Many in the past have believed themselves invincible. Against Vasuband, against the Imperium, against the Empire. They're nothing but dust now. As shall it be with the Republic.

- Admiral Irenwen

Irenwen, called the Butcher of Hosniaal, is a Basileus female officer of the Imperial Navy, serving as the admiral of the 65th Fleet from her command ship, the Mandator II-class Star Dreadnought Absolution. Cruel and fanatically loyal to the Empire, Irewen is a forceful believer in the supremacy of the Basileus over all life in the Cyrannus Galaxy, though in contrast to forebears such as Tyranus and Tyermaillin, she recognises the folly of attempting to bring about Basileusi rule over the galaxy through force, and instead promotes political maneuvering and backroom court politics.

Irenwen's family were killed in a Republic attack during the First Great War, imbuing in the young Basileus a burning hatred for its successor, the New Cyrannian Republic. As such, while she aspires toward Basileus dominion over the Empire, she puts such ambitions aside in the war against the Republic. During the Second Great Cyrannus War, Irenwen rose to infamy in the aftermath of the Battle of Hosniaal, during which she devastated the planet's surface after it formally surrendered to the Empire. Impressed by her brutality, Grand Mandator Deoclet Caesarius promoted her to the rank of Admiral.


Early Life

Born on Vasuband, Irenwen hailed from a noble family in Basilban, whose scions included more than one influential justiciar in the Imperium. During the First Great War, Irenwen's clan were staunch supporters of the New Basileus Empire, and during the battle to break the Blockade of the Perliama Run, she lost her mother, father and five siblings to a Republic broadside. Swearing vengeance, Irenwen enlisted in the Basileus navy, and subsequently began working her way up the ranks of the Imperial Navy, once it was formed at the close of the war.

Second Great War

By the time the Second Great Cyrannus War erupted across known space, Irenwen had risen to the rank of Vice Admiral—testament to her loyalty in spite of Basileus rebellions against the Empire led by both Tyranus and Tyermaillin. By the close of 16 NE, she gained command of the experimental Mandator II-class Dreadnought Absolution, under Grand Admiral Deoclet Caesarius. During the Battle of Hosniaal, during the Empire's siege of the Capricorn Sector, Irenwen brought the planet to its knees, forcing its surrender. However, she subsequently opened fire on the defenceless planet using the Absolution's orbital displacement cannons, devastating the planet and earning her a promotion to Admiral, as well as a personal sobriquet—the Butcher of Hosniaal.

SGCW Battle of Cyranduas

Admiral Quarantar's armada ambushes Irenwen in orbit over Cyranduas.

After her promotion, Irenwen continued to carve a bloody swath through the Capricorn Sector, feeling a sense of pride for being the Basileus assigned to oversee what she considered to be the deconstruction of the Libertus heartlands. However, she was outplayed by the Republic Admiral Quarantar, who utilised her brutality against her to ambush her armada during the opening stages of the Battle of Cyranduas. Losing much of her fleet in the process, an enraged Irenwen fled the battle aboard the Absolution, only to return days later with a far larger fleet, forcing the Republic defenders into a bitter ground war for control over Cyranduas.

Coordinating closely with Grand General Kasandra, the two Imperials sent wave after wave of war machines against Republic forces commanded by the Aldárae master Tyandas, and while the defenders were ultimately killed, they had inflicted such heavy causalities that the Empire was logistically unable to hold the planet. With a massive planetary shield protecting the planet, Irenwen was prevented from simply razing the planet, and fled into hyperspace.

Personality and Traits

Irenwen represents many of the worst stereotypes often thrown at Basileus. She is caustically sarcastic, xenophobic and quite willing to utter destroy those foolish enough to stand in the Empire. As a result of the death of her family during the First Great War, Irenwen has a largely irrational hatred for the institutions of the Republic, and often dreams about the horrible fate awaiting jumped-up Libertus "children" such as Apollo. Nevertheless, her xenophobia is largely hidden behind a facade of sophistication, for while Irenwen is capable of dispensing unspeakable acts of brutality upon her foes, she regards the destruction of her enemies, and the inevitable Basileus conquest of the Gigaquadrant, coldly, and with chilling and precise calculation.




Blue faceOh, it's you. How delightful. How wonderful.


Orange faceYour life, your family and all you hold dear are now forfeit.

  • Apollo: "I will see you die screaming."
  • Mar-Júun: "A filthy abomination. You dilute your superior blood with demonic muck."


Have a care, Irenwen. Only under the Empire is our supremacy assured.

- Grand Admiral Carandial

"Butcher"? You know not the true meaning of terror, Imperial vermin.

- Mar-Júun




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