Captain Jovar III was, for most of his life, the Omnipotent Captain (High Commander) of the Jovar Empire's navy, and perhaps its greatest. After the events of The Split, which paid a heavy mental toll on him, he would go on to serve two terms as the first president of the newly formed Joran Planet Alliance, before finally retiring on Jora, making numerous excursions to other nations as part of his love for being the "tourist" in his spare time.

Early LifeEdit

Born on Jora, Jovar III was born to the royal family, the son of Kilmar IV and grandson of Krellar I. As a child, he constantly stared at the sky, wanting to adventure into space. He had a deep fascination for it, and wanted to see what lied beyond the homeworld.

When he was about 15 years old, he and his brother Vromm were riding speeder bikes on the plains of the planet. Suddenly, their speeder bikes crashed into one another, and they were flung onto the ground by them. Jovar suffered many minor injuries (apart from a broken leg). However, his brother's injuries were far worse. Having broken a quarter of his ribs, he also lost his middle eye stalk, which had to be amputated.

Beginning of Military CareerEdit

In contrast with his brother, who was fascinated by politics, Jovar instead desired to join the military, with the ultimate goal of becoming Omnipotent Captain of the Jovar Fleet, an accomplishment which had never at the time been reached by anyone.

However, Jovar was actually the first born of the pair, and thus was first in line to take the throne from their father. Hovar, though, ended up giving away this prestigious right to his brother, on one condition: that if (in Jovar's own wording, when) he became Omnipotent Captain, they would have full jurisdiction over the military. Vromm agreed with great enthusiasm.

At the usual age of 17, Jovar enlisted into the military, and perhaps out of coincidence was stationed on the first Executor-class ever commissioned as a cadet. Due to his royal upbringing, however, the young Jovar would be promoted through the hierarchy of the military much faster than his peers. Despite the envy of them, he continued on with his eventual dream of complete military control.

As a captain of an Executor, Jovar was able to successfully commandeer the ship through numerous battles with various minor empires and nations near the Jovar Empire. However, when the West Grox Coalition and the Jovar went to war, without the aid of the then-unknown DCP, Jovar was promoted yet again, and allowed to lead an entire fleet against the Grox. He would lead the fleet through many great victories, including the climatic battle over the West Grox's capital. Because of the military prowess he attained during the short war, Jovar was promoted to Senior Grand Admiral, only one rank below Omnipotent Captain. And this was all accomplished before he was 32 years old. Vromm, on the other hand, would not become Chancellor until his mid 70's.

In the meanwhile, however, Jovar also met a female named Salisa on Auder-2 while at the university there. At the age of 22, the pair married on another on Jora, and within four years the pair had a son. However, after his promotion to Senior Grand Admiral, he would be forced to be constantly withdrawn from his family by his career, a fact of his life that he would grow to resent in his later years.

First Political CareerEdit

Only a few years after his successful campaign against the small Grox coalition and the establishment of several hundred colonies in the Core, Jovar was finally given the prestigious honor of Omnipotent Captain. However, he was not completely satisfied even by this achievement. This was mostly because of the agreement set by the admiral and his brother Vromm, granting him full command of the military. This agreement, however, had not been made with his father and mother. Despite his historic accomplishment, both of his parents refused to give the young admiral the honor of commanding an entire military force. In his young, naive selfishness, Jovar backlashed at his parents, and left Jora for several years. The Omnipotent Captain, however, remained at his post nevertheless for several years, crushing many minor empires that seemed to suddenly spawn around Jovar space. Eventually, though, he began to be bored of such petty foes, and decided to resign from the position that he had earned so quickly.

The Empire was shocked at the news, and despite pleas to keep his post, he refused, instead only wishing to settle down with his family on Auder-2. Deciding to forget his original distaste of politics, Jovar decided to start from the ground up, becoming a regional senator for the ecumenoplis. In the ten years that he ventured through politics on the planet, he eventually became the provisional governor of the entire planet, and even later became senator for the planet on the Imperial Parliament. During his short (relatively speaking) tenure as head of the planet, he created a deep rivalry with the rulers of Osion, and was able to rival the economic powerhouse win wealth during his leadership of the planet, even surpassing it at certain points, much to the dismay of the Osionese.

In the meantime however, Jovar would often reminisce later in his life more on his personal, family life during this era more than his shortlived political career. The admiral/politician made sure to spend as much time with his family as possible, and grew deep relationships with his wife and children, in particular his daughter. Jovar made sure to mold his son into being fascinated with military and space exploration, hoping that he might follow in his footsteps. He also encouraged his daughter, who was born a rather shy and timid young girl, to be confident in herself and ignore any negative, nonconstructive criticism. Vrailla would often go on later in her life and express to other that her father was the reason for her notable self-confidence and bravery. Jovar also made sure to make up for the lost time with his wife, taking constant, leisurely walks with her, which just happened to be their favorite pastime, along the levitating boardwalks of Auder-2.

At the close of his political decade, however, Jovar was suddenly urged by his parents to resume his position as Omnipotent Captain, in response to an increasingly popular rebellion uprising that had surged among the people. Jovar was reluctant at first, however his daughter, son, and wife especially insisted that he commit himself to the Navy once more, even if this would get in the way of the family, for his sake. "Do what you like, and like what you do," Salisa was said to have told Jovar before he formally accepted the position once more. He decided to give the leadership of Auder-2 to his brother Vromm, who was still waiting to become Chancellor.

Return to the MilitaryEdit

Jovar returned to his former post with great praise by the population in general. Most people saw a rogue group of revolutionaries that wished to return the Jovar Empire to the much eviler and imperialistic policies that had plagued the young nation a few hundred years before. The Chancellor and his wife, who were quite aware that these pirates and rebels could become a major threat if not properly contained, and urged the Omnipotent Captain to attack the rebellion. Jovar happily agreed to the plan.

Only a few dozen had fallen to rebellion hands in the passage of a month's time, making Jovar's job much easier. The rebels were poorly armed, and usually made do with light frigates and transports or cargo freighters as the mainstay of their fleet. Jovar found this to be barely an issue to combat, and in only a few weeks the rebellion was quickly reduced to a force of a few planets and less than 200 starships. However, at this stage in the small civil war, a rebel task force successfully obtained a planet buster and annihilated a small outer colony. The rebels then made an ultimatum to the Jovar Empire- stating that they had another planet buster in their possession, they politely asked the Chancellor to relinquish his power immediately, or face the impending destruction of Auder-2.

Jovar was horrified by the threat. He knew that the rebels were probably serious with the threat, and feared for his family on-planet immediately. So, in a rather daring (and controversial) move, he decided to take only his then-flagship, the Valiant, to go off and intercept the task force over Auder-2.

The Hostage CrisisEdit

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