When you're in the business of military strategy like me, your job is to give answers. Correct answers. And yet, sometimes, the correct answer to a problem is not always the right one. How long, do you think, a person can continue to justify a cruel decision because it was "necessary"?

- Lieutenant Samenor

John Samenor (sometimes referred to as Lieutenant Samenor, Samenor, or Sammy, formally referred to by his full name and title Lieutenant Commander John D. Samenor) is the Lieutenant Commander of the TIAF Assault Armada, the Admiral of the Armada's 4th Regiment, and a member of the Main Strike Fleet. As the second-in-command of the Armada and one of the Armada's oldest commanding officers, Samenor is widely regarded as a living legend within the Federation, second only to his longtime comrade and best friend James Lorrelas.

Samenor was born into a middle-class family on the wealthy trading world Kawkis in 261 SY. Samenor was inspired to become an officer in the Metedarl fleet after witnessing the valiant defense of Kawkis during the Grox Probe Crisis of 327 SY. Samenor's enlistment surprised many of his peers, as he was characterized as a shy, unathletic intellectual in his adolescence. This was reflected somewhat in his performance at the Metedarl Fleet Academy, where he scored middling marks in physical tests but outstanding marks in military planning and strategy. Samenor became known as a rising star in TIAF military circles, eventually showing his command prowess in various conflicts on the Metedarl periphery in the late 300s SY, but even Samenor's astronomic debut would be overshadowed by the legendary rise of James Lorrelas in the Tybusen Comeback of the early 400s SY.

Samenor began to both admire and envy Lorrelas' prestige, and became determined to keep pace with his new rival. As TIAF military command became more and more integrated, Samenor came into increasing contact with Lorrelas, with much of his envy slowly fading away and his rivalry with Lorrelas becoming more and more friendly, to the point that the two were undoubtedly close friends by the onset of the Erion Wars in 628 SY. It was this friendship that granted Samenor's ascension to the position of Lieutenant Commander after Lorrelas' official promotion to Commander in 668 SY.

Since then, Samenor has been at Lorrelas' side in every TIAF conflict to date, and has been credited for advising numerous successful strategies in those conflicts. Samenor was also chosen as one of the original members of the Main Strike Fleet in 885 SY due to his veteran status and close relationship with Lorrelas. Samenor was also responsible for introducing Natalie Grey to Lorrelas during the War of Redemption, leading to the formation of the iconic power trio of Lorrelas, Samenor, and Grey at the heart of the modern Main Strike Fleet.


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Closest Friends and Family[]

Green face.pngI'm glad to have all of you at my side.


Blue face.pngI have to say, more friends is better than more enemies.

  • Misael Tanyan - We're nearly the same age. If she gets to be "Armada Mom", why can't I be "Armada Uncle" or something like that?
  • Robin Mermus - Never change, Mermie.


Yellow face.pngLet's get to know each other better, shall we?

  • Alexander Khoffman - Normally I would think 400 years of service would sate anyone's blood thirst, but...


Orange face.pngBe careful where you tread. If you make a wrong move, you won't like what comes next.

  • Kavende Jaysmoth - You're an annoying insectoid that doesn't know when to stop buzzing in peoples' ears. I think Terrans call that a mosquito?
  • Liandra Shen - Not as irritating as her boyfriend, but that's not saying much. A moth, at best.


Red face.pngI think I can adapt my strategy to give you a slower, more painful demise.

  • Samenor does not currently consider anyone a personal enemy.

Quotes from Others[]



  • Samenor is known to be an avid consumer of video games, and is rumored to have personally authored some of the most widely distributed online strategy guides for his known favorite games. Samenor denies that he goes that in-depth into any video game he plays, though Kavi Kolva claimed that she once walked in on Samenor in his quarters performing calculations to determine the precise physics of a game he was currently playing.



  • In an earlier draft of the TIAF, in which the Metedarl were the leaders of the Federation instead of the Tybusen, Samenor would have had the "main character" role that James Lorrelas plays in the current TIAF.


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