My personal JMotto will always be "to prosper", and that is exactly what all JSectorians can expect! I believe that JTrade can be the JRemedy to JWar's derailment! JTrade is a blast furnace in which can be forged the JSteel of a new rail JLine, running straight to a new JHorizon, a JHorizon of JProsperity and JHappiness! We have much JWork and much JTrade to do, and we will need everyone's JHelp!

- Tycoon JOmnivore, during speech in the JMTV after the end of the JWar

Tycoon JOmnivore is the captain and leader of the JOmnivore empire. He is also the founder and leader of the JCompany.



JOmnivore is a workaholic, dedicating most of his time to manage JCompany affairs. It brings him lots of stress, which JOmnivore tries to ease with multiple therapies, including therapies with Pure Energy, Void Energy and from other civilizations, like when JOmnivore spent some years doing therapy in Nivenia Prime, where he now considers his second home.

JOmnivore is an over-friendly character, doing his best to be friendly to everyone around him, even potential enemies. Rarely someone manage to get him pissed off, last time being when the sentient pathogen Tendrils of Nix threat him and JSector during live interview on JMTV, which lead to a coordinated effort of JCompany and JClients to develop the JCure and erradicate the pathogen from the Iexian Union.

JOmnivore like to travel, for business or any other motive. He spend some of his vacations in foreign locations such as Nivenia Prime or Illum Puri.


JOmnivore is clothed with Singuard chest, Bladed Knuckles, Plasma Pulser, Lightning Striker, Missile Flinger, Compact Generator, Compact Battery, Stam-Booster, Super Invigorator and Protecto-Shell.


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