I hope my new position will give me the chance to at last be free from all the bloodshed I had to go through.

- Jahric

Jahricveredis Telnhao is the leader of the Ecclesial Fleet of the Divinarium. Jahric is not very old at Radeon standards, but has seen many things in his relatively short life. Having witnessed war in all its facets, he often disagrees with the actions of his superiors. Neverthless, he is still loyal to the Divinarium, not out of fear or blind faith but out of admiration and honor.

During the first stages of the Andromeda War, Jahric was leading the armies of the Divinarium into the war. His actions have helped to create a powerful Radeon-Draconis-Zazane alliance that has managed to reign supreme during the Khaxvis Uprising and the Firestorm, and he survived near-death and came beyond during the Darkest Hour.

After Matheoward defected to Br'klakkon and betrayed the Divinarium, Jahric, as the highest-ranked officer after him, was promoted to a War Predictor. While he is greatly honoured with his title, many also wonder will Jahric repeat his predecessor's fate or not.


Early life[]

Jahric was born in the family of scientists, on a faraway Radeon world. In his childhood, his dream was to become a captain of the Masaari starfleet, and he spent days training his body and mind to become worthy. As he was 19, his wish came true due to an error in the starfleet's databases, as he was accidentally recruited into the starfleet instead of someone else. Neverthless, he gladly accepted the offer and became the starfleet's cadet. After a year of traning, Jahric finally achieved his dream and was given a spaceship of his own, becoming a starship captain.

Jahric was then sent on several missions in various parts of the gigaquadrant. His first mission was to investigate the Nanohorde-infected world called Farshal Prime. There, he was ambushed by the group of Nanohorde manifests, but was saved by his companion, a young engineer called Geroniel Mirra. The mission was succesful, and Jahric has retrieved the Nanohorde samples from the planet. Later, Jahric and Geroniel became close friends, and eventually fell in love, something that was not approved by the high-ranked admirals of the Masaari.

After his first mission, Jahric was sent on several other missions with various tasks - to infiltrate and asssassinate the Trucinex leaders on Nex, to destroy the Jarquvix on Lilialis III, to find the ancient relics on Auralit IV, and so on. At first, he believed himself to be the noble crusader of Spode, naively believing that everything he did was for the common good. As he grew older, however, he started to understand that his superiors were not always right and the bloodshed he committed was not always justified.

After the Masaari Crusade's reformation into the Dei'Ar in the March of the Apocalypse, Jahric and Geroniel left to wander the universe as rogue traders, tired of the hypocrisy of the Radeon goverment. In the eve of the Annihilation, however, clericarch Iovera managed to persuade the couple to join her new empire which will succeed Masaari. Jahric became one of the Black Fleet's Predictor Advisors, the supreme admirals, while Geroniel became the Archdemiurge of the Divinarium, a leader of its science community.

Andromeda War[]

Jahric fighting against the Loron horde.

Jahric was fighting for the Divinarium during the Andromeda War. His first mission was to claim the artifact located on the frozen planet Raritas in the Segmentum Mechanicum, destroying the opposition sent by the Draconid Imperium in process. Jahric doubted that the artifacts should be given to his superiors, believing that its power would be too dangerous for them to use. As the Divinarium and Draconis clashed in the battle, however, the electric storm destroyed the fleets of both empires, forcing them to fight on the ground. There, Jahric has encountered the Inquisitor of the Draconid Imperium, Sarec. He has managed to persuade the Predictor Advisor to surrender, telling him that the power of the artifacts will be watched after by Draconis better.

Before they could leave, however, a large Loron-Wental armada has ambushed them. Jahric, Sarec and several other Draconis and Radeons managed to escape, however, fleeing on the space shuttle to the Divinarium's territory. After the battle, the Divinarium and Draconid Imperium have agreed to work together in order to fight the new threat.

Later, Jahric was present during the battle of Solvani III, fending off the invasion of Brood of War, now together with Draconis. He was fighting the large horde of Cyrodi during the evacuation as the civilians escaped the world, buying the time for them. While he killed many Brood warriors before finally falling, he was eventually defeated by their forces. However, his body was retrieved and brought back to life with the help of cybernetics, advanced biotechnology of the Divinarium and surges of psychic energies.

During the battle for Crepusculum, Jahric defended the Divinarium's capital, fighting the Brood of War's warriors on the streets of Thelestis City. He escorted the Clericarch during the battle of Alcanti against the Khaxvis Resurgence, liberating Minas'Drakon together with Draconis forces, and also commanded, albeit briefly, Divinarium armies against the Andromedan Grox Empire that invaded the galaxy, together with War Predictor Matheoward.

During the events known informally as the Darkest Hour, Jahric served as an ambassador, working with several diplomats from a newly formed Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth to ask for help from outer regions of Andromeda. Their actions resulted in Segmentum Umbra becoming unified, and the army they managed to create did prove pivotal during the last battle of Andromeda War; joining forces with his son, Quendor, he managed to free the AGC army from the Grox blockade and ensure its victory, even despite the tragic betrayal of Matheoward during the battle. These things ensured Jahric's ascension to the title of the Divinarium's new supreme commander.

After the war, Jahric remained on Crepusculum, now handling military problems from his armchair; tired of constant murdering in the service of Spode, he decided to use his position to stay away from battlefields of the Universe now. Only time will tell, however, will his hopes succeed or not.



Jahric is a similar to most of the Radeons - slim, tall and agile. Some parts of his body are enchanced by cybernetics, but his implants are generally under skin and thus invisible. He is slightly more muscular that most of Radeons due to constant training and bio-enchancements, although he is still skinny.


Unlike most of Radeons, Jahric is not loyal to a certain person or an ideology but rather to his own conscience and altruism. He can often be rebellious and does not always agree with the actions of his superiors, which is not always tolerated.


Jahric is quite strong for a Radeon and is good in knifefights, rivalling War Predictor Matheoward in the close combat. He is an excellent sharpshooter, his favourite weapons being his plasma pistols which he can use with the deadly efficiency. Jahric is also skilled in the arts of stealth, a talent he once used in the Battle for Nex when he assassinated major Trucinex political figures.


Jahric wears a light nanometal power armor, not straining his movements and providing him a good protection. His armor can also be equipped with jetpack if he needs to, allowing him to reach his enemies faster. He uses a pair of plasma pistols as weapons, but also wears a knife in case of melee.



Green face.pngMy closest acquantances... usually do not live for long.

  • Quendor Telnhao - You still have to learn much, son.
  • Geroniel - If only were you alive, ah...
  • Selytorah Al'theless - ...I am unlucky with ladies, I guess.

Good terms[]

Blue face.pngI know many people, but not everyone can be my friend.

  • Iovera IX - At your service, madam.
  • Sarec - You surely is a good person.
  • Alessa Ultanos - It was a pleasure serving with you, your Highness. And I rarely ever say this.


Yellow face.png...


Red face.pngThis is intolerable.

  • Volkarus Khaxvis - The end justifies the means? I say piles of corpses I saw on Alcanti can't be justified.
  • Matheoward Alvarie - It was a pity...
  • Master Br'klakkon - ...I don't know what you are, but I will put an end to you, once and for all!
  • King Grochius II - I do not think he even had a tiny shred of mercy in his cybernetic heart.

Quotes from others[]

I do not like your attitude.

- War Predictor Matheoward

Just another one to be captured and teached the Devourer's path.

- Dark Apostle Geltastra

His sense of morality could be an example to the Radeon; faith is supposed to guide it's worshippers, not rule over them.

- Sarec of the inquisition

I'll make you pay for what you did to me and my Flagship! Mostly me!!

- Prophet of Disdain
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