First the Republic, then the Alliance. All will fall to the Empire.

- Admiral Camarelur

Jora Camarelur is a female Heleanorian who holds the rank of Fleet Admiral in the Imperial Navy of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. A Harana-loyalist who swore fealty to the Empire, Camarelur was promoted to the rank of Fleet Admiral soon before the Second Great Cyrannus War, during which she coordinated Imperial forces during the Borealis Front of the conflict. Camarelur commands the Judicator-class Star Battlecruiser Fist of the Empire, one of the most powerful vessels in the Imperial armada.


A native of Heleanorbis, Jora Camarelur was an early supporter of Lord Harana against the Zoles Imperium, commanding a star cruiser during the Heleanorian Civil War, which ultimately ended in her people's membership in the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Ascending through the ranks of the Imperial Navy, Camarelur outlived her mentor and became one of the most powerful Heleanorian in existence, rising to the rank of Fleet Admiral and gaining command over the advanced Judicator-class Star Battlecruiser Fist of the Empire.

Second Great War[]

Borealis Front

And so it ends. One way or another, it all ends here. All crew, action stations! Set condition one throughout the ship! All vessels, prepare for combat!

- Admiral Camarelur

By the time of the Second Great Cyrannus War, Camarelur had been promoted to oversee all Imperial operations in the Borealis Galaxy, and was the architect of the Borealis Front—during which she attempted to conquer the New Republic's territory there. However, while she had many victories early in the campaign, intervention by the Polar Crystal Alliance and the Union Republic of Ottzello on the side of the New Republic, and a freak Corruptus invasion of Heleanorian territory put a dent in her plans for ascendancy. However, when the Phaedric Lord Archaxys arrived, her efforts against the Republic were met with near constant success, though by that point, the Empire had already lost much ground to the Corruptus.

The Fist of the Empire destroys all opposition during the Battle of Tilranni's Vigil.

Nevertheless, Camarelur continued leading Imperial forces with ruthlessness, ordering all officers to shoot down any Heleanorian vessel attempting to flee back to the Zoles Imperium. During the final battle of the Borealis Front, she commanded the Imperial armada at Tilranni's Vigil against a combined fleet of the New Republic, the Indoctrinate Collective, the Union Republic of Ottzello and other members of the Polar Crystal Alliance, where she was ultimately defeated. Forced to retreat, Camarelur swore that her people would once again join the Empire, before fleeing through the wormhole to Cyrannus.

Personality and Traits[]

A crafty and capable officer, Camarelur commands through ruthless efficiency and does not suffer fools lightly. With the blue-grey skin of her kin, and icy blue eyes, Camarelur is an imposing sight. She stands at the average height for female Heleanorians, and is most often seen garbed in a dark grey Imperial uniform, befitting her rank as Fleet Admiral. A Heleanorian Imperialist, Jora has a special hatred for the Zoles Imperium, which she believes stood in her people's path to ascendancy. Only within the Empire, Camarelur believes, will her people know true power and prosperity.




Blue face.pngI can work with you.


Orange face.pngFeel my wrath!

  • Nils Agmaer: Blood traitor! Abomination!
  • Apollo: Libertus fool.
  • Herquie: You will regret your involvement in our affairs.


A thoroughly unpleasant waste of space.

- Nils Agmaer

She has turned her back on her own galaxy. She deserves death.

- Herquie



  • Jora Camarelur was first mentioned as a minor character on the Judicator-class page.


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