I fill in the gap by removing those little nuisances that society creates.

- Incognito

'Incognito' (real name unknown) is a presumably Kicathian businessman living in the Dysnomia storyline, who is actually a serial killer by trade.

History Edit

According to his own story, Incognito was born in the 2820s in a dystopian Andromeda Galaxy, ruled by crime syndicates and enforced by the Dominion of the Xhodocto and the Draconid Imperium. Other than that, Incognito was said to have been driven insane by an amorous relationship with another, growing to hate her and eventually killing her. Incognito therefore took his guise, becoming a serial killer due to a fractured nature and disconnection with reality. To completely remove himself of any link to flesh, Incognito replaced his body with hi-tech cybernetics to further on emphasise his identity.

Characteristics Edit

Appearance Edit

Incognito gives little description of his appearance, aside from being almost completely cybernetic. It is safe to assume that Incognito is an onyx black in colour, with his cybernetics outlining his physical shape. To some degree, Incognito has hinted that he might be Kicathian.

It is also well known that Incognito possesses an incredible amount of wealth, that crime syndicates have taken interest in him, but unable to properly identify him or pin him down due to his erratic lifestyle.

Personality Edit

Incognito's personality is complicated. As a businessman, as he calls 'a mask', Incognito seems to be quiet by nature but perfectly normal by most accounts - normal being elitist and somewhat racist as a businessman in a dystopian society, seemingly forgettable by his co-workers and undermined by his work. However, as his so called true identity, Incognito has no characteristics that deem him mentally stable, or anything that connects him to a normal mind. Incognito is far removed from the world, sometimes struggling to define his mask and his true self separately - in fact, it cost him his job by launching his boss through a window to a four-thousand foot fall.

His characteristics as a serial killer however seem to be somewhat typical of a being with psychosis and schizophrenia. Whilst he claims to have an emotionless persona, Incognito is often seen having outbursts of extreme anger. His methods of killing are barbaric even by Andromeda's lack of standards, for example, Incognito killed two Radeon prostitutes by destroying their spines, and then proceeding to eat them thereafter. Incognito has hinted he is asexual, and, as a self serving torture, he often beds males and females as a subliminal humiliation - often killing them after or during such liaisons.

Incognito has hinted to even commit henious acts other than murder, such as cannibalism, dismemberment, unwanted sexual acts and even necrophilic acts upon his victims. As such, his result of being unable to define himself from his apparent alter ego has often meant him forgetting to dispose of his victims.

Also, due to his psychosis and blurring between realities, Incognito cannot always be trusted as a narrator and is somewhat unreliable.

It is also hinted to some degree that Incognito is a fanatic of the surreal and metaphysical; especially concerned with the Xhodocto. It is equally probable that by some degree, Incognito considers himself a servant of the higher powers.

Abilities Edit

As a seemingly cybernetic character, Incognito is capable of performing near paranormal acts. He possesses abnormal levels of strength and physical agility, managing to survive the same four-thousand foot tall that he threw his boss to. His main ability however is derived from his name. Incognito is easily forgettable by others, and has often used this characteristic to evade prying eyes. When he wishes to be, Incognito is flirtatious, charismatic and uses such charm offensive tactics to stalk victims unknowingly.

Equipment Edit

Incognito says that he possesses numerous degrees of weaponry that he has bought over the years. In fact, Incognito has a wrist mounted blade of some sorts that he can use to stealthily kill victims.

Notes Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Incognito is somewhat based from Patrick Bateman, the main character of the novel American Psycho, where Bateman is also a serial killer.
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