The Void Eye Empire gave us the Void Tech, and we will be forever grateful for that! It allowed we the JGrox to develop the Void Shamanism, that have the best and avoid the worst of the Voidism! Harmonize the Void is the least we can do to atone for the sins of our ancestors!

- JGrox, Voidmaster of JCompany Void JDivision and the Void Shamans

Voidmaster JGrox, formerly known as Holy JGrox, is the captain and leader of the JGrox empire. He is also the founder of the former Pure JDivision, and co-founder and co-leader of the Essence JDivision of the JCompany.

He was the leader of the JHorde by the time the JHorde got merged into the JCompany. He is also the founder of the Void Shamanism.



JGrox is clothed with Singuard chest, Waspen Jet Pack, Eyebot, Bladed Knuckles, Plasma Pulser, Compact Generator, Compact Battery, Invigorator, Stam-Booster, Glider Pack, Protecto-Shell and Danger Reductor.


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