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He is willing to sacrifice himself for our safety and security. Jerkon is always working hard to ensure the protection of the Collective and its people. If it were not for him, we would definitely not be here today. He wants to prove himself to us, but he has no need to do so because he has already done it, multiple times.

- Maryah

Jerkon Charil is a Dracogonarious soldier and scientist who served as the highest ranking commander of the Dracogonarious Empire during its final years and later was promoted to the rank of Royal Marechal, the leader of the Royal Guard of the Indoctrinate Collective. The son of Captain Drakley Charil, greatest hero of the Dracogonarious, Jerkon has followed his father's footsteps and has become a new hero of his people due to his efforts against the forces of the Corruptus and other great threats who threatened to destroy them all.

Highly intelligent and skilled, Jerkon is a cold but benevolent individual who is always seeking efficiency in whatever is his goal at the time. Displaying typical Dracogonarious, he is curious about the universe for there is still much for him to learn, and at the same time he is also merciless to those who threaten his people, allies and friends. As the greatest soldier of the Dracogonarious in modern days, Jerkon is a force to be respected and feared should one ever incur his ire.


Early History[]

Jerkon is a son of Drakley and Draikilia, two very well known Dracogonarious commanders, born from a clutch of 48 eggs. Jerkon aspired to follow their steps and as soon as he could, he wanted to join the ranks of the military as a private. However, when he was still 10 years old, both of his parents were allegedly killed during the Battle for Planet Kaizox, making Jerkon an orphan. He would be adopted by Comander Kralmer, a friend of Drakley and his family, and with him, he trained to become a member of the military like he always wanted.

Over the years, Jerkon surpassed other privates through intellect and skill, despite being considered rather weak by Dracogonarious standards. He would be become space private by the age of 32, where he served as Comander Kralmer's right-hand man. While at first there were no problems, about 60 years later, Kralmer was killed during a fight with the Vengeful Claw. Jerkon grew to despise the Claw for denying him of a father for the second time on his life, and led various campaigns against it, showing unflinching determination on the quest of eradicating them all.

Second War of Black Fog[]

Jerkon meets Macin Xermilin at Klambah

Jerkon was one of the main heroes of the Second War of Black Fog. At the beginning of the war, Jerkon joined forces with Koluap to combat the Corruptus, leading the Spinker's forces on the war against the demons. He served as the de facto military leader of the Dracogonarious folk following the death of the Emperor, uniting forces with Admiral Koluap of the Spinkers, the rogue Bonio mercenary Herquie and the mystical Klamb chieftain Macin Xermilin. By Jerkon's command, the Dracogonarious Empire combated the Marinoxidiz, the Loron'Kikra and the demon masters of the Corruptus one by one.

He fought Shu'rimrodir himself in the Realm of Dreams, where he led the unified fleet against the Demon God and later destroyed him by detonating Laminoula'Fuerq's essence-rich heart inside of his body. When the Dracogonarious, Spinker and Bonio reformed into the Indoctrinate Collective, Jerkon was chosen to be its Royal Marechal, giving him control over all of its military.

Post-Corruptus Conflicts[]

Willelmus contacts Jerkon and Koluap

Jerkon later led the Collective into fighting in the second year of the Great Cyrannus War, where he wanted to aid their allies in their conflicts. Jerkon got a chance to talk to Apollo in person, and after this, centered his efforts in stopping the Neraida from causing more damage. After the Neraida proposed a truce, Jerkon and his forces returned to the Milky Way.

A few years later, Jerkon travelled once again to the Cyrannus Galaxy, where him and Koluap would assist in rescuing Apollo from the Neraida Gigamatrix. Joining forces with experienced soldiers such as Willelmus Cretacea and Voro Acetenus, Jerkon aided in saving his Libertus friend from the clutches of the Neraida. With his mission complete, Jerkon returned once again to the Milky Way to await new orders. Jerkon would much later take part of an infiltration of the Draconizane's home universe for the purpose of rescuing Tyraz, eventually succeeding in his mission and securing the Zazane emperor's safety for the time being. Jerkon reacted to the later news of Tyraz's death during the Golden Movement with contempt of having his time wasted.

At 2810, war was declared against Da Rogue Boyz during Da Reckoning, and Jerkon was tasked with being the Collective's front commander in their battle against the Loron. The Dracogonarious Royal Marechal made himself known for his attacks on Loron fleets, employing merciless warfare on them and hunting Warboss Voa'reak at every possible opportunity for the chance of eliminating him and all under his control. Upon Koluap's suicide, Jerkon organized a soldier's funeral for the Spinker, declaring him a hero for his people despite his pessimistic view of himself.



Jerkon takes the appearance of an average male member of the Dracogonarious race. As he has spent most of his military life leading fleets rather than armies, he has no real physical distinctions, though he has gathered scars across his head and chest due to the battles against the Corruptus. Jerkon's outfit is typical to a Dracogonarious commander, though the hat is his own choice and one he seems quite proud of, for he is rarely seen without it.


Jerkon's behaviour is typical to that of a Dracogonarious: cold, calculating, workaholic and with efficiency in mind but inclined to do good deeds for the greater good of all. He has shown himself to be extremely determined and courageous, standing up against demons face-to-face while claiming he would eradicate them all, something is more than eager to do. On the other hand, Jerkon is rather shy toward his own people and opens himself to only a handful of individuals. He is completely celibate, displaying no desire to be with a female and has never done so on his life, even though he has reached his race's equivalent of middle age a long time ago. Mentions of his father used to trigger his temper, though he has since grown above this.


Jerkon's skills on the battlefield are considered above average, with his weapon of choice being an assault plasma rifle. His armor and shields protect him from damage, as he is average in physical terms and would be easily killed if not protected to some extent. Jerkon's greatest weapon though is his intellect, being able to solve problems and come up with ideas and plans faster than most Dracogonarious. Jerkon is not above fighting dirty, believing his enemies are undeserving of mercy, and he will use all possible advantages he may have against his opponents in order to deal with them in the most efficient way possible.



Green face.pngGood to see you again.

  • Maryah - She has fulfilled her part.
  • Herquie - For once, a criminal was redeemed.
  • Apollo - Bring order to Cyrannus.
  • Thea'Nhirara - Interesting specimen.
  • Mimi - Interesting specimen.


Blue face.pngHello.


Yellow face.pngGreetings from the Collective.

  • Kithworto - A most odd entity of questionable allegiance.
  • Agent Mu - Rather short-tempered.
  • Kezoreg - Serve Maryah's interests.
  • Sarec - Curious.
  • Uriel Ultanos - Valiant.
  • Errr - Serve the Collective.


Orange face.pngI would recommend not bothering me.


Red face.pngYou are detrimental to this universe.


You're my best friend, Jerkon. I'll be by your side for everything you need.

- Koluap

Where would I be without Jerkon's teachings? I hope he finds peace one day.

- Maryah

You will serve my cause, youngling!

- Old Fang

Some soldiers utilise the ways of the bloodied sword, others utilise the path of the swift marksman. Meanwhile, Jerkon, the flesh and blood of a hero renowned rightfully, is a soldier come to walk upon mayhaps the greatest method; the road of the dreaded edge of intellect.

- Tyraz

I enjoyed swatting you like a bug. We should do it again sometime....

- Khazurhal Angazhar

A great captain of a great empire. Names like Jerkon will be remembered forever.

- President Apollo

Just because I have the power to destroy half of the universe doesn't mean I will use it.

- Kithworto

A warrior scholar shall come, to fight the Taint. To kill for the sake of life. To destroy for the sake of creation.

- Isio'Nar

That one Dracogonarious commandant was fine. He only speaks when he has to, and that's always a good thing.

- Agent Mu


- Voa'reak





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