The Purity showed me and my people a new way to harmonize with ourselves, and discover our inner beauty. We JHerbivores will be forever grateful for the chance to build our Pure JShrine in the Garden of Innocence in Illum Puri.

- JHerbivore, Puremaster of JCompany Pure JDivision

Puremaster JHerbivore, formerly known as Spiritmaster JHerbivore, is the captain and leader of the JHerbivore empire.

He is also the founder of the former Pure JDivision, co-founder and co-leader of the Essence JDivision of the JCompany, the founder of the former JAlliance, and the founder of the Pure Shamanism.



JHerbivore is clothed with Toxic Crystal, Swarm Magnet, Icy Band, Hypnomelder, Compact Battery, Protecto-Shell, Danger Reductor, Power Shield and Regen-Deflector.


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