She has been surrounded by pain since birth. Few know the full truth about what made her that way, but sorrow has been her constant companion throughout her life even as she grew in rank and prestige, and hard as she tried to hide it beneath the veil of regnal majesty, one could always sense it gnawing underneath, deep inside her soul. One would expect her to have been broken by all that she had come through, but Iovera persevered. Not by mastering her pain, for she never could accomplish that, but by silencing it with a greater drive - ambition. Even as a youth, she sought solace in control. Now look at her. An empress, revered by all as a saviour, a messiah, with power greater than any Clericarch of old at her disposal. Is she comfortable now, in her glorious solitude at the highermost throne of the Holy Empire? Only Spode knows.

- Laurinn Ma'fest

Iovera IX, born Eolania Menoraim, is the first and only priest-queen of the Holy Empire of the Divinarium (titled Clericarch before the de jure cession of Clericarchal authority to the Grand Synod of the Uniate League in 2810, and Lady Hierarch after that). Having taken charge of the broken Radeon race after the fall of the Church of Spode, she masterminded the reformation of the Church's remnants into the Divinarium and its colonisation of the Andromeda Galaxy, her vision and dedication to order ensuring the survival of her civilisation. She would later lead her people throughout the bloody Andromeda War and the cataclysm of the Shattering and stand at the foundation of several international galactic institutions, such as the Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth and the Pan-Andromedan Ecumene, which would give her the lofty title of Andromedan Highlord and make her one of the most powerful people in the galaxy. More recently, she took part in the revival of Spodist unity as an Hierarch in the Uniate League.

The priest-queen is worshipped almost as a living saint by her subjects, respected in the intergalactic community; her detractors decry her as a control freak obsessed with power; but her true self is, in fact, a mystery wrapped inside an enigma, at least to most people. Though often said to be "touched by Spode" by citizens of the Divinarium, few actually know the full truth - the fact that Iovera is, in fact, Deutera Arcana, one of the leaders of the Isio'Nar-worshipping Anointed Society of the Messengers, and a powerful Isio'Nar in her own right. Fewer yet know the tragic story of her life: a girl gifted with prodigious Elemental power that destroyed her entire city block, recruited by the Anointed to serve as their instrument of power, raised without love and companionship and having never known it until she was already a grown woman. While she may project the image of a cold, dignified queen to the outside world, the true Radeon underneath is indeed a completely different person altogether.


Iovera was born in the family of a diplomat in the ecumenopolis Sanctuarium located in the Milky Way. She spent her early years as most of the Radeons, living a happy life until her elemental potential manifested when she was 4. Unable to contain her powers, she caused a massive psychic storm which killed her entire family. Her heart broken, she was then found by a local priestess and taken to the monastery.

The priestess adopted Iovera as her own child. Due to the horrible accident that killed her family, she never had any friends and relationships, always lonely and looking aloof and cold to the outsider. That wasn't true, however - she just always feared that she would lose control of her psychic powers again and kill her loved ones, thus never being close to others. Over time, she started to try to control her strange powers, and eventually she realised she could influence and even control the thoughts of others - a powerful potential. After she was 18 and adult, she quickly ascended in status using her abilities and became the divine governor of her city, then her planet, then the sector where she lived. But even though she was the ruler of the worlds and hailed by her people now, she still could not find the one thing she always seeked - true, honest, sincere love and care.

When the Xhodocto destroyed most of Radeon colonies and communication with other galaxies was destroyed, Iovera has led the remaining Radeons and, with the help of the Girdo Empire, formed a new organisation - the Temple of Spode - in theory, a peaceful religious organisation. However, she had her own plans - or, rather, plans told her by the voice in her mind - voice of Spode, as she thought.

One day when she was sleeping, she was visited by the strange guest. This guest was Telfar, long dead leader of the Radeons. Telfar, describing himself as being ascended by Spode, offered her a deal. In exchange for being ascended and becoming extremely powerful, she would lead the Radeons to give them a new empire. Iovera accepted.

In the days before the Annihilation, Iovera came to the followers of the Temple with a speech. She promised her followers the chance to ascend and become more powerful than they could ever imagine in the mame of Spode, to reclaim the glory of Radeons once more. Led by her, most of Radeons belonging to the Temple of Spode have entered into the mysterious silver spaceships and left the universe, to return after the apocalypse, in the ancient Twilight Sector of the Andromeda Galaxy. There, as Iovera proposed, they would found a new empire. With the aid of Isio'Nar and with many other species joining them, Radeons quickly conquered a large empire and became The Divinarium..

Since then, Iovera led the Divinarium in the Second War of Twilight, converting Fyrvrtha to their side and reclaiming Radeons' ancient homeworld, Spoddah.

Andromeda War[]

Iovera's first true trial was Andromeda War, when she faced tensions with a new neighbour of her empire, Draconid Imperium. After mysterious relics were found in the galaxy, the Draconis leader and Iovera tried to deal with the problem peacefully. They failed, and the war began. Even though the Imperium and the Divinarium eventually managed to ally when stronger forces appeared to claim the artifacts, the lives of millions have already been taken, and the war continued with even more casualties.

As time progressed, Iovera found herself at war with even more dangerous enemies, some of which did threaten the safety of the Divinarium's homeworld, Crepusculum. When it was besieged by Brood of War, Iovera found herself inside a strange vision of the future to come - a future where she and the Brood's leader will be very close, apparently. Managing to strike an alliance with the Brood, the newly founded Imperium-Divinarium-Zazane alliance did stand the remainder of Andromeda War against more threats like Andromedan Grox Empire and Legion of Badmanz. During the battle for the Brood capital, she even came to the battle herself, using her psychic powers to defeat the Grox leader, Grochius II; however, this led to him being reborn in a stronger body and the war became even more bloody, Iovera sinking to despair.

During this time, Iovera also met the leader of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, Tyrómairon, on a state meeting together with the Divinarium's allied nations' leaders. She also managed to share a few tender moments with Tyraz Breek, learning more about each other's pasts.

Finally, in the last battle of Andromeda War, Iovera led the remainder of the Divinarium forces against the Grox; as the battle was won, however, the true mastermind of the war, Master Br'klakkon, was revealed. Unleashing the worst nightmares - her own childhood's memory - on her, Iovera had to endure the worst experience she faced yet again. Gathering all her powers and determination, alongside her friends and allies, she managed to survive the encounter and banish the Master, saving Andromeda from his power over the artifacts and ending the Andromeda War... at least for now.

Second Borealis Galactic War[]

After the War, Iovera continued to govern the Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth as one of the Highlords. But when the news of Devourer's Chosen rising in Borealis coming to Andromeda, Iovera immediately gathered her forces to attack the heart of the Chosen's space, fearing that the same apocalypse that threatened her galaxy will happen in Borealis too. Unfortunately, as she joined UNO, Borealis empires' and AGC forces, the duel with Dark Apostle Geltastra left her wounded severely, on the brink of life and death. Laurinn Ma'fest then quickly took the title of the Clericarch as his own and started his rule over the Divinarium.

Iovera was later brought back by Tyraz and captain Lemmo Meronis, who had retrieved (despite Ma'fest's efforts to stop them) the Forge, the artifact that could save Iovera, during the later stages of the Second Borealis Galactic War; after her revival, Iovera's relationships with Tyraz were at last formalised and they became an official couple.



Despite being a supercentarian, Iovera is actually quite young by Radeon standards, and can be considered to be in her late 30s. To an outsider, she may appear detached and strange, as if she is not out of this world: this is actually a sign of her Isio'Nar powers, since her consciousness percieves two worlds simultaneously: the physical universe as well the intangible ocean of minds, souls and thoughts of all living things in it. In her normal state, Iovera has deep purple eyes; however, like with all other Radeons, her eyes can change colours depending on her mood.

What makes Iovera stand out of the crowd is her unusual frailness; even for a Radeon she is considered to be somewhat thin, which, along with her light brown coat and simple, elegant facial features, makes her appear somewhat ghostly, which reflects her personality well. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, however: Iovera's husband, Tyraz considers her to be quite attractive.


A sad woman, she is like a complex gate. In a universe of war and conflict, the keys are hard to find and the combination harder. However, once she has been unlocked, she shows her true colours as a happy and grateful soul.

- Tyraz

Outwardly, Iovera maintains an appearance of a cold, just but merciless ruler who controls a superadvanced empire with an iron fist in the name of her god and whose only concern is to ensure the Divinarium's success; to be put shortly, a stereotypical member of her species. However, this icy aura is only skin deep, and is in fact more or less a mask she dons as a Clericarch of the Divinarium; being the supreme political and religious authority in perhaps the most rigorous, orderly society of Andromeda, she is meant to adhere to Radeon social etiquette and sacred traditions to the letter.

Outside the throne, however, Iovera is a completely different person. Although her sense of right and wrong and devotion to her people remains, the rest of her outward cold personality simply vanishes, leaving a quite, shy Radeon girl desperate for love and care. The tragic accident that killed most of her family during her childhood left Iovera somewhat unsociable; until recently, she never allowed herself to have close relationships with anyone, and even now Iovera still remains somewhat cold to outsiders. Towards those whom she gets to know, however, Iovera is a loyal friend, always ready to come to help.

Being both a daughter of a society dominated by spirituality and an Isio'Nar, a being outside the normal plane of existence, Iovera's view towards the supernatural is rather complex. Unlike many other ascended, Iovera has never distanced herself from mortals and has never considered herself to be a goddess, seeing it as a sign of arrogance. Far more aware of the nigh-omnipotent powers that control the universe, Iovera does neverthless believe that the only divinity in it is Dei'Nar, also known as Spode, as said in the Scrolls of Faith, and although she is not a zealot like other clerics of the Divinarium, Iovera is still a fervent follower of the Path of Masaari.


Iovera is arguably one of the strongest, if not the strongest, Essence users among her species, and probably in the entire galaxy, to the point she caused massive destruction wherever she came when she was young. Over time, though, Iovera learned to control her energies, and started to utilise it for her own benefit. Her most notable powers is the ability of suggestion; with enough concentration, she can take over thoughts and emotions of others, commanding them to do their bidding. While this power ensured her success on the Divinarium's political scene, it also left her quite lonely, as her powers made others wary and fearful of her. In addition to this, Iovera also has abilities common to other Radeon psychics: telekinesis, telepathy, electrokinesis.

Upon becoming an ascended being, Iovera has improved her former abilities as well as gained some new ones, similar to those of other Isio'Nar: she can levitate, move through different dimensions, shapeshift and warp reality on a small scale.


Iovera wears a white, rather plain robe with the ancient divine scriptures and runes written on it, a common sight among Radeon clerics. Underneath the robe, she also wears light nanometal armor for self-defense. The Diadem of the Twilight, the large headwear used by the Clericarchs, sits upon her brow; as old as the Radeon civilisation itself, it has several shimmering, purple gemstones embedded within it, glowing in both light and darkness. Another important Clericarch regalia which Iovera wields is the Scepter of the Prophets, a relic made by the Demiurges and found, as it is said in the Scrolls of Faith, by Al'khear, the First Prophet of the Masaari faith. In addition to being a symbol of office, it is also a potent weapon, able to emit waves of searing purple light; many criminals, heretics and rebels were executed by the Scepter in the ancient times, but Iovera is hesistant of using it in such a brutal way.



Green face.pngOur fates are interwined by higher powers.


Blue face.pngA pleasure to know you.

  • Jahric - I can feel your pain, War Predictor.
  • Isio'Nar - I am your messenger.
  • Sarec - So you too... were given the power.
  • High Inquisitor Arsac - Maybe your order isn't that bad after all.
  • Apollo - I can admire him.
  • Arkarixus - A noble warrior fighting for a noble cause. I feel nothing but respect for him.


Yellow face.png...

  • Koluap - No, I am not an Ernai.
  • Hachiman - What do you mean by "hot", Rianth?
  • Lemmo - I guess I should be grateful.
  • Lamenar Reminocles - Your species is young, but it has a great ancestry. It is good that you remember it.


Orange face.pngMost unpleasant.


Face threatened.png...Stay away from me!


Red face.pngDei'nar'aechin van'ae sa.


Quotes from others[]

Remember when you called my daughter disgusting for being an hybrid? Yeah.

- Koluap

I'm married to Tyraz too! You're both cute!

- Lezia

Be thankful that your husband's son is that of my own flesh and blood. If it were not, you'd best believe that your Divinarium would be ground into the dust from whence you rose.

- Angazhar

hur yor an emo

- Fre'kloar

no one likes yoo ok go dai wiv ya spode

- Hagto'Zhl

Damn, Tyraz is a lucky guy! I wish I had a girlfriend with such amazing assets...I mean skills!.

- Hachiman

A curious individual, who rose to power fairly quickly and uses it right. Perhaps one day we should meet

- Empress Ramashe

Iovera the cute, perhaps if I could get my hands on the Diadem of the Twilight, she could rule the Radeon under my permission and will!

- Morgandaûr

I will return... and your hat will be MINE!

- Master Br'klakkon

There is something between her and Lord Breek, it reminds me of when I first fell in love with Alensia all those years ago. I hope she one day finds happiness

- Uriel Ultanos

I'll see you BURN.

- Geltastra

You cannot hope to stop me. I bring with me fear and death. What can your little pwoers do too stop that? Hmpph. you see, There is a basic fear and rage that dweals within all beings. I Toy with those emotions like you with your Little Power-up tools. What can your powers do to stop this as I rip through Andromeda. Even with Grochius defeated, I am not done. I will be here forever, In your deepest fears. In everyone's deepest fears...

- High Prophet of Disdain

Her voice belies the sadness that lies within... a great burden rests upon her mind, and her very soul. I know because I bear one myself, and I wish that this wound of hers is one day healed, and that one day she finds reason to smile again.

- Blademaster Hel'Bre'K of the Fordanta, 'Annal of the Andromeda War.'

An enigma to perhaps even the greatest of entities, her pain is her strength. From the needle within her heart, determination stirs and pushes her forward to become the best she can be! She has doused my anger, she has tamed the beast and captured my heart.

- Tyraz

She reminds me of Lunaxis in some ways. I hope she has found something to ease her pain.

- Arkarixus

I did not know Eola'Nar could have offspring. I must...experiment.

- Kolossus

You lead your empire well, talking cleavage.

- Erissare

She is kind and pure. In many ways, she reminds me of Gianne. Both she and her husband saved my life against Mar-Júun and for that, I'm eternally grateful.

- Apollo


  • This is Iovera's theme.
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