Mess with Terrae and you mess with me.

- Juliana Reynolds

Juliana Reynolds is a female Terran serving as an admiral in the Navy of the Allied Terran Republic, commanding the Eriú-class Dreadnought ATS Leonardo da Vinci and the entire Cyrannian Flotilla of the Terran Republic. A native of Terrae, Admiral Reynolds can trace her ancestry to the ancient nation state of the United Kingdom before it was split between the European Republic and the Fjord League of Northern Europe during the late twenty first century.

One of the most famous admirals in the Republic's service, Reynolds takes her duties seriously though is also known as a reckless combatants who relies heavily on the firepower of her rather substantial fleet to win space engagements. Nevertheless, Reynolds has one of the finest records in the Republic Navy, earning medals for her roles in the Amphryssos Campaign and the Great Battle of Venetia, as well as the respect of many Cyrannians that fought alongside her.


Early Life[]

Juliana Reynolds was born in the Terran capital of Arcadia in 2763 to a long line of people who can trace their origins to the United Kingdom on Earth to the twenty first century. In the aftermath of the Third World War, her family was one of the thousands who left Earth behind to find their new destiny in the stars, ultimately finding the world they would eventually name Terrae. For this reason, Reynolds was raised with a strong distrust of Orion Arm politics and a strong sense of Terran patriotism. When she reached the age of eighteen, Reynolds enlisted to join the Naval Forces of the Terran Republic and slowly rose through the ranks of various starships before finally being awarded command of her own cruiser, the ATS Leonardo da Vinci, a vessel she would grow very attached to as time went on.

New Cyrandia Wars[]

The ATS Leonardo da Vinci and its escort fleet arrives at the Battle of Amphryssos.

Nothing in the Cyrannian Galactic Code gives these monsters the right to attack an innocent planet. From our records, these Homincyadrae are peaceful beings, with no weapons or defences. However, these Cognatus certainly do. All ships, launch fighters, raise shields and fire at will!

- Reynolds, entering the battle to liberate Amphryssos from the Cognatus Empire

Rising to the rank of admiral, Reynolds was posted to the Cyrannus Galaxy to defend the newly established Terran colonies there. A few months after her initial arrival, Reynolds picked up an emergency transmission from the planet Amphryssos which faced a heavy invasion from the Cognatus Empire which sought an ancient artefact buried deep below the planet's surface. Dropping out of hyperspace and engaging Thaur Vicliquam's fleet, Reynolds soon realised that her fleet was outmatched by the more highly advanced Cognatus warfleet, which inflicted heavy losses on Reynold's forces.

To her surprise however, the New Cyrannian Republic under the command of Willelmus Cretacea had also received the transmission and managed to fight alongside the Terrans to repel the zealots. The aftermath of the battle saw the native Homincyadrae joining the Terran Republic upon discovering their ancient origins on Earth. Reynold's bravery and determination during the battle earned her much respect from the New Republic and indeed, throughout the Terran empire, both of whom saw her as the savior of Amphryssos.

Apaltar in conversation with Reynolds as well as representatives from the Delpha Coalition of Planets and the Naakjian Confederation.

Several months later, Reynolds was called upon in the aftermath of a Bisistar Domain attack on the new Ermitant homeworld of Venetia, which saw her stand beside one of the largest Gigaquadrantic fleets assembled since the days of the War of Ages to repel the fiendish shapeshifters. Commanding a segment of the battlefleet from the bridge of the Leonardo da Vinci, Reynolds nonetheless lost a third of her fleet to the Bisistar menace. However, these heavy losses are considered by most historians to have been the result of the Bisistar's technological and numerological superiority rather than any particular fault in Reynold's tactics. In the aftermath of the hard won victory, Reynolds returned to Terran space for her usual patrols, but not before the Leonardo da Vinci was placed in drydock for a much needed repair and refit.

Brezank Awakens

The Everest fought in the Cataclysm in the Neutral Zone.

After the battle, the Leonardo da Vinci was retired from active service, with Admiral Reynolds and her crew travelling to the Terran capital in Cyrannus to await the construction of her new flagship. Two months later, she would gain command of the Everest, the lead ship of the highly advanced Everest-class carrier. Honoured to be chosen to command the flagship of the Terran Republic, Reynolds was equally pleased to learn that most of her senior crewmembers from the Leonardo da Vinci had transferred their posting to her new flagship. Soon after gaining command of the vessel, Admiral Reynolds commanded the Terran forces during the Cataclysm in the Neutral Zone against the demonic Corruptus. The Everest received moderate damage during the battle, though it was repaired at the nearby New Republic shipyards of Coruaan.

Physical Appearance[]

Reynolds in the uniform of the Terran navy.

Juliana Reynolds is a female human of a particularly stern disposition, seldom seen without her trademark frown and raised eyebrow. Nevertheless, she is considered by most of her kind to be attractive, with a dark complexion and piercing green eyes which on rare occasions gleam with laughter when Reynolds converses with the few individuals she tolerates. Extremely proud of her rank as Fleet Admiral of the Allied Terran Republic, Reynolds is often adorned with standard issue Admiral dress uniform, often showing her numerous medals won for her role in battles and engagements past. Reynolds speaks with a typical Arcadian accent, with her voice described variously as stentorian at times, but also strangely appealing except of course in situations when she chooses to lecture those who serve under her.

Personality and Traits[]

Stoic, stern, ambitious, charismatic and reckless are all words used to describe Juliana Reynolds, who is often considered to be a divisive figure with people either loving her or hating her. As a high ranking officer in the Terran Navy, Reynolds is perhaps justly proud of her position though the point where many consider her to be pompous and aloof to the concerns of the everyday citizens of the Gigaquadrant. Despite these perceptions however, Reynolds cares deeply about the people of the Terran Republic and to a noticeably lesser extent, those of the Terran's allies, such as the New Cyrannian Republic and The Civilisation. Like many officers of the Terran navy, Reynolds is harshly critical of Orion Arm politics and indeed all the combatants of the recent Xonexian conflicts, including those officially allied with the Republic on both sides of the divide. Though initially ignorant about many aspects of the Cyrannus Galaxy, her time serving alongside the native civilisations has given her a strong feeling of comradery and respect towards her Cyrannian allies to the point where she increases sees Cyrannus as her home.


ATS Leonardo da Vinci[]

The Leonardo da Vinci.

  • Registry: ATS LDV-8200
  • Class: Ériu-class Dreadnought
  • Introduced: 2794
  • Crew complement: 1,500

The ATS Leonardo da Vinci was one of the lead ships of the Ériu-class Dreadnought line introduced in the late 2780s to serve on the frontlines of the various conflicts faced by the Terran Republic. A mighty dreadnought armed with some of the latest technologies of the Republic, the ATS Leonardo da Vinci was one of the most famous vessels in the Terran fleet, known particularly for its roles in the Battles of Amphryssos and Venetia during the New Cyrandia Wars. The Leonardo da Vinci was of course named after the famous artist, who is remembered by the crew of the mighty vessel with his quote "For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return.", which is inscribed on the ship's bridge.

The Leonardo da Vinci was retired from active service after the Battle of Venetia.

ATS Everest[]

The Everest

The ATS Everest is the current flagship of the Terran Republic, commissioned in 2806 to serve as Admiral Reynold's flagship in her role as the Terran representative to the Mou'Cyran Accords and the Pax Infinitus Armada. Though classed as a destroyer, the Everest is considerably more powerful and efficient than the Leonardo da Vinci, augmented with improved Terran technology hybridised with shared technology between members of the Accords. Named after Mount Everest, the tallest mountain on the Terran homeworld, the ship's bridge houses an inscribed quote from Sir Edmund Hillary, the first man to climb the mountain; "It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves".



Green face.pngYou always bring a smile to my face.


Blue face.pngHow lovely to see you again.

  • Elethien: She led us bravely during the Dominatus War.
  • Aidan Collins: Idealistic, but his words ring true.
  • Apollo: Truly, a legendary man.


Orange face.pngIrritating fool.

  • Unknown


Red face.pngYour continued existence is intolerable.

  • Unknown


A loyal woman who protects the very fringes of Republic space. May her actions continue to bring about prosperity for our people.

- Elethien

Fighting alongside her in the Battles of Amphryssos and Venetia was an honour I hope will come again.

- Willelmus Cretacea

The New Republic will fall, no matter how many insignificant mammals attempt to save it.

- Maethoruin



  • The more realistic image of Reynolds was created in Star Trek Online.
  • Reynolds was introduced in the story entitled the "Amphryssos Campaign" in 2014.


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