And amongst the most faithful of His servants; His Scion shall lead the enlightened with voice of the devoured fallen kings, the fires that purge this world of the unrighteous souls of the higher earths; and with water of the most revered primordial earth, delivered onto those to cleanse their souls fed by mortal lies. For this was His command and His command alone; that His Scion leads his people onto resurrection.

- Makkarast

Imperator Constantius Castus Matthias Laurentius, (Dark Elvish: Konstā́ntíôs Kástôs Mathiás Lôrenxíôs Aṃveratôr Protodynastic Orichalcum: Caystes Constiantes Matyes Larantyes), known mononymously as Kalarah (Undertongue: Scion of the Colossus) is the first and current emperor of the Legion of Shiarchon.

History Edit


Kalarah's suit of armour

Born in the winter close to 6,000 BNA, Constantius Castus Matthias Laurentius was the youngest son of Matthias Castus Laurentius Julianus, the last reigning emperor of the Orichalcum Elf Imperium. Constantius was the eighth of nine children - their names are lost to history, though he is three years younger than that of his next of kin, Septimus. Septimus recalled that until roughly five hundred years of age, Constantius appeared as a youthful and somewhat timid individual. It was only until the demonic Makkarast had appeared in his father's chambers did their lives change; Matthias became enthralled with the studies of the void to a fanatical degree; and supposedly did Constantius fell under the same sway. Constantius as a person had changed; he was corrupted by the words of Makkarast both mentally and physically, seemingly outgrowing his siblings and became very distant - especially with Septimus of whom he had once loved the most as a brother. Over the course of the next three centuries, Constantius' six older siblings, except for Septimus perished under unknown causes. Rumours spread around the empire that Constantius had done this by his own hand, and remains to the present day as an unsolved mystery. Constantius' affinity with the studies of the void began to plague his mind even further that of his father, of whom began to fall ill as his immortality was slowly leaving him. Constantius on the other hand was empowered by the void, and his body began to change to bear a beautiful yet terrible form.

Constantius began to plan overthrowing his father, who he had manipulated into almost disowning Septimus, as well as essentially handling over the command of the empire to Constantius as his illness began to affect him. Whilst those who served Constantius in his court were fully aware of Constantius was doing, none could bear the courage nor the will to confront him. The plot to overthrow his father also consisted of slowly replacing the religion of the Orichalcum Elves with the religion in Caligaduro Provectus, of whom Constantius had begun to communicate with once he had earned Makkarast's trust. Makkarast and Constantius retained an unstable but beneficial relationship in the final years of the empire as Makkarast had directed Constantius to accomplish his goal effortlessly. The Order of Sol was forcefully abolished by Constantius, though in his success was almost killed by Tarquinius Silvanus as Constantius had placed a death warrant upon his head. The remaining members of the Order of Sol were executed or fell into obscurity as Tarquinius Silvanus did; disappearing from Constantius' gaze completely. Though, with the Order of Sol removed, Constantius exercised full control over the empire. The final days of the empire accumulated in the assassination of Constantius' father by himself, and used his defeat in battle by Septimus, now disowned entirely by his family to persuade the people of the fallen empire to follow him into the plains of Abyssus. It was here that Constantius displayed the true extent of his physical corruption as he revealed his form as a Shiarchon, which all Orichalcum Elves who followed Constantius would soon become.

Constantius had numerous enemies towards the end of the empire; the Natelevarí Elves and Dalmiri, two of the more prominent peoples who escaped his exodus were presumed to have been targeted by Constantius during his plans to have either been eventually eradicated or to have placed under slavery. Jagaeranai Dromaedon VI, known as the last Natelevarí king was Constantius' political arch-nemesis and had succeeded in dividing the Natelevarí and Dalmiri peoples from the Orichalcum Elf Imperium as it dissolved, and as Constantius soon established civilisation in Abyssus, Dromaedon had waged war on Constantius of which Constantius decisively won; causing the Natelevarí Elves to suffer genocide. The Dalmiri peoples however had settled in the northwest of Koldenwelt and remained without contact by the Shiarchon for over nine thousand years.

Constantius' powers began to grow beyond that of precedented capabilities as he now exercised almost limitless control over Abyssus and his new empire; foreigners across Koldenwelt had named Constantius as Kalarah - the scion of the Colossus, as it became a hated name all over the world. Kalarah had succumbed completely to the powers of the void - his magical abilities caused great terror to those who bore witness to it, such as conjuring the chimera Penumbra from Nothing among many other things. Kalarah had then learnt of the Gladiitenebris a weapon, when complete had the power to carve and split the universes apart as was intended by those who created it. Kalarah's obsession with the shards of these weapons meant that vast expeditions across the world by the Shiarchon went underway. The most known of these expeditions was of one to the Forgotten Lands - lands once inhabited by the Storm Drakes had grew in dark presence over the years. It is known that around this time, Kalarah had offered and honoured agreements with the succubus Dragostea - that, if Kalarah would ever establish control of the region, that she was immune from his control. Kalarah's expedition to the Forgotten Lands was unsuccessful as the Shiarchon suffered from the cold, and hundreds, if not thousands died from hypothermia. During fifteen millennia however, Kalarah has claimed eleven Gladiitenebris shards for himself, which had elevated his power to near godhood. Kalarah was no longer truly viewed as a Shiarchon, and the people of Abyssus began to treat Kalarah as a god in his own right. The corruption that malformed his body eventually denied him from taking a fair form ever again, something which Constantius in his vanity came to lament.

Nearing c. 5,950 BNA, the presence of the necromancer Ahdramilús the Immutable in the northwestern expanses of the Dalmiri region had disturbed Kalarah, and, alongside his friend Valentinianus had formed a mutual alliance with the demonic lord Akharav, a being that Kalarah had feared in his youth, to bring Ahdramilús' rule to an end, as per Makkarast's warnings that Ahdramliús was intending to amass an undead army of one hundred million - forces that neither Kalarah nor Akharav had under their control. It was only by their servitude to Caligaduro Provectus did Kalarah and Akharav co-exist in their goal to finish Ahdramilús (despite the fact that Kalarah at this time overpowered Akharav with little contest), and the two had confronted Ahdramilús and slain him. Valentinianus ordered a group of two thousand men to construct the ruins of Ahdramilús' Rest, where Ahdramilús' body and artifacts were stored. The Shiarchon and Dalmiri region began a mutual alliance as the Shiarchon introduced religion, and the Dalmiri trade routes via naval travel. Relations between Kalarah and Akharav had been severed however, as Akharav sought the Chalice of Havoc, an artifact of the Void which went against Kalarah's wishes.

Nearing the turn of the age, Kalarah had begun to plan for an amassed war to march towards the Archipelago in order to release Caligaduro Provectus from his imprisonment. Whilst strategically, the Shiarchon fought well, Kalarah's overconfidence in his plan was eventually his downfall. The Shiarchon's enemies eventually claimed a pyrrhic victory, though Kalarah was ultimately unsuccessful in reaching the Archipelago - reasons why were unknown, though it was likely that he was overpowered by the Inatosan Wolf and caused him to flee. As the defeated armies returned to Abyssus, Kalarah had learnt from his mistakes - that he was not yet powerful enough to release Caligaduro from his chains, and sought to reclaim more power and artifacts from the void. Kalarah had re-entered the Forgotten Lands in a second unsuccessful attempt to gather the Gladiitenebris shard; though this time he was intercepted by Kinmorunddraver and allies. Kalarah returned to Abyssus, and, eventually his opportunity to coordinate another, strategically successful war began - Janos, an avatar of Caligaduro Provectus himself had amassed powers of his own which caused Caligaduro's own powers to re-awaken. Kalarah was now in a position where he could potentially acquire absolute power, if he could end Kinmorunddraver, the Colossi and his political enemies first.

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From his transformation from an Orichalcum Elf to a Shiarchon, Kalarah has undergone numerous transformations. Whilst appearing much like an Orichalcum Elf of the Castus household - physically greater in height and more beautiful than that of most elves, Kalarah's early corruption of the energies had removed the warmth from his body as his skin appeared bone-white and his hair first turned silver, then pitch black. His eyes soon turned from gold to silver, and then blood red as he appeared still attractive but as terrifying in form. His form began to worsen afterwards as his eyes took on an infernal gaze as his skin began to darken, and as he transformed into a Shiarchon, his body truly suffered from the powers of the void as it slowly took on a burnt and mutilated appearance as did all Shiarchon. Kalarah however, in his great affinity to the void appears to be removed of a body now entirely, and an infernal wraith like form, enshrouded in darkness now inhabits the armour in his body. The darkstone armour he wears was of his own craft during his life as an Orichalcum Elf, and resembles a far more ornate design than armour found on Void Denizens. Kalarah, like Valentinianus prefers to never remove the armour, though in Kalarah's case, it encases his incorporeal body.

Personality Edit

As Constantius, his personality of which was once shy and benevolent was corrupted by the void. He was removed of all compassion and empathy for those he deemed lesser than himself - of which was all life on Koldenwelt. His malevolence only intensified during the course of his reign over the Legion of Shiarchon as his obsession to acquire more power for himself caused him to step over and annihilate many civilisations in the past, and continuing to this day is entirely unsatisfied with the power he has now - though one may contest him as the most politically powerful individual in the world. Though Kalarah's actions are in Caligaduro Provectus' name, Kalarah's powers of hindsight and what patience he has gathered after his defeat in the War of the Eye has allowed him to realise that Caligaduro has no true use for him once awakened, and believes that whilst his awakening is inevitable and will be done by his own hand, can wait until Kalarah himself is powerful enough to cause all of Koldenwelt to bow to him first.

Though Kalarah is capable of such evil acts, he has found himself a friend in Valentinianus and has earned the personal respect of the other Praetors in Abyssus, something that he sometimes considers a weakness if he is to submit himself entirely to the void.

Abilities Edit

Kalarah is regarded among both the Shiarchon and Caligaduro's servants to be the greatest of servants in power that walks Koldenwelt's surface. Kalarah's powers far exceed that of most Void Denizens, which has earned him the respect and servitude of Void Denizens that serve under him. Among Kalarah's abilities include the power to conjure powerful chimera such as Penumbra and other Void Denizens from the Void without mustering the entirety of his focus, which Void Lords from Nothing require tremendous willpower to send from Nothing to Koldenwelt. Kalarah's destructive abilities have been demonstrated in the Forgotten Lands, in which in an attempt to kill Kinmorunddraver and his allies had manifested a destructive wall of energy which levelled the Forgotten Lands entirely. Even godly beings such as Soldalatel have come to avoid Kalarah's might as a servant of Caligaduro Provectus, and some who are knowledgeable in the laws of the Void hint that in truth, Kalarah has no real need to serve Caligaduro if he further increases his power.

Despite his terrible power, Kalarah has been shown that he is not yet powerful enough to combat beings such as Kinmorunddraver and the Simulacra, though Kinmorunddraver fears that there will be a time when Kalarah will gather the power to cast him and many other godly beings down, and that such times are coming quickly.

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Serving Edit

Yellow face "I serve."

Allies Edit

Yellow face "It is better to serve Him, than be in His path. And even better that you are not in my path."

Neutral Edit

Orange face "Immortal or not. Join me or face the void."

Enemies Edit

Red face "Your soul will find no rest in the void."

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Quotes Edit

Oh, you are so scary... Do not worry, a handful of good bullets will teach you good manners.

- Unknown Klaxxa

Absolutely disgusting. You will fall eventually, and so will the rest of your race.

- Vectrom

You have caused the death of millions. You shall feel the pain of millions.

- Kinmorunddraver World-Walker

Vat a pest you are.

- Varelos von Dalverat

Object. Extension of wrath. Commandments.

- Praenuntius

And it is for guys that him that I never go to Orient.

- The Collector

And for the record, you STILL dress like a clown, and you also look like a WOMAN.

- Xacutus

For da Imperata, all'z gonna die 'n' bow 'n' die agen until he sez youze can stop dyin'!

- Kebra'Osos

Oh, I should let you know, I'm a sucker for big scary armor. How about you come over here and wreck me, hm hm?

- Hamoins Dalverat

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  • Kalarah bears many similarities to Sauron in Tolkien's Legendarium, namely his transformation from a fair to terrible entity and his dark appearance.

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