime and as well as being targeted at gunpoint, Kalcedia agreed to the proposition and allowed herself to be taken into the hands of the government for augmentation and training, as her natural capacity for combat and stealth were recognized by the military forces of the settlement she had awakened upon. It was during this process of augmentation that Kalcedia had discovered that she had been rendered infertile and entirely lacking in a means to produce spawn of her own, and while UNO had the technology to grant her this gift, she was denied of such due to her role as a supersoldier and her attention was required to remain upon her duties and responsibilities.

Her abilities overwhelmed those that had augmented and doctrined her into the unit, as she appeared to have been more capable and efficient than many elite UNO soldiers and warriors after only several weeks of training - a process that would otherwise require months, if not years, to manifest within most ordinary and even augmented individuals. She passed the programs that she had been exposed to with almost terrifying results and after several months was officially made a member of the UNOC unit, where she grew accustomed to her comrades through a combination of prolonged periods of exposure to them and UNO-issued nanomachinery which modified her emotions to an extent and promoted understanding between her and her new allies. She was charged with issuing advanced and efficient tactics to the rest of her team and was given the responsibility to handle an experimental, multifunctional weapons hardware system that had been fitted with an artificial intelligence - Sinidaarl as she would come to name the piece of equipment, which she would grow a somewhat symbiotic relationship with.

After various missions and assignments within the UNOC unit, Kalcedia was allowed to apply for the secondary responsibility of handling her own business which was granted an advantage as it found itself somewhat funded by the UNOC government at Kalcedia's request; a firm of brothels and entertainment houses that she would handle as a career outside of her first job in the time between assignments, with various individuals selected by a collaberation of herself and government officials in order to run and handle her business while she was away during extensive periods of times throughout her missions.

Second Borealis Galactic War[]

The first major assignment that Kalcedia had participated within was the Second Borealis Galactic War, where she, alongside the rest of the UNOC unit - Dalverat, Thr'aloy, Vailisa, Commandant Darwishi, Vaktyl, Zelfron III, and Lupercal - would fight alongside an allied group that would oppose evident threats to the Borealis Galaxy, such as demons and cultists, pirates and mercenaries, and galactic-scale horrors and other godlike opposition. The group of allies would eventually lead to the recreation and foundation of a new Polar Crystal Alliance that would later bring an era of prosperity to the galaxy once the conflicts had ended.

The UNOC unit, alongside a group consisting of the Unified Nation of Ottzello Leaders, Commandant Vekaron, Chief Major Xerkea, Hachiman, Baptarion Light, Agent Nu, Tyraz Breek, High Inquisitor Arsac, Sarec, and later the likes of Arkarixus and many other significant individuals, would do battle with major galactic powers that had desired Borealis either for themselves or destroyed, although UNOC, including Kalcedia, had primarily resided as support for the main group yet nonetheless retained a significant recognition during their time fighting and had assisted the proto-PCA allies in many ways, although one of the more prominent activities that the UNOC unit is held responsible for during the conflict was the defeat of the Da Rogue Boyz and retrieving a vital object - a Chronoscopic Shard - from their grasps so that the allies could use it, along with other Shards, to protect the galaxy from destruction. In their defeat of Da Rogue Boyz, Kalcedia found a rival in the form of Knar'gank, a Loron sniper.

Kalcedia and her unit participated in the final assault on Zargoth's fortress-realm in order to save the galaxy and all of its inhabitants, although not before being forced to observe her own demise and brutal, heavily gruesome death at the claws of her creator and shaper, Kol Daren, although she was unaware and uninformed of their shared heritage at the time. When Kolossus manipulated time to bring the heroes back so that the events of the final part of the war could conclude properly, Kalcedia retained the distressing memory of her death although she persisted onward nonetheless. She was present during the fight against the Vyro'Xiyara abomination that had been brought into existence by Zargoth and, while initially defeated at first, soon managed to overcome the beast alongside the rest of her unit and allies when they had been given hope and cheered on by the rest of the entire galaxy, leading to Zargoth's defeat and being rescued from the following dimensional timeline collapse by the Vyro'Narza goddess Volzara, leading to her and her unit gaining a large amount of recognition across the expanse of the Borealis Galaxy.

Tantummodo Mortem[]

Kalcedia, along with the rest of the UNOC, was invited to the Andromeda Galaxy in the midsts of the Third Xhodocto War by the likes of Kithworto and his Agents, with Kalcedia attending and joining a party primarily consisting of Koluap, Hachiman, Sarec, Macin Xermilin, Apollo, Arkarixus, Venoriel, High Inquisitor Arsac, Lemmo, and Kezoreg, which would later be joined by the archaic presence of Tharaqím. In their fight against the efforts of the Dominion of the Xhodocto, Kalcedia contributed to the destruction of three megastructures - Draynia, Ightosia, and Ardonia - and would also assist in the eventual demise of Skhánaróton -01, all the while flirting with and getting to know much of the team, particularly Agent Nu, although she had by then developed an evident distaste with Hachiman, with the mutual feeling being returned.

Kalcedia would later participate in the liberation of the Realm of Dreams from the Corruptus when the tyrannical, nightmarish entity Shu'ytrogarva manifested within the Realm and significantly weakened the God of Dreams, Sonhadromerith, to the point of inactivity. Kalcedia had encountered a counterpart to herself in the form of "Dreamy Kalcedia", which was ultimate defeated via a powerful, Essence-filled strike to her groin which caused the twisted mockery of herself to fall from a cliff and dissipate, and also contributed to fighting a Dreamy equivalent of Kol Daren - a colossus that was defeated through Hachiman's efforts. The team would later observes Arsac's corruption by Geltastra's claws and fight Mordathai before culminating in a showdown with Shu'ytrogarva, whom had managed to combine Nightmare energy with Dream energy, which resulted in the eventual reawakening of Sonhadromerith and Shu'ytrogarva's utter obliteration from existence.

Kalcedia, along with a majority of the team, would play witness to a sacrifice initiated by Agent Nu to stall his murderous, Dominion-aligned sister - Kilrasinnyá - and to attempt the destruction of a colossal fleet of Rectifiers; incredibly potent Dominion warships. In the midst of an off-duty gathering organized by Kithworto to celebrate their victory, which all accepted would be temporary at best, Kalcedia and the team, including her unit, would be swept from their conscious state and their souls transported to the plane known as Insomnia, which in turn was a part of the greater Chaos, by the mischevious hand of the Xhodocto Santorakh. The team participated in a variety of objectives assigned to them by the Xhodocto, which would result in them becoming reacquainted with Antagonar, who had not been witnessed since near the conclusion of the Second Borealis Galactic War, and two of the Seven Deadly Sins, Gula and Avaritia. Later, Kalcedia participated in the fight against Santorakh in order to free the team from his grasps, an effort which was successful although led to UNOC's eventual leaving of the conflict to return to the Borealis Galaxy.

Ice Age[]

After returning to the Borealis Galaxy, Kalcedia had been assigned by her superiors to attempt subduing and destroying a galactic-scale threat known as Vorius, a consumer of planetary populaces and a bearer of the severed consciousness of the now-destroyed Regnatus, which had attempted to recreate the empire it once reigned over through the biological recombination of many creatures throughout the galactic expanse, resulting in the creation of legions of mutants. Kalcedia was present during the battle against the World of Corpses - the final state that Vorius had attained prior to his destruction - and contributed to the mutated Wranploer's downfall at the hands of the Penumbran Vekaron and his associates, even though she did not combat Regnatus' consciousness directly as they did.

Later during the Ice Age, she was caught off-guard by the likes of the Zazane supersoldier and criminal Dolgan Tuchaki, who had been empowered with nanomachines distributed and implanted into her system by the pirate-lord Torrent; he had taken an interest in Kalcedia, primarily for her sexual appeal towards his taste as well as her own polymorphic abilities, and had assigned Dolgan to attempt securing her for himself, resulting in Kalcedia's brutal defeat at Dolgan's claws and her later escape from the Zazane criminal with the assistance of Vekaron and his own team once again, as Kalcedia had been travelling without the aid of UNOC. From that point onward, Kalcedia remained within the roster of associates that Vekaron had at hand, alongside Wragrot, Kirlisir, Kilchárunya, Vyatak, Vansenk, Kamaris Vorava, Kitmnárochoaltánún, and Vekaron's own surrogate daughter Gardin. Kalcedia was overwhelmed with an inner, maternal instinct in regards to Gardin and effectively mothered her whenever the opportunity was possible, although she had stirred Vekaron after engaging in a lust-filled night with him and later, as Vekaron showed regret and guilt for the incident, encouraged him with advice on how to attain the attention and favour of Kirlisir, whom he had a deep, mutual affection for.

Sometime after joining Vekaron's arrangement, Kalcedia participated in the Murgur Civil War with the team in order to assist Wragrot in reclaiming his rightful place as the ruler of the Murgur race, in the process rescuing Gardin from the claws of Kraknor Yatakhan, who served under the corrupt and overly-ambitious Murgur warlord Tismahgo, as well as defeating and subduing the Dark Grip member Xegriek, who had been overseeing the operations of the New Wranploer Legion on behalf of Torrent. Sometime after the end of the Murgur Civil War, Kalcedia encountered Dolgan once again and eventually managed, with the team's great deal of assistance, to both defeat her in combat and convince her to turn from Torrent's side so that she could live the way she had wanted to and abandon the life of criminal activity. Kalcedia lent a great deal of assistance during the final assault upon Torrent's headquarters and helped in his demise, although ultimately it was Vekaron who had finished him off, and also helped defeat Kravh Helljaw almost immediately afterward. Once the NWL was deprived of its head and all members of the Dark Grip had been either killed or placed out of action, with the exception of Dolgan, Kalcedia would leave Vekaron's team to return to the Unified Nation of Ottzello and continue her business there as a member of UNOC.



Kalcedia appears as a pink-scaled Zazane with traits that betray at least a partial connection to the Ottzelloan subspecies, and stands at a rather tall 3,7 meters in height, towering over other humanoids and nonhumanoids alike. Kalcedia sports no visible cybernetic or biological augmentations although she is universally noted for being rather attractive to many species across the Gigaquadrant, with a perky, generous bosom that can increase and decrease in size according to her desire, thick legs and thighs, and a rather curvy, smooth outline to her default form. Her facial features are as appealing as her bodily ones, as she possesses rather stunning, glimmering hazel eyes and full lips while never requiring to wear any form of cosmetics due to her chameleon-like abilities, and while many Zazane sport scarred or injured crests as a sign of their pride Kalcedia's is smooth and firm rather than rugged. As Kalcedia is a polymorphic creature, she is able to modify herself at will however she pleases, even transforming into aliens, morphing her primary gender, and shapeshifting to look identical to other individuals that she holds a strong memory of, although no matter what she is often caught smiling and posing rather suggestively by nature.

Kalcedia prefers to wear revealing and otherwise skimpy attire even in combat, emphasizing her form to be as appealing as possible while maintaining some efficiency for assignments, with her arms, legs, and upper body often being the most exposed areas of her anatomy. Much of her clothing is actually an extension of herself, with her body shifting and melding itself at the chemical level to appear as natural as possible while also making it difficult to dislodge parts of her 'outfit'. Kalcedia shows no qualms with appearing nude in front of others, even on the frontlines, although she prefers to show herself in skintight, leather-like materials that appear as tight as realistically possible so as to both satisfy herself and potentially distract and tease her opposition and allies. Kalcedia is known to occasionally wear a detachable piece of gadgetry over her left eye which serves multiple purposes, although she is more often seen without it as she hardly requires it for combat or for persuading others to her benefit.


Kalcedia is a sly and devious individual who holds her own perverse satisfaction as equal priority to her career as a soldier; she uses specialized techniques regarding her behaviour and appearance to captivate those around her, prefering to remain as the center of interest for as long as she can manage as she enjoys the attention she receives to the fullest extent. Fully aware of her charm and highly-sexual appeal to others, she holds no shame, guilt, or regret in using sex and other questionable activities to achieve her goals or pursue her own interests, disinterested in whatever laws and cultural taboos that she just so happens to bend in doing so. While oftentimes selfish, she is not entirely self-centered and is inclined to perform deeds that aid and benefit others, particularly those in need and in poverty, especially if such concerns children, and views her job as being to protect her clients rather than act as an assassin on someone else's behalf. Kalcedia prefers to end her enemies swiftly, although this will not restrain her from teasing and "playing" with her opponents should she find them of particular interest.

A hypersexual with little regard for whom she engages with, whether they be male, female, both or none, Kalcedia treats sex as a largely casual affair, although it is an affair that she thoroughly enjoys and will find any excuse to relieve her sexual tendencies whenever possible, even if such involves her allies, enemies, or complete strangers. Kalcedia may appear uncaring and inconsiderate, although those that have gotten beneath her nymphomaniac exterior know of her struggle to cope with the mystery of her past, her inability to produce biological children of her own, and her close relationship to those within her unit as well as some outside of it. While she will not hesitate to follow her personal goals at somebody else's expense, she often ensures that her goals do not cause harm unto others and do not interfere to greatly in the lives of those she uses - a noticeable, charitable trait of hers is that she retains a rather loving, affectionate maternal side to her when in the presence of children. She is not a coward by any means and will gladly fight to both defend her ground and reputation as well as defend others at the cost of her health and safety, as not only is it her job, but it is a purpose she is comfortable with fulfilling and is rather independent, even when in the presence of her allies and friends.


Kalcedia is an exemplar of Zazane physiology; athletic, flexible, maneuverable and agile with a terrifying amount of raw physical power and stamina. She is capable of easily overpowering even elite, unaugmented Zazane with her bare hands and is adept at various martial arts designed to incapacitate her enemies at close range despite her more prominent expertise as a sharpshooter, both of which being complimented by biological and psychological augmentations to her accuracy and reflex rate, allowing her to operate quickly and blocking, countering, or evading attacks that are directed towards her. In recent years, Kalcedia's body has shown that it can encase parts of itself in a durable, diamondlike material to defend her from sustaining damage and avoiding the consequences of recoil from her primary weapon's more potent and destructive modes - this material is created via cellular metamorphosis that she possesses direct control over and is thought to be a refined form of shidium, making it immensely difficult to damage and break while allowing Kalcedia to retain her mobility. Kalcedia can also modify and alter her body at will, from basic colour-transitions to outright morphing into another individual, and it is through this cellular metamorphosis that she can generate near-identical textures to those she desires to imitate, allowing her to be a horrifyingly efficient stealth operative.

Kalcedia's primary weapon is a multifunctional weapons hardware system that is capable of rearranging parts of itself to access various modes for designated situations - Sinidaarl, as Kalcedia has come to call it, often functions as her sniper rifle although it is able to transform into an assault rifle, shotgun, minigun, cannon, and many other weapons at Kalcedia's demand. The experimental weapon recognizes Kalcedia as its one, true wielder and responds only to her commands, which are delivered via a neural connection that is established through an implant installed into Kalcedia's cranium and an on-board AI within the weapon's software which is amplified via Kalcedia's cells communicating with the intelligent alloys of the gun. The gun does not require standard means of charge as it possesses quantum batteries, effectively allowing for a near-infinite lifespan, and can fire a variety of ammunition, although Kalcedia's personal favourite is hypermatter. Kalcedia's other means of ranged weaponry include spouting tendrils of her cells from her body to strike others and is equipped with a collection of knife-sized vibroblades for close encounters.



LoveRelation.pngYou honestly make it difficult for me to leave you alone... But is that a bad thing, mhmm?

  • Dolgan Tuchaki - “Heh, you surprised me. I thought you'd be the one telling me what to do.


Green face.pngEveryone, even the lowest of the low, needs a few friends here or there; who knows what benefits they might give you, hm?

  • Vekaron - “You don't have to worry, a secret isn't the most difficult thing I've had to keep to myself.
  • Gardin - “Heh, a killer in a cute dress? How about a killer without a dress? Or clothes at all, for that matter.
  • Thr'aloy - “Mhmm, so I'm not the only one who enjoys giving things a good old-fashioned pounding every now and again.
  • Dalverat - “Why don't you come here and let your sister teach you how to suck life essence properly?
  • Commandant Darwishi - “They all call you a cowboy, hm? Perhaps we should giddy up and do some riding ourselves.
  • Vaktyl - “You know, I can make all of those painful memories disappear with just one good experience.
  • Vailisa - “Heh, with a name like "the Fist", I think the implications speak for themselves.
  • Zelfron III - “You might want to be careful, I might sneak up behind you and see why they really call you "the Muscle".
  • Lupercal - “Oh, I do hope that not everything to do is so fast and swift. I might not be able to notice.
  • Sarec - “I have a feeling you swing the other way, but then, so can I when I really want to.
  • Tagutan - “That third eye isn't the only thing that's big about him.


Blue face.pngWe may all stand together, but why don't we all get just a little bit closer, hm?

  • Agent Nu - “A man with a big cannon is supposed to carry an even bigger concealed weapon.
  • Agent Tau - “Sweetheart, there's no need to be jealous. I'm sure there's more than enough Nu to go around.
  • Arkarixus - “They call you a "Cold One" but we both know that you melt just as much as everyone else does, heh.
  • Tharaqím - “You know, "Rosie" isn't a bad nickname, especially when it just might apply to those manly palms of yours.
  • Wragrot - “Mhmm, not only can you break bones and armour, but you're pretty good at breaking beds as well.
  • Kirlisir - “Vekaron's a lucky man, I might just be only slightly jealous, heh.
  • Kilchárunya - “You remind me of someone, I can't quite put my finger on it though. I hope I can put more than just my finger on you.
  • Vyatak - “Slow down, otherwise, you'll finish things far too quickly and not all girls like that sort of thing.
  • Kamaris Vorava - “If you're blind, that must mean you're sensitive to touch. Very sensitive, I hope.
  • Kitmnárochoaltánún - “For a kid your age, you have far too many worries on your shoulders. Here, let me... relieve some of those.


Yellow face.pngCome on, I don't bite. Mhmm, much, that is.

  • Lemmo - “You have a rather equine lower body, darling, and I just so happen to know a few important things about equines...
  • Koluap - “Heh, I don't know, I have bedded worse looking men after all.
  • Xerkea - “They say a lot of surprising things come in small packages.
  • Apollo - “I know a rather interesting fact about lizards and how they're supposed to have two for the price of one.
  • Kezoreg - “Amusing at best, and especially mouthy. Although... mouthy isn't always a bad thing.


Orange face.pngIt is people like you that make me feel more sore at night than usual.

  • Hachiman - “Huh, I'm just sat here wondering where you've managed to hide your filthy fedora.
  • Venoriel - “You're hot stuff and while I would love to feel and taste you, I'd rather you be asleep and unable to talk first.
  • Knar'gank - “It is no wonder my eye is more trained than yours considering that yours are practically popping out of your skull.
  • Crispy - “You are as temptacious as you are utterly obnoxious.


Red face.pngDon't think that because I'm your enemy doesn't mean I'm checking you out. The second I aim my rifle at you, though, is the second you die.

  • Kol Daren - “There's rape and then there's necrophilia. You look like the sorta guy who was born from the latter.
  • Mordathai - “Tentacles aren't really my thing, sweetheart.
  • Geltastra - “I'm afraid that whenever we're in the same room, the eyes are all on me. And for good reason, you ugly whore.
  • Angazhar - “I never thought I would say this but... way, way too big.
  • Santorakh - “If you love cheese so much, why not take a nibble from my cheddar?


Bah, give me a break. You've made us Commandos look like a joke. We are not "siblings".

- Dalverat

I'd like to come inside, Kalcedia. Seriously, your home is so pretty and everything.

- Lupercal

Keep your claws to yourself. In our culture, severing off claws is a trophy.

- Agent Tau

keep snipin for da profeshonals ya dam whor. go bak to da kitchen wher yoo belong... her panties smell kinda nice tho

- Knar'gank

You remind me of a certain Kormacvar admiral from the Grox war. She was ripped apart by Conqrix.

- Arkarixus

She smells nice. But I'm already married so nope.

- Koluap

I used to hate you with every fiber of my being. Yet you freed me from the shackles of the past. I... have to apologize for all I've done.

- Dolgan Tuchaki

As strange as it may be, I actually like you.

- Venoriel


- Admiral Kaios

Normally I take pride in efficency over enjoyment. I shall make an exception for you however...

- High Inquisitor Arsac

Beneath the lustful and shallow exterior is a soul longing for compassion, care and love. You are not alone, dear girl.

- Sarec

I've seized enough secret pornography stashes from my troops to know too much about her.

- Natalie Grey

Having you on my team was... quite an experience, to say the least. Thanks to you, I've found the woman of my dreams. But I must kindly ask you to never rape me again.

- Vekaron

Sweetheart, you couldn't handle me if you tried.

- Santorakh

Let's face it. You, me and Dolgan is the ultimate night out. Or in.

- Agent Nu

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, Kicathian biochemistry proves fatal to non-silicon lifeforms.

- Kitmnárochoaltánún

My kind have an unfortunate tendency to build up great deals of stress during battle. Between your gun and my sword lies potential for… an entertaining campaign both on and off the battlefield.

- Hel'Bre'K Ce'So'Va




  • Kalcedia Myran was created in a collaboration between TheHachi and Technobliterator, although the former user now retains absolute control over the character's actions and dialogue.
  • Kalcedia Myran was originally inspired by Sniper Wolf from the Metal Gear Solid franchise.
  • Kalcedia Myran possesses two high fantasy counterparts to her character in the form of Dragostea and Khadya.
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