All I want is some peace and quiet in this universe. Can I get a single moment's rest? Absolutely not!

- Himself

Kelsos (formerly Kelsos Mordon) is a veteren inquisitor of the Grand Inquisition. he is a mature and experienced warrior who firmly believes that order must come fro mtaking extremes even if everyone else disagrees with you. This attitude has put him at odds with some of the order's younger inquisitors.


Like all inquisitors, Kelsos's origins are kept classified. What is known is that his family name (Mordon) has unscrupulous links to the criminal underworld. When Kelsos was found the order was keen to teach him that he could overcoem his family history. When he finally learned of his family's history a few years prior to graduaating as an initiate, he buried the name in the deepest reccesses of his mind and refued to believe he was related to them in any way.

The drive to not become liek his family has made him a staunch upholder of justice and morality and over the centuries he engaged both subversive cults and went as far as severing theri underworld ocnnections (something uncommon among inquisitors). He spent the first two hundred years of his career fighting ot hinder Congregation activities in Andromeda and garnered soomething of an interest in the pwoer of Xhodocto-derived technology. This interest became a passion not to use the technology for his own gain but to destroy it in the belief that no mortals could handle such devastating weapons.

Fighting The Congregation took its toll on him mentally despite his practices fo meditation. Realising that even being near the technology was dangerous he requested to be reassigned to other fronts. It was only after leaving the fronts that he realised the full extent of the damage and dedicated significant periods of time in meditation to combat the corruption. For the next century he travelled the inner-rim to dismantle other threats.

More recently his expertise regarding the Xhodocto lured him to the spotlight when he was informed that there had been rumours of a Vault containing said technology under the sands of Mahanaya. He was sent with a cadre of other inquisitors to the site where he perosnally met the proto-xhodocto Kan'Kun. it enerved him that his operations relied on a creature directly related to the Xhodocto but nevertheless he was determined to fulfil what he had been sent to do and came to the conclusion that the vault had to be isolated.



Kelsos is a mature Draconis with light blue scales and amber scales on his head, back and stomach. Rarely seen outside of his armour he makes a point to keep it in very good condition. He stands with a proud posture and a stern lip. His eyes are deep-set into his skull and he has a tapered snout.he keeps his hair strands short and plaited using silver cups to hold the hair into place, weight it down and keep it from unraveling. He has a deep and suave voice with a thick southern Osillan accent.


Kelsos is a proud man and his posture shows it. He holds an iron determination that the best path to order is one that puts concepts of godo and evil to the side. He has been known to twitch whenever house Mordan or the Congregation are mentioned. He displays signs that he has little patience for anyone who wastes his time or does not realsie the nature of what he is saying. Kelsos's experience means he prefers to be heard and will often remind poeple of the many years he has lived.


Kelsos is never seen outside of a master-crafted suit of armour, the latest model which was aquired had been commisioned five years ago. It incorporates damage moderation diagnostics, nanite-based delf-repair systems and an advanced gield generator all powered by a miniature fusion core and boosted by photovoltaic material at certain points on the armour. He carries a modified SlE-72 powered vibrosword that has a modified disruption field to more easily pierce heavy armour. he also carries around a PF-51c fusion pistol with dragon amd flame motifs carved around the muzzle to look like fusion shots emerge from a serpent's mouth.


Kelsos is an experienced essence user. Due to his age he can prove to be very dangerous with a specialisation in suggestion and telekinesis, being able to pick up and hurl most enemies several metres with relative ease without even touching them. A byproduct of his affinity is that he is very resilient and hard to wear down.

kelsos is also a master with longswords, throwing weapons and knives. He is an advocate of kali'Krusi and Relitias schools of swordmastery, the skills of which means he can incapacitate an oponent within a few strikes of vital areas. He is also an advotace of fighting with his fists and trains in an art that involves striking pressurep oints o nthe body to incapacitate or deabilitate the opponent.



Green face.pngI like you, not sure why but I do.

  • High Inquisitor Arsac - I always liked you, I think
  • High Inquisitor Alvoros - I remember when he used to take students, A shame he died for his order.


Yellow face.pngMy adice: Stay out of my way

  • Hachiman - Does he ever shut up about women?
  • Kithworto - You should learn to not throw your weight around so much, You have a talent for angering people.
  • Koluap - You may be older, but I know what I am doing.
  • Kan'Kun - A concerning influence, his connection to the Ayrai'Shikua, no matter how small is... unsettling.
  • Dirrik - I am somewhat keen to see how this Zazane performs under my wing. But I am not exited.


Red face.pngRepent or die!

  • Cult of the Deathmarch - The Congregation reborn? More bodies for my blade.


I remember hearing about this one when I was an initiate. Stories of what he could do scared me straight.

- Sarec

You are a traitor to our cause, trying to stop us from defeating the Cult!

- Koluap

The Cult have records on you, Draconis. Marked for death.

- Cult Commander


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