Ja'Dan E'Sa'Ka, or Ja'Dan Fleetfather as he is now known, is one of the two military leaders of the Fordan Empire, serving alongside Blademaster Hel'Bre'K. Ja'Dan is known and feared for launching suprise attacks, striking quickly from the shadows before activating his stealth fields and withdrawing. He is also the designer of the Fordan Empire's main spacecraft, the Bladewing, as well as his personal craft, the Swordwing. It is because of this that he was granted the title Fleetfather, and is the only individual who will ever hold that name.

Early Life and TrainingEdit

Ja'Dan is a rarity, in that he is the only Fordan considered 'noble' that was not born on Forda. He was actually born on the Empire's first colony, Forda's moon Kre'Kas. Fordan society there was not as strictly honourable as it was on Forda, and so Ja'Dan quickly learned to fight dirty at the same time as he recieved his official training. He trained for twenty cycles at the Combat Acadamy so that he could join Forda's armed services, and all this time he discovered how he could use other weaponry to catch his opponent off guard. From his teachers, he learned how to parry, stab and slash. From his fellow students he learned that a quick pistol shot could create an opening for a kick, leaving the oppponent at the mercy of his blades. By the time he graduated from the Combat Acadamy he was proficient not only in the various fighting styles taught, but also in using 'cheap tricks' to ensure he won. While this was generally frowned apon by more experienced and traditional warriors, none could deny that his results were unquestionable.

The BladewingEdit

Ja'Dan's habit of using unfair techniques in battle did not go unnoticed. He was initially denied entry into the Warriors' Guild, and so joined the Engineers' Guild instead. Here he let his imagination take hold, and designed many of the weapons that are today synonymous with Fordan warfare: Warblades, Energy Claws and Pulse Pistols today are all based off of Ja'Dan's ideas. His crowning achievement came when he reverse-engineered a crashed Grox ship, giving him the technology to design the hull of the first Bladewing. When he was finished, he presented his ideas to the Guildmaster, who could easily see the merit of such a ship. Commissioning Ja'Dan to perfect his design, the Guildmaster informed the Grand Council of Ja'Dan's invention. Needless to say, Ja'Dan was a celebrated individual from that time on, for he gave the Fordan race the ability to reach the stars.

The Jarzo AssaultEdit

Ja'Dan's first military action, in the latter stages of the war Ja'Dan employed his skills fully, bringing down an alien empire effectively singlehandedly. You can read about these exploits here.

The Grox InvadeEdit

Shortly after allying with the Vartekian Empire, the Fordan Grand Council ordered Ja'Dan to find out who the crashed space ship he reverse engineered belonged to. Following co-ordinates embedded in the ship's memory files, he entered Grox territory. Although the Fleetfather retreated upon encountering such resistance, the Grox followed him to Forda. The resultant war was quick and brutal, and the Fordans only survived when Ja'Dan accidentally activated the Void Sphere. Details of what occurred during the next two millennia (yes, I just said millennia) are detailed in the Fordanta creature page (see link above).

Return From ExileEdit

When Ja'Dan and Hel'Bre'K finally left the Void Space created by the Sphere, they immediately made contact with some old 'acquaintences.' Hel'Bre'K razed a dozen Grox worlds on his own, while Ja'Dan met with the new Vartekian Captain Votarah to negotiate terms of a new alliance. Since then he has led many brilliant space battles in Forda's name, and with Hel'Bre'K and the power of the Void behind him, it seems there is little that can halt his campaign of genocide.


Ja'Dan shares most personality traits with his kin, but he is rather sadistic when it comes to war. He does not fight wars of flesh and steel, instead he strikes at the mind of the foe, driving their leaders and soldiers insane before calling for backup. He is, however very compassionate to those close to him, and thinks nothing of putting himself in harm's way to protect them, even more so than is generally expected of Fordans.


The weapons and wargear Ja'Dan takes to war are as follows:

War Gauntlets: Armored gauntlets that incorporate Energy Claws and Pulse Pistols.

E'Sa'Ka Honorblade: Passed down in Ja'Dan's family for generations, this blade has served him well for millennia.

Fordan Combat Harness: Includes Stealth Field projector, Energy Shields, Jump Pack, motivators, e.t.c.

EMP Grenades: Do I really have to explain these?

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