Jiha'rana was once a beautiful Radeon female that unlike most of her species desired greater power for herself, and the ability to take vengeance on the people who crossed her in the past. She was corrupted by the Mornûnendur and served them without question.


Moranonúngur intimidates and corrupts Jiha into the Mornûnendur.

Jiha'Rana was once a happy child in Radeon space, however after a variety of evil empires attacked her species, they were forced to flee across the universe in order to ensure the continuity of their species. Jiha's people evacuated to Cyrannus, where they joined the Cyrannian Republic. However, despite the tolerant and happy life that she lived, she was eventually bullied in school by more popular Radeons, who made fun of her intelligence. She became bitter and angry with life and eventually came to the attention of the Mornûnendur.

While in her room thinking about her life and future, a dark shadowy cloud burst into the room, filling Jiha with fear. The cloud manifested into the Mornûnenduran acolyte, Moranonúngur, who corrupted Jiha into the Mornûnendur. Infused with near limitless powers, Jiha soon returned to her planet and killed those who angered her in the past.

Agonanghash unleashes his powers on Jiha'Rana

The Dark Lord began to wonder if recruiting Jiha'Rana was a good idea. He began to see her as but a child, unworthy of the powers upon which he gifted her. He summoned his most prized acolyte, Agonânghâsh to test her abilities in battle. The battle was fierce, but Jiha'Rana did not survive, as her entire body was crushed by the superior Mornûnenduran powers of Agonânghâsh.

However, a single shard of Jiha'rana's consciousness managed to survive the battle with the Mornûnenduran servant, and this shard eventually found a a new host body, becoming Emperor's Wrath.



Green face.pngWhat is your will, my master?

  • Tyrómairon - The Dark Lord leads the one true path.
  • Moranonúngur - The one who found me and liberated me from mortal life.


  • None



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She could not prove herself worthy.

- Meketanor

Stay DEAD! That is what happens with those who are stealing my style, bitch!

- Hellhuntress Telfinne


- Dark Apostle Geltastra

Such a sad fate. Pity those who cannot save themselves, and pity those who never had a chance.

- Hinata

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