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Never have I met a more stable being than Kendron. And though he and I may have certain differences, it is truly him that maneuvers the ways of my kingdom.

- Queen of the Federation, Alestra X of Centrus

Kendron Sviadarnus Vy'rii, High Viceroy of the Core Federation.

High Viceroy Kendron Sviadarnus Vy'rii is the current High Viceroy and leader of the Ravenrii's Core Federation, a massive galactic Empire that rules over the Xanthrus Spiral galaxy. Vy'rii is known for being the first Viceroy to be involved in the first inter-galactic contact in Federation history. He was the speaker for over eighty years before becoming Viceroy and is therefore considered a seasoned leader in the Federation's most important systems, despite being one of the youngest High Viceroys in history. He is also known for his somewhat rocky relationship with Queen Regnant Alestra of Centrus.

Title[edit | edit source]

The office of High Viceroy is given to the leader of the Core Federation; it is he who acts as the supreme executive power of the government, serving as moderator at the High Court of the Core and considered the honorary representative of the Queen. Though the title of Viceroy usually refers to a royal official who rules a country in the name of a monarch, in the Federation the High Viceroy has more authority than the Queen Regnant herself. This is because although the post was created in the Federation's early years, when the Ravenrii monarchy was absolute and the Viceroy considered a simple adviser, the collapse of the monarchy during Xanthrus' Civil War in the First Age brought significant changes. The title of High Viceroy was made an elected, managerial executive office, conferred to one who was supposed to rule with both popular and royal goodwill- not their consent. Even after the restoration of royal titles and the current quasi-autocratic structure, the High Viceroy was never again reduced to the status of a subordinate.

Early Life and Career[edit | edit source]

Kendron was born Arteii Sviadarnus Vy'rii to the Vy'rii family of Kendron, one of the planet's High Judge's families. Kendron, an influential Core World near the Galactic Core, proved to be ideal to raise him and he proved to be interested in politics since his youth. Once he was over three hundred years old, he became one of the three High Judges of Kendron, serving for a full five hundred years. He spent the following years abroad, traveling the Prathus Arm after resigning. He was a charismatic leader and lost no time in applying for the position of Speaker of the High Court at Concentron. However, he lost because of a significant feeling in the high Court that he was too young and was appointed High Judge of Cygnus, another world in the Concentron system. Despite this, he resigned and began a campaign for High Viceroy just six hundred years later. This time, at the age of a thousand and six hundred years old, he won the fifty-year long campaign and became the youngest High Viceroy in history.

Career as High Viceroy[edit | edit source]

Vy'rii has been the High Judge of the Federation for over five hundred years. His regime has been accentuated by his somewhat unfriendly relationship with the current Queen Regnant, Alestra. His first move after becoming High Viceroy was to move most of the judiciary power from Centrus, the homeworld and residence of the Queen to Concentron. He has proven to be a reformer, approving much larger funding of the SDC's inter-galactic travel and communications research and approving the IAIE's colonization near the Core Worlds. However, Vy'rii's most important actions have been the first contact of the Federation's with the Seven Starr Alliance and the Xhodocto, the creation of the Treaty of Kendron and the approval of other Empires from exterior galaxies' colonization in Xanthrus Galaxy, which was previously closed off.

Assassination Attempt[edit | edit source]

According to official reports, High Viceroy Vy'rii was attending a private security meeting with the former Minister of the Interior, Cziapado Czeng'Ci, on planet Korytaze, about the possible military involvement of the Federation in intergalactic conflicts when the state shuttle they were in exploded in mid-air. Six Type-A explosive devices hidden aboard detonated, compromising the ship's inner structure and resulting in the collapse of the ceiling above them. The Minister and several attending aides were killed, but Vy'rii was simply left incapacitated. Crash-landing in a city spaceport, the burning shuttle was soon put out; the Viceroy was hospitalized, but has since recovered. The perpetrators were believed to be zealous members of the Church of Spode, who had ardently opposed Ravenrii influence on external affairs. Consequently, the Act of Exodus was drafted to expel religious groups from the galaxy as punishment, amid rioting in the Federation's key worlds. The position of Minister of the Interior has since been filled by Coalithian native S'errion Valk.

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