Anyone can be remembered. But only the greatest are remembered a hero.

- James Lorrelas

James Lorrelas (formally referred to as Commander James T. Lorrelas, also frequently referred to as Captain Lorrelas and sometimes simply called James or Lorrelas by friends) is the legendary commander of the TIAF Assault Armada. Throughout the TIAF's history, he has built up his reputation as a living legend in the Federation through his incredible commanding skills and combat prestige in the Federation's many wars.

While he was born to a family of diplomats on Tropicana, he eventually resolved to join the military after a tragic TIAF expedition to Erion ended with his father being killed. He quickly gained a reputation as an amazing pilot as he went through Pilots' Academy, and eventually became Fleet Captain of the Tybusen Empire. More importantly, however, he led what is known as the Tybusen Comeback, which revitalized the Tybusen Empire and restored unity to a fragmenting TIAF.

Lorrelas became the Commander of the Assault Armada after the death of the previous Commander during the Erion Wars. He also formed the elite pilots' group/mercenary group the Main Strike Fleet. He led the TIAF to victory in most of its conflicts since, helping defeat the Levisala three times and commanding the Assault Armada in numerous intergalactic wars.


Early Life[]

James Lorrelas was born in 278 SY alongside his twin sister Olivia (he was the second to be born and is thus considered the younger of the two). He was born into a relatively affluent Shamning family that had produced many successful politicians and diplomats. As he grew up, his father, Brandon, wanted him to become a diplomat as well, and so James was immersed in the art of politics and attended political events. Lorrelas was on track to become a brilliant politician. However, a scarring accident later changed that.

The Erion Expedition was a groundbreaking expedition for the early TIAF, with an exploration fleet discovering the Core Rim. However, as many know, the Expedition had a tragic ending, as the fleet was destroyed by Tuunk forces as it passed Caldrez in 342 SY, when Lorrelas was 16 years old. Lorrelas' father was a diplomatic officer on the voyage. Receiving news of his father's death not long after, Lorrelas was filled with a mix of rage and confusion. He wasn't sure why these Tuunk had killed his father, but he knew one thing: he was going to avenge his father. After graduating from high school in 346 SY, Lorrelas enlisted in the military and enrolled at Pilots' Academy. Lorrelas emerged at the top of his class when he completed the three-year course at the Academy in 358 SY, quickly rising through the ranks of the Tybusen Space Fleet and gaining the recognition of the Tybusen Emperor. His combat expertise as well as political training won him the title of Fleet Captain of the Tybusen in 364 SY.

Fleet Captain of the Tybusen[]

Lorrelas' early career as Fleet Captain was wrought with turmoil, with the disastrous Malis Affair in 365 SY among countless encounters with people defying Tybusen leadership. The Big Freeze eventually struck in 382 SY, forcing the entirety of the Tybusen Space Fleet to be grounded, Lorrelas included. Lorrelas befriended a fellow Shamning politician, named Mark Xavier, during the Big Freeze. Lorrelas recognized that Xavier had the ideals that could restore the Tybusen to glory, and after the end of Emperor Mohas VII's term in 400 SY, Xavier agreed to run for Emperor with Lorrelas' backing. Xavier won the election by a landslide thanks to Lorrelas' support, and quickly started the Tybusen Comeback plan with Lorrelas at the forefront in 403 SY. Lorrelas helped organize the colonization of new worlds for the Tybusen, particularly Zoladnia, Aquellon, and Valepho.

Lorrelas was finally called upon to use his military skills as the Tybusen faced the Intimadando in the Intimadando War. Lorrelas was subordinate to the Fernikki commander, Drew Rhodes, due to Lorrelas' lack of full combat experience, and cooperated with him for some time until the question came of how to handle the invasion of the core Intimadando worlds. While Rhodes wanted to be more cautious and take the weaker planets first, Lorrelas wanted to go straight for the throat and attack Keglion. While the official plan was Rhodes' plan, Lorrelas defied orders and unilaterally attacked Keglion with the Tybusen fleet under the cover of night. Against all odds, Lorrelas successfully established a foothold on Keglion, and a bitter Rhodes eventually decided to send Fernikki forces to assist Lorrelas' operation. Keglion fell, and Lorrelas claimed it for the Tybusen Empire while proceeding to take the other major Intimadando core world, Murong.

Assault Armada Admiral[]

Lorrelas was court-martialed after the Intimadando War for defiance of Rhodes' orders, though Lorrelas came away with a mere slap on the wrist, in recognition of the revitalizing effect the victory had had on the Federation. Lorrelas' victory was the pivotal moment of the Tybusen Comeback, and now Lorrelas could see around him the effects of the Comeback materializing, with less fighting between members of the Federation and more mutual respect. The Assault Armada was forged from the newfound unity, and Lorrelas was awarded the title of Admiral within the Armada in recognition of his actions in the Intimadando War.

This was the Era of Prosperity, a time of peace, and as such Lorrelas would not see much action as an Armada Admiral. Lorrelas frequently took leave to help with exploration parties or colonization missions, helping facilitate the Jaylisia Bridging Project and union with the Anthalti League. Other Admirals at the time, such as Admiral Khoffman, mocked Lorrelas as the "explorer with an Admiral's badge" or the "diplomat in the military commander's chair" (others resorted to more vulgar nicknames, such as "Lorrelass-hole"). Even in peacetime, though, people were enlisting into the military. Among the recruits was a Metedarl by the name of Samenor, who enlisted in 436 SY and would eventually work his way up to being Lorrelas' Rear Admiral by the Erion Wars.

Lorrelas would finally get to see a war as Admiral (as well as his only war as Admiral) with the onset of the Erion Wars in 628 SY, the playing field more even as the TIAF faced a technological equal. For Lorrelas, however, this was to be an important war; the Tuunk were among the Erionians he was to face. Many noted Lorrelas was much more reckless and relentless than normal in this war, especially in battles against the Tuunk. To Lorrelas, this was more than a territorial war; it was a matter of revenge. Lorrelas' drive for revenge put him in the command position for TIAF forces during the war, with Lorrelas eventually leading them to decisive victory in 666 SY. Lorrelas received closure from finally defeating the people that had claimed his father's life, and finally found some peace with himself.

Pre-Intergalactic Contact Armada Commander[]

Gee, it sure is boring around here.

- Lorrelas before the Core Conflict

During the Erion Wars, the previous Commander, Daniel Roarke, along with his Lieutenant Commander, had been killed in battle (this was before efficient cloning and consciousness transfer technology). Lorrelas was considered a prime candidate for the Commander position, and ultimately bested his competitors Admiral Khoffman and Admiral Riale in the Commander election in 670 SY. Lorrelas would name Samenor as his Lieutenant Commander, as the two had become close friends through their cooperation during the Erion Wars. Lorrelas also formed the Main Strike Fleet in 698 SY under a provision of the Assault Armada charter, inviting his friends Samenor, Ylands, McSmith, and Mermus to join.

The development of clone-and-consciousness-transfer and bloodstream nanite technology led to its distribution to senior military staff in 762 SY, including Lorrelas. In this way, Lorrelas could continue to be the Federation's hero without fear of dying from natural causes. It was good that this technology came when it did, as its first use came in 900 SY, when Lorrelas and the Main Strike Fleet were killed in the Etermayla War when a brigade of Atlas battleships heavily damaged the USS Arizona. All of them were fortunately revived, though not before Lorrelas had had the unpleasant experience of an explosive (if temporary) death.

After the ending of the Erion Uprisings, it would be a time of long peace again, and soon Lorrelas had become bored. With no military developments nor major expeditions in planning, Lorrelas decided to offer the Main Strike Fleet's services as a mercenary group in hopes of finding some excitement. He would get his wish in 1582 SY with the Core Conflict, where the GSC hired the group to help with the war effort against the Bunsen Grox. During this war, Lorrelas would become acquainted with and befriend Commander Serrada and Admiral Jamake, whom he would later work with again in the First Bunsen War. Lorrelas was caught off-guard by the sudden outbreak of the Caigiancia War in 1590 SY, and was forced to cut his mission in the Core short to assist the TIAF effort. Lorrelas' absence contributed to the early TIAF setbacks, but with Lorrelas in command, the TIAF was able to make up the ground it had lost and ultimately come away with the victory.

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Lorrelas has the appearance of a normal Tybusen, with a normal brown and orange coloration due to his Tropicanan heritage. He has deep brown eyes and has tan-and-white wings, normal for his species. While he is always usually seen wearing a helmet or some sort of hat, he has short brown hair like most male Tropicana Tybusen. Due to his Essence powers he is sometimes said to radiate a very faint white aura.

Lorrelas is usually seen in his military garb both while on duty and when off, with his signature helmet on and view-lens still over his left eye. In casual events he may replace his helmet with a traditional captain's hat (which is rather popular in the TIAF) and take off his bulky shoulder and body armor. For formal non-military events Lorrelas tends to wear a more fancy, ornamental version of his normal armor (called "dress armor" by some), though not generally too flashy, as Lorrelas has always said he's never been one for luxurious clothing.

Lorrelas speaks with a Middle Tropicanan accent, and his voice is described as being somewhat deep (around a tenor) and generally loud.


Lorrelas has a well-known reputation for coolness and composure when faced with a daunting task. Lorrelas is highly analytical and can usually formulate a battle strategy very quickly. His many years of experience have hardened him and allow him to keep calm even in a desperate battle. He is very honor-driven and has a mentality of fighting to the last man, though he knows when the odds are not in his favor and is not afraid to retreat in order to fight another day. Despite his very professional attitude, much of the time he also has a sort of jovial nature about combat, relishing a chance to spar with worthy opponents and having a generally upbeat attitude in a battle. He, like many other Armada commanders, has a reputation for mocking and taunting enemy commanders over communications.

On the other hand, Lorrelas has a significantly different personality when not in battle. He is a very friendly and level-headed person, and although he can sometimes be feisty or quick-tempered, he is a very laidback, fun-loving person when not agitated. He enjoys being with his friends and spending time with them outside of military duties. He also has a bit of a low tolerance for alcohol and will generally avoid drinking even in peacetime, though he doesn't seem to mind the occasional glass of wine or few bottles of beer shared with friends or foreign dignitaries.

Lorrelas is not overly proud or arrogant (although he can become this way if he has been drinking too much) and is usually respectful to people he doesn't know very well, but will act condescendingly or mockingly towards others he doesn't think highly of. He also has a tendency to hold grudges if he dislikes a person enough. Towards friends, he is generally relaxed and may playfully tease them from time to time, but he never acts outright maliciously towards them.

Lorrelas is said to like satire, rock music, and generally any food that is edible. He has admitted in the past that he does not have a particular interest in learning about new cultures extensively nor exploring new worlds (claiming he "got burned out on exploration after Intergalactic Contact") though if his signature Trident and Essence ability are any evidence, he does have a certain fascination with Essence and Essence entities.


Lorrelas wields the legendary Master Trident, a trident weapon with many elemental abilities, including the ability to shoot fire, create wind gusts, and generate electricity. Of course, it can still be used for a trident's normal purpose: stabbing things. It his signature weapon and he is never seen without it. Besides his trident, Lorrelas also has a heavy broadsword made of adamantium, which he also typically has at his waist at all times. He also has two rifles when in combat situations: a TS14 heavy machine rifle and a G02 Gauss rifle. He sometimes carries a missile launcher with him but he uses it rarely in comparison to his four main weapons.

Lorrelas wears standard-grade body and shoulder armor, which is made from lightweight vibranium and emits a light shield powered by the battery armor on his back. He wears a helmet made of aluminum and adamantium, which comes with a built-in communication headset and heat diffusers for extreme temperature. He also comes equipped with a standard-grade view-lens, which can keep track of anything between his own vital functions and developments on the battlefield. It also functions as a scope lens for when he uses his guns.


As a Tybusen, Lorrelas comes naturally gifted with a very high jumping ability as well as the capability of sustained flight via his wings. He boasts more muscle mass than most Tybusen, as well as Essence capabilities due to his limited ascension by the Arturnias. However, he is not very skilled in hand-to-hand combat, and while having limited knowledge of various TIAF martial arts, he prefers using his weapons as opposed to his fists whenever possible.

Lorrelas is physically younger than he actually is; this is due to cloning techniques and self-rejuvenation. In the past, Lorrelas could be revived if killed by means of cloning and consciousness transfer, but clones took a long time to fully mature and ultimately the program was dismantled after the Divine Era (there still exists one cloning facility on Tropicana dedicated to this, in case of grave emergency). Lorrelas uses his limited Essence capabilities to stay physically and mentally youthful, which was accomplished in the past by nanomachines in his bloodstream (which are still present today and serve as a backup if his Essence powers fail him).


Friends and Family[]

Green face.pngI'll always welcome you under my roof with open arms.

  • John Samenor - Without a doubt, my best friend. I don't know where I would be without you.
  • Natalie Grey - I never would have expected someone like you to become one of my closest companions. Thank you.
  • Olivia Lorrelas - Don't forget, you're only technically the older one by, like, 10 seconds.
  • Uriel Ultanos - He was an honorable and just leader of his people. I will always be proud that we could call each other friends. Wish he'd send a postcard, though.
  • Misael Tanyan - I mean, if I were a Fernikki and I wasn't, like, literally her boss, I wouldn't mind her being my mom, too.
  • Alexander Khoffman - The AA Commander election was 300 years ago, you can lay off with the "Lorrelasshole" shtick.
  • Robin Mermus - If nothing else, you'll always be there to lighten things up.


Blue face.pngI could see them as being a close friend. Perhaps we should talk more?

  • Apollo - Long live the Republic! May democracy's beacon shine forever!
  • Jean-Baptiste Teindas - He's certainly earned every single one of those stars on his uniform.


Yellow face.pngYour existence doesn't bother me, though it doesn't really make me giddy either.

  • Tyraz Breek - Y'know, I never really liked you. And then you just up and die with vague, unresolved details? Straight-up dick move.
  • Tereyn Aeresius - He's not even really that bad of a guy, but as long as he's kissing Tyro's boots, I can't bring myself to like him.


Orange face.pngYou're pushing it...

  • Tyrómairon - I don't know what the hell you're up to anymore... but either way you're still an asshole.
  • Rambert Ramveral - A disgrace to Ramashe's legacy. Oh, you want me to repeat, you couldn't hear it the first time? Maybe stOP RATTLING THAT SABER SO LOUDLY


Red face.pngI'll kill you, maybe slowly, probably painfully. Believe me when I say that that's a generous offer.

  • Kavende Jaysmoth - Someday, I'll be giggling like a little schoolgirl as I smash your face against the pavement.

Quotes from Others[]

Fight me? Are you retarded or just very stupid?

- Shu'rimrodir

This bro has promize for epicness... maybe he can help us in our path for vengeance.

- Clakclikclikclik

So this is the man who Kies has a quarrel with... by the looks of what we know about him I'd say we should be cautious around him.

- Mahok Llabva, personal General of Zhormandrevus

Speaking with such "bold" and "nice" words to your colleagues, much like that "Idiot Redeemer". In reality, you only act as such to hide your true and irritating side, you speak like a child! Like an overconfident idiot! I shall punish you and give you back disgust for giving me such disgust!

- Goret the Vexer

Funny man...

- The Observer



  • When speaking in English, Lorrelas's "Middle Tropicanan" accent would sound like a combination of a Californian and a Texan accent.



  • Prior to when CaptainTybusen began to actually develop his characters, Lorrelas's personality largely shifted around to fit whatever role he was needed for at the time. While Lorrelas's personality is now far more defined, part of that older fluidity in personality is still retained in Lorrelas' ability to swing between being a mature, rational individual and a jovial, feisty warrior.


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