A man of few words, yet even in their absence his loyalty remains unflinching, as does the bravery in his blood. More of a specialist than any warrior, his methods efficient as his ethics honourable; dear Hork Zando has fought beside myself without falter. Indebted am I to him for his service and the kindness he keeps hidden.

- Tyraz

Hork Zando is a Zazane assassin who serves as the ultimate commander of the Slayer Guard, Tyraz's personal unit within the Brood of War and the old Third Sovereign Domain. A man of few words but of various skills, Hork's dedication to his role is surpassed only by his dedication to Tyraz himself, having come to pledge his eternal loyalty to him after him and various other soldiers were rescued by Tyraz after they were abandoned by the Sovereign Domain during a lost battle.

Cold, collected and efficient, Hork is a feared and respected individual whose skills cannot be denied, for he has faced barbarians, trained soldiers, the undead and even nightmare fiends in combat and has emerged victorious. Using stealth to the best of his abilities, he strikes silently and often painlessly, preferring to not get attention to himself as he takes down the enemies of his leader and most valued friend. The Slayer-Commander will not accept foul play, treason or any other heinous acts to befall the one he has sworn to protect with his life.


Hork Zando was born on the Third Sovereign Domain colony of Qalea, located at the proximity of the galactic core of the Zazane race's old home galaxy. He claims he spent most of his childhood living in poverty, and in his adolescent years, he was drafted into the military in order to combat the forces of the Junction. For the following months, Hork spent his days fighting against the extradimensional menace, resulting in the loss of his left eyeball, until a fateful day when his forces were abandoned as per Moxix Breek's command, effectively leaving him to die alone with his fellow troops. Before that happened, however, Hork and his men were rescued by fellow soldiers Tyraz and Keldar, who would later create their own guild of mercenaries from the rescued forces. Hork would train himself on the guild as a frighteningly efficient assassin loyal to no one but Tyraz, making him a wanted criminal through the Third Sovereign Domain.

Hork served by Tyraz' side from then on until his death by Crispy's actions in the Golden Movement. While struck with grief over the loss of his one and only superior, he eventually chose not to give in to despair and live on in order to honour Tyraz's legacy. In the current day, Hork serves as an agent of the Indoctrinate Collective, called whenever they choose to intervene in Andromedan matters.



Hork appears as a tall male of the Zazane race, ordinary at first glance but notably possessing cybernetic enhancements on the left side of his skull which serve as a replacement for his eye, which was lost to a Junction Chaser Striker during his time serving under the military of the Third Domain. He wears black armor decorated with gray and red pieces of cloth which hang from the sides of his body. Hork remains on his armor at all times, only taking it off to bathe and not being above sleeping with it, claiming he wishes to be always prepared in case trouble arises.


Hork is a man of few words, opening himself to few individuals. Cold and calculating, he prefers to go straight to the point of the conversation rather than wasting time with sweet talk. Hork claims that his loyalty does not belong to the Brood of War or any organization, but to Tyraz Breek and only him, having come to pledge a lifelong service for the Zazane leader after he saved his life following his abandonment by Moxix. Hork shows little interest in entertainment or intimate relationships with other Zazane, dedicating his entire life for his work at all times, making many of his companions to describe him as broody or otherwise non-amusing.


Hork's skills as a soldier and assassin are widely known across the Brood of War, and he remains one of the most feared assassins in the empire to this day. Preferring to fight by using a single, long bladed vibroweapon, Hork is an adept at stealth killing, aiming for his enemy's weakest and most vulnerable spots in order to kill them as quickly and as quietly as possible. His armor is equipped with powerful shields which may deflect or protect him ranged fire while also being equipped with invisibility devices as well as sound dampeners which allow his movements to become completely soundless, allowing him to approach his enemies without being noticed through sound.



Green face.pngMy life is yours.

  • N/A


Blue face.pngI have no reason to point my blades at you.

  • Keldar - A lovely person, with skills to match.
  • Savas - A powerful warrior, with the ferocity of a Koda.


Yellow face.pngI expect you to behave yourself.


Red face.pngYou have wasted enough of my time.


Loyal, such is definite, is Hork to Tyraz without doubt, with the skills and intellectual capacity to both protect the lives of others alongside his own. Mayhaps, however, somewhat too loyal to the Lord Councillor, given the man's tendencies to appear... blindly deluded to his superior. Could Tyraz be a greater father to the men that follow his step than his own offspring?

- Keldar




  • Hork Zando was originally created by TheHachi in 2010, who has given him to OluapPlayer in 2015.


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