There are humans - contemptous beings as they are, suffice to say, xenophobic and savage to the extreme. Then there are these "Inquisitors" in which begrimed hands their so-called Grand Monarch vests superlegislative power to burn and plunder and commit manslaughter as they see fit - preposterous! Yet it is also said that amongst these Inquisitors there's a master of their craft, a woman of such fury that even her fellow brigands pale in comparison - an accomplishment in itself - by the name of Javina Desertsun. Constantly hunting, prowling...

- Unknown Klaxxa

Out of the countless inquisitors in service of the Empire of Man, Javina Desertsun is among the most infamous. A fanatic at heart, she has proven her worth among her peers for her ruthless efficiency, stalwart loyalty, fanatical devotion to the Inquisition's cause and above all, her pure unstoppable hatred. It is what drives her forward, gives her power and protects her; no matter how dire is the battle, hate will keep her alive and standing as long as the enemies of Man still draw breath.

One of the most prominent Inquisitors of the Empire, Javina has been sighted all over Koldenwelt, destroying threats to the Empire, whether within or without with surgical precision and lethality, respected by other humans and hated by almost everybody else. She is also known for her long history with the so-called Changeling Mistress, a mysterious shapeshifter whom Javina has sworn to hunt until the end of times.



Aracadha, Javina's home city.

Javina was born to one of the many noble families of Alhassal-ten-Fajim, the southernmost province of the Empire of Man, the sixth child of a wealthy and influential warlord by the name of Kasfir Desertsun. Rich, well-meaning but ultimately way too obsessed with their career to care about his family, her parents paid little attention to their children, Javina in particular because Kasfir had reasons to believe she was born out of wedlock. The youngest Desertsun was thus forced to grow up quite early in her life and learned to look for herself from young age, gaining a streak of ferocity that would accompany her throughout her entire life.

After a series of failed crusades against the Zazanite Cult which Javina's father led, the Desertsun household's reputation among its peers, as well as its wealth, began to wane. Kasfir, realising that he could no longer afford feeding six children, was forced to give Javina away to the Inquisition: this way, he could dispose of one hungry mouth and also regain some respect in the eyes of Alhassali nobility. The young Desertsun, which was 12 by that time, accepted her fate as a fact of life, and didn't grieve for her family as she was carried away to l'Ammanori; nor did it grieve for her.


Javina and Serani meet.

For the next six years, Javina was learning the ways of the Inquistion in the Monastery of l'Ammanori with her fellow acolytes, whom she had eventually accepted as her new family. Her closest friend during that time was sister Carlini Skystrider, an Inquisition elemental mage in training. About the same age as Javina, the two differed from each other like night and day; whereas Desertsun was athletic, strong-willed and possessed a fierce, even violent temper, Skystrider was delicate, shy and scholarly, devoting her time to studying the arcane. In a sense, they complemented each other, both in personality and skills; together, the two went through the rigorous training of their Inquisitor masters, saving each other on numerous occasions. Carlini formed a deep friendship with her comrade, treating her like an extension of her own soul (or even closer than that), and despite her cold exterior, Javina felt the same for her.

This friendship, however, ended abruptly on the night before the duo's final trial that would determine her fate in the Inquisition's hierarchy, when Carlini died during a massive fire which destroyed half of the Monastery. Only Desertsun hersef, who had barely survived the conflagration, knows what happened to her, and she definitely isn't willing to reveal the truth. Whatever happened, the death of her closest friend didn't stop Javina: she succeeded at her trial and was inducted into the ranks of the Imperial Inquisition.

Javina quickly earned her stripes through exemplary service and strong religious fervour, largely attributed to Carlini's death. For the following years, Desertsun participated in numerous missions against the Empire's enemies, leading to the deaths of countless unsanctioned mages, demonic entities and Sovereignty of Dryada agents, eventually earning a rather unsavoury reputation among nonhumans. During one such mission in the Sea of Sand, Javina first faced her nemesis, Serani, thus beginning the rivalry that would last for decades.

Inferno Rises[]



Although a warrior foremost, Javina is in no way lacking in feminine charm: tall, slender and with an athletic figure, she possesses unkempt, exotic beauty which attracts many a suitor, with her long raven hair and dark, tanned skin indicating her Alhassan origins. Her facial features are narrow and sharp, made harsh by years of battle, but still retain the regal, almost elven elegance that the Desertsuns have always famous for. On the forehead, Javina possesses a red, circle-shaped Alhassan tattoo, said to protect one from bad luck; having recieved in her childhood, the inquisitor keeps it as a memento of some sort, the only thing that reminds her of her past life. Notably, Javina's eyes are bright amber of hue, said to have been inherited from her grand-grandfather, who was an unsanctioned illusion mage. The inquisitor itself is not particularily proud of that fact.

Javina's favourite outfit is a black leather coat which is common among inquisitors; blessed with special anointments made by human alchemists, it is able to resist or even reflect negative magic. In order to protect herself from the more mundane enemies, Javina also wears a set of black, laminated lamellar armour underneath her coat, engraved with various sacred scriptures from Codex Facierum, known collectively as the Litanies of Hatred. To conceal her identity when necessary, Javina also dons a black, wide-brimmed hat that obscure a large portion in her face while in large settlements, thus providing her the element of surprise (which she considers to be one of her chief weapons).


Javina is, first and foremost, a zealot - both when it comes to belief in Pheonas, the five-faced god of Alhassal and l'Ammanori, and the human doctrine of their superiority over the other species of Koldenwelt. Relentless, fierce and utterly merciless, she stops at nothing to ensure human prosperity on Koldenwelt, seeing most most Koldenwelti species, especially the Theriocephalii, as inferior to mankind. An obsessive person, Javina is known to have risked the lives of innocents, especially non-humans, during her hunts, going so far as to burn entire villages to root out changeling or Lympharian corruption. She shares particular enmity with the leader of the Changeling horde, a mysterious entity known as lady Serani (for unclear unclear reasons), and has battled her on multiple occasions in her life, each time failing to destroy her for long. This annoys the proud inquisitor to no end.

However, Javina still possesses humanity and is not completely heartless. A highly spiritual person who lives by the tenets of Pheonas, she treats such concepts as honour and integrity very seriously, and rarely, if ever, breaks her word, even when treating with non-humans, and goes to great lengths to protect her comrades and allies, be they human or otherwise. Although not very sociable (as the inquisitor herself says, the line between friendship and slavery is thin at best), Javina is nevertheless extremely loyal to the few friends she has. Due to her past with Carlini, Javina also lacks the usual human prejudice against mages, viewing them as dangerous due to their power but nevertheless worthy of respect.

Equipment & Abilties[]

Having traveled Koldenwelt for years, Javina has acquired many different armaments (which she keeps in her backpack and, as some say, inside her hat) and learned different combat techniques of various cultures and species. Her trademark weapon is a curved, ornamented one-handed scimitar made of Sohet iron, a traditional weapon among the denizens of the Sea of Sand; although not magical or otherwise unusual, Javina is able to wield it with great speed and finnese; it rarely, if ever, leaves her hand. Along with her blade, Javina generally wields either her torch, enchanted with magics provided to her long ago by Carlini as part of her trials to burn indefinitely as long as Javina says the word - Carlini's name, to be precise - or a handheld firearm which she has recieved and learned to use (albeit poorly; Javina isn't a gifted marksman) while hunting a rogue mage in Mannazia.

In addition to her weapon prowess, Javina also makes use of her Inquisitor training, which includes basic unarmed combat, survival skills, infiltration and anti-magic technique known as Cessation: by attacking certain points on a mage's body, she is able to block the flow of Source inside them and thus render them powerless. Javina also possesses great knowledge of Koldenwelti lore and languages, having learned them while travelling; notably, she is fluent in the Old Tongue and has some basic knowledge of various magical tongues of the world.



Green face.pngYou can always rely on me.

  • Carlini Skystrider - “I shall never forget you.


Yellow face.pngAn Inquisitor's word is unbreakable. Inferior or not, I shall fight at your side.

  • Riad - “An elf. Tolerable, but nonhuman neverthless.
  • Pelagrios - “A spawn of miscegenation. Hmph.


Orange face.pngA nuisance at best, a liability at worst.

  • Clothovera Moirai - “A half-elf, and a dark mage to boot. And yet, I like something in her.
  • Felí - Hmm...
  • Kinmorunddraver - “Cannot say anything, unfortunately.
  • Harkin - “...I am impressed.


Orange face.pngHoly fire calls for you.


Red face.pngI assure you, even more suffering awaits you on the other side.

  • Serani - “I shall find you, I swear. And once I do, I will throw you to the deepest dungeon of the l'Amanori Inquisitorium. Then I will torture you until you beg me for release. THEN I will dismember you. THEN I will burn you alive. Then I will gather the ashes and burn you AGAIN. And AGAIN. And AGAIN.


I love you too.

- Serani

At first glance, she's a massive racist. As well as at second, third and fourth glances. But I think I might have seen some emotion in that bone-headed attitude at some points. Can't say it's not an improvement.

- Sea Witch

You Inquisition thingies are always getting in the way, cutting and burning my cultists all the time when all we're doing is spreading our lord's great abyss! I don't know what your issue with it is but you better stop that or I swear I'm going to bone you!

- Tibias Merrow

Wouldn't mind her setting me alight.

- Hachi

You know...when I'm drunk right...I see two of ya. I freakin' hate seeing two of ya.

- Pelagrios

Desurtsun burns and kills, with the northern snow melts away by her mere appearance!

- Urindalë

I can relate myself to this woman to some extent. Except the whole "kill all non-humans" thing. Irisis looks down on that.

- Norrigan of Visonia



  • Javina is partially based on one of Imperios's characters in Guild Wars 2, the human guardian called Rajavina, as well as a character of the same name from a story he and Hachi were working on a while ago, inheriting the former's appearance and preference for swords and torches and the latter's personality and backstory.
  • Systematic Domination is Javina's theme.


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