Kalae Sevine is a female Ortella who serves as the first officer and chief science officer of the Venator-class Star Destroyer Aeolus under Captain Helo Roslia. A highly intelligent and capable officer, Sevine can be quite caustic in her attitude toward her crew-mates, though is considered to be a fair and level-headed commanding officer, who has established a close working relationship to Captain Roslia during their years of service together.

When Sevine first joined the crew of the Avenger during the Dark Times, she quickly worked her way to become the science officer of the vessel, serving admirably during harrowing events such as Incident 1250 and the Mou'Cyran Colonisation Conflict. Promoted to the rank of commander and as first officer of the Aeolus in 03 NE, Sevine distinguished herself further during the Neraida War, when she was the first to investigate the vast Girithron Sphere—a discovery which would have lasting repercussions throughout the Unknown Regions of the Cyrannus Galaxy.


Early Life[]

Kalae Sevine was born on Ancalenian in 22 BNE, where she grew up as a sky and reserved child often hesitant to voice her opinions or reveal her above average intelligence for fear of being the target of ridicule from her peers. Indeed, Sevine, who hailed from a wealthy family of Ancalenian aristocrats was often considered by other children as a pompous know-it-all with very little in the way of social skills. Nevertheless, by the time she reached adolescence, Sevine embraced that aspect of her personality, forging a sarcastic sense of humour to belittle those who had wronged her in the past.

Upon leaving Ancalenian upon coming of age, Sevine gained entry to the prestigious science academy on Virgon, where she studied for four years prior to graduating at the top of year with first distinctions in stellar cartography, xenobiology and astrophysics, thus gaining skills critical to those of a fully fledged science officer of a Republic starship. Sevine joined the crew of the Venator-class Star Destroyer Avenger under Helo Roslia in 02 NE, where she served for a year prior to what the Republic Bureau of Temporal Defense termed Incident 1250.

Future's Beginning[]

The Aeolus arrives in the present time while the USS Enterprise arrives at the scene.

...Sir! According to my data, we are in the Odysseia Region of Cyrannus. In the year... 1250 NE!

- Sevine, upon their arrival in the future timeline

While exploring a previously uncharted region of the Quadrant Galaxies, the Avenger entered a wormhole, where it emerged in the Coru Secundus Region of the Cyrannus Galaxy in the year 1250 NE. Before they could return, they were apprehended by Captain Aquillius Cretacea—a descendant of Apollo—of the C.R.S. Phoebus. The crew of the Avenger were brought to Mou'Cyran, where they were released, provided that they aid the Republic against a mysterious force known as the Xeranbha, which had infected most of the Gigaquadrant with Purity.

Sevine served admirably during the event, though became emotional when the Avenger was destroyed by the Xeranbha. However, when the mission with the future Republic was completed, President Le Rambo granted Helo command of the last Venator-class to be constructed, the C.R.S. Aeolus, which promptly returned to 03 NE. Upon their arrival, Sevine reported the current time before joining the rest of the Aeolus senior staff on the Rambo vessel U.S.S. Enterprise, which had been assigned to locate the Avenger.

Mou'Cyran Colonisation Conflict[]

The surface of the planet is teeming with life. However, I am detecting high radiation levels and ruins of an ancient civilisation on the planet's northern continent. Obviously something catastrophic happened here millennia ago. The planet's upper crust appears to be honeycombed with tunnels and caverns, my sensors are unable to penetrate it, but so far I'm not detecting any sentient life on the planet.

- Sevine, scanning the planet which would become known as Mou'Cyran

While serving on the bridge of the Aeolus several months later, Sevine was the first to scan the planet which would become known as Mou'Cyran, reporting the high radiation levels of the planet and the ruins of an ancient civilisation. Sevine would later play a role in the Mou'Cyran Colonisation Conflict against the Regellis Star Empire and the Icolian Assemblage, both of which violently protested against the establishment of the New Cyrannian Republic and their capital world of Mou'Cyran.

Sevine and Helo encounter the Xeranbha Overseer.

In the latter stages of the conflict, Sevine joined an away team alongside Commander Trebob and Captain Roslia to the surface of the planet, where she gained access to an Icolian base from which the insectoids worked to destroy the Republic's carefully maintained order. To her horror, the Icolians killed Commander Trebob, who had sacrificed himself to protect Sevine and the captain. Ultimately, the Icolians escaped to join a joint fleet with the Regellians, which soon besieged the planet. After the battle, Sevine was promoted to the rank of commander and became first officer of the Aeolus. Travelling back to the surface of Mou'Cyran to explore the Icolian base, Sevine and Captain Roslia discovered a Xeranbha Overseer in stasis. Before she could scan the being, agents from Majestic arrived and took the being into custody, much to Sevine's chagrin.

Neraida War[]

Many years later, Sevine continued to serve as the first officer of the Aeolus, where she saw front-line combat during the disastrous Neraida War. During the war, she attended a diplomatic conference on the Aeolus, introducing Captain Roslia to various diplomats such as Garan Andarch, Juliana Reynolds, Gavakar and Voro Acetenus. When the Neraida were repelled from Republic space, Sevine and the crew of the Aeolus joined a vast allied armada in the Invasion of Neraida space. During the incursion, she learned that the Republic Senate had granted permission to the mysterious Ryen to join the crew of the Aeolus in a search for a mysterious Oikoumene signal deep in Neraida space.

Though Sevine was initially distrustful of the new arrival, she learned to accept his presence when he saved the captain from an encounter with the vile Neraida drone Sakhmet. Sakhmet had attempted to deceive the crew of the Aeolus away from the discovery of an Oikoumene installation, which they promptly arrived at a few days later. Sevine reported that the installation was a vast dyson shell, with a seemingly barren surface hiding gateways into the interior, which held continents and vast oceans spreading across the horizon. Sevine was utterly entranced by the discovery and was quite disappointed when captain Roslia left her in command of the bridge while he travelled to the sphere with Ryen. She would later serve valiantly on the bridge of the Aeolus during the Battle of the Neraida Core.

Second Great War[]

The Aeolus fighting during the Battle of Coruanthor.

We can't take another hit like that!

- Sevine, during the Battle of Coruanthor

As the first officer of the Aeolus, Sevine survived the Mou'Cyran Cataclysm which sparked the Second Great Cyrannus War, and subsequently served along with her shipmates on the frontlines of the conflict, including the Battle of the Mou'Cyran Remnants and the Battle of Coruanthor, which lasted for much of 15 NE. Toward the end of the conflict, she played a role in gathering Republic allies such as the Indoctrinate Collective and the Unified Order of Cognalorilos, rallying the forces of both against the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus at Coruanthor.

Personality and Traits[]

Exceedingly intelligent, Sevine is considered to be one of the most capable science officers in the Republic fleet, distinguished not only by her involvement in the initial surveying of Mou'Cyran in 03 NE, but the Girithron Sphere in 09 NE, discoveries which would both have lasting repercussions. Indeed, while she serves proudly as the executive officer of the Aeolus, Sevine has an agreement with Captain Roslia that she also serves as the chief science officer—reflecting her keen inquistive mind. During her downtime, Sevine is a frequent contributor to the Albionis Science Journal, where her entries detailing her discoveries during tours of duty on the Aeolus contributing to some of the publication's most sought-after issues.



Blue face.pngHow can I help?


Orange face.pngI don't have time for this nonsense.

  • Xeranbha: We must warn the Republic of the looming threat!
  • Neraida Gigamatrix: A blight to be destroyed.
  • Majestic: They make Imperial Intelligence look positively huggable.


My trusted first officer and more importantly, my trusted friend.

- Helo Roslia



  • Sevine was introduced in 2013 and received a page in 2016.


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