All will fall into place.

- Jekad

Jekad, originally Jek-4101 is an Osteola who was created by a group of beings to serve the Empire that was to come. He however went rouge and is now plotting against his creator, and the Empire. He now is the emperor of the Ahsokr Empire. He now wears a respirator due to a severe injury in his neck.



Jekad was created in 2782 during the Great Cyrannus War by the Mornûnendur Apeligateza on the planet Mou'Cyran. He was an Osteola that was armored and equipped with a few Mornûnenduran powers. It is unknown what he did during the rest of his time under Mornûnenduran control, but it is believed that he was busy helping Apeligateza and the dark lord.

Going RougeEdit

Sometime during the middle of the year 2783 was the time Jekad went rouge. It is not known what he did after going rouge, and nothing is known of him except for the fact that he was plotting against his former master.

In HidingEdit

For the rest of the war after Jekad went rouge, it is believed that he went into hiding, consolidating his power. For less than a year he was secretly controlling the Ahsokr Republic before he got bored of controlling the leader of the Republic so he killed the leader, remade the Republic an empire and made himself emperor.

Present DayEdit

It is believed that Jekad is still hiding in the outer regions of the galaxy. But, due to certain events Jekad has came back, having his own empire, he will lead them into battle against the Mornûnendur. During these events he has made alliances with the Primercer, Tyermaillin and the Mortalitas Zillum. He plans invade the Empire with his new allies and his own empire and will try to kill his former master. He started by invading Onderthon successfully yet he suffered a major injury in his throat and he now has to wear a respirator for proper breathing. He is currently in his palace, resting. During this time he has heard of the galactic precursors and spent all his time learning about them, felling a strange kind of connection with them. He is also being taught by the Primercer to control and use his powers. With this teaching Jekad can be a much more powerful being.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Jekad resembles an average sized Osteola. He now has burns and a few cuts. He also wears a respirator. His feathers are a brownish muddy color. His eye color is a bluish green.


Jekad has a varying personality. When he was an acolyte, he mainly just had unlimited devotion to Apeligateza and Tyrómairon. However, he soon became more independent. The main reason he would hate someone is if they prove to be a challenge to him politically. He is very aggressive when he fights, but every time he kills someone, he feels a little bit of regret and remorse, as it reminds him of his days as a servant of Apeligateza. He is quite intelligent, but he is still relatively new to the political world. He dislikes individuals with too much power, seeing them as challenges. As Emperor of the Ahsokr Empire, he is kind towards his people, yet he will punish those who deserve to be punished without hesitation. He spends most of his time as emperor making sure everything is working fine.



"You teach me, I shall be grateful."

  • Primercer"You have taught and will teach me well, but you are not my master."


Green face"You understand the darkness in this universe."

  • Unknown-“"It is not likely that Jekad views anyone as an ally except for people that help him achieve his goal of destroying the Mornûnendur."


Blue face"You are beneficial. Stay useful."

  • Zillum"His powers... are similar to mine."


Yellow face"Ah, the universe has a dreadful habit of creating unnecessary beings, but they must be tolerated."

  • Blade of the PrimercerWe may work for the same being, but I have only thing to say to you. Prideful beans often lack in skill, and you are a perfect example.


Red faceYour power is nothing compared to me. I shall end your existence in an envelope of fire and death.

  • MornûnendurDemons. Death and war incarnate. With my teacher's help, you existence shall end, by my hand.
    • ApeligatezaYou lost everything the day you created me. You were my teacher and granted powers beyond my dreams, yes, and for that I shall be grateful for the rest of my eternal existence, yet when you claimed to be my master - never.



  • The idea of a respirator for Jekad was inspired by Darth Malgus from Star Wars: The Old Republic.
  • Though Jekad is now an original character, he was partly originally inspired by Jek-14, from which Quark8 developed Jekad's name.
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