The lawful, the responsible, the young and old, the hopeful; none of them, no matter how valorous they may be, are resistant to the dreaded touch of foul taint. Both the gods and mortalkind harbour feelings most vile and fierce within their hearts - the core of ideals and souls - and only on occasion do they live lives remaining free from acting upon them. It is of little debate as per how tall one stands, for inevitably, all such takes for corruption and hate to prosper is to fall once.

- Tyraz

Arsac (Formerly Arsac Irianos before her induction into the Grand Inquisition), also known as The Black Queen is a lieutenant of The Corruptus and a former High Inquisitor of the Grand Inquisition. A veteran of nearly three centuries of combat, ver these centuries she has gained a reputation fo6 her ruthless effectiveness and a list of broken cults many miles long. Abandoning the Inquisition during the Third Xhodocto War, she corrupted by Nightmare Energy given to her by Geltastra, leads a personal army known as the Black Inquisition.

Initially a staunchly determined individual and a firm believer in the idea of dynamic balance, centuries of conflict with servants of the Xhodocto, particularly against The Corruptus, had eroded Arsac's faith in her beliefs until during an expedition into the Realm of Dreams, when Geltastra convinced her that her order was pursuing an imposible goal. Coupled with the discovery that all but one or two of her companions during the expedition did nothing to convince her otherwise, Arsac surrendered her alliegence to the Radeon demoness and left her allies behind, later returning to become a severe threat to the inquisition. With her mind shattered and infused with Nightmare Energy, Arsac now lives determined to thwart what she considers futile efforts into preserving stability in the universe.


Early life[]

Much of her life is shrouded in mystery. What is known is that she was born a houseless - a draconis that was born to parents without the consent of an elder - and spent the first five years of her life in an unknown metropolis. She was found by inquisitor Thanus (A man who would bercome her mentor) who took her in and, after caring for her for a week, brought her to the monastery of Drakon on Avassi prime. As she grew older she adopted the monastery as her home and its clerics as the closest thing she had to parents.

Upon reaching the age of thirty - be it fate or chance - she was assigned to her discoverer Thanus and would spend the next fifty years under his wing. The two of them shared a bond of not just mentor and student but father and daughter as they carried out their duties. When she was sixty she was granted the title of inquisitor and requested to remain with Thanus as her partner, the cardinals accepted this request and the two would spend the next twenty years hunting.

Twist of fate[]

When she was eighty she and Thanos were tasked with hunting down a group of extremists from the Isunian collective (a minor protectorate of the Balas-5 sector). The two of them stormed a hideout of the cult and cut down every extremist who dared draw a blade or gun to them. As they reached the grand hall the Isunian cult's leader was waiting for them; to show he meant business he fired at Thanus in the shoulder before pointing the laser at Arsac, smiling.

He muttered to her "Your false god is nothing compared to the might of the true holy ones!" and, furious over her fallen comrade's injury, she screamed before plunging a pike right in his chest. As he laughed maniacally she drew her fusion pistol and discharged four shots at point-blank. After the cultist's body hit the ground she ran to collpase at Thanus' body. She began to cry and in his final breath he told her that only the now matters, and that he was proud of what she had become. Over the next century she would grow bitter particularly towards the cult that were responsible for his mentor's death, this bitternes grew to zeal as she became nothing less than a ruthless killer of all cults and dissidents.

Arsac lost her left eye in ID.219385 when she was investigating a a cult in the Sarendic protectorate. While investigating an abandoned house she was beset by cultists as she entered, furiously slaying each one who came close. While exploring a third room the cult's leader - desperate to end the inquisitor's life - came at her wit a knife. Swinging his knife he slashed her eye shortly before she grabbed his throat and began choking him, shouting at him to repent his actions before his last breath. While recovering in hospital she insisted on having cybernetics - something unorthodox in her culture - rather than having a replacement eye grown from stem cells.

Later years[]

When she was 203 she was granted the title of senior inquisitor, quickly shifting from frontline to commander and mentor. She longed for the days when she would charge into cult strongholds and reveled in their executions. As she remenisced she realised that her enjoyment could be tearing her apart and shifted to a focus on meditation in her downtime. For the next fifty years she would command raid after raid after raid with little casualties. She would vent her rage on captured cultists, slowly learning that the extremists were not a small cult of a few dozen but a group of The Congregation based out of the collective. When she was 245 she told the then-high inquisitor Alvoros of what she discovered. Over the next five years the inquisition devoted itself to uncovering the base of the congregation's operations within imperial space.

In ID.219453 over thirty inquisitors, along with two Talon fleets, Arsac and Alvoros (despite his advanced age) stormed a fortress deep in the Tovarian nebula. Encountering hundreds of fanatical cultists they had only one order and one intention:

Kill all sinners

Arsac was at the forefront, leading the charge as they cut their way through wave after wave of enemies. Over 18 inquisitors lost their lives on the assault before reaching their leader - A Terratrix by the name of ascendant Rhahz'Khot. He let out a deafening screech before plunging himself into an entire team of inquisitors. It was unknown if his fury was fueled by a zealous frenzy or demonic empowerment, he took his chance and tore the high inquisitor to pieces. As he stared over the broken body Arsac looked down before looking with anger at the insane alien before she muttered the words "Althamis ta solak-kham sivor kel orthosk" (Dracid: Death and eternal night await you sinner) before decapitating him with her energy blade.

The surviving inquisitors gathered around her. As they looked at Alvoros' broken corpse they quickly decided - it would not be the end for their encounters with the cult and they needed someone with experience. That someone was Arsac and she gladly accepted the mantle, claiming that the cult would not threaten the empire so long as she stood in their way. She was proclaimed high inquisitor four days later.

Second War Of Black Fog[]

Accustoming to her position as High Inquisitor, Arsac kept to several high-priority Andromedan worlds during The Corruptus invasion of Andromeda. On one planet in the Solonese Union, Arsac confronted Emperor Marigrax beriefly before being grabbed and lifted to the Mrainoxidiz' eye level. Rather than outright kill her, Marigrax pierced her armour and sternum with a searing entropic scar, marking her with his energies and forever linking himself to her. This scar would make her vulnerable to Marigrax's influence many years later.

Andromeda War[]

Upon hearing of the existence of a psychic leading the Legion of Badmanz in the Twilight Sector she immediately called for the inquisition to focus it's efforts in the region. It wasn't until she was informed of the Zazane attack on Solvani III that she would lead the inquisition's efforts in the region personally. Joining several other high-ranking officials she dedicated herself to investigating the warlike Brood of War. When she discovered their warlike ways were their way of honoring of a deity, she quickly branded them a cult deserving of the Inquisition's judgement.

It wasn't until the battle of Crepusculum that she realised just how sinister Brood was. Along with one other inquisitor she is one of the only draconis to so-far witness, first hand, Tyraz' and Iovera's ethereal forms and was quick to brand Tyraz as a demon. The incident also made her highly distrustful of Clericarch Iovera (Inquisition philosophy clearly states that diplomacy with non-corporeal/godlike beings leads only to the benefit of the being in question. Any benefits they may provide, no matter how tempting, always outweigh the cost.), she was also insistent that Uriel discard any efforts at relations with the Divinarium out of a firm belief that in helping them the Imperium would fall prone to weakness. She was proven wrong after the battle for Alcanti when the bonds between the two powers (along with the Brood of War) grew stronger than before, making the Divinarium one of the Imperium's closest allies. Learning of Tyraz's heroism she offered him an official pardon and promised to stop sending inquisitors to deal with him.

Red Snake Rising[]

Tyraz was grateful for the pardon and a few months after the battle for Alcanti he presented her with one of the horns Tyraz had pulled from Volkarus Khaxvis, thanking her and the two fostrred a deep connection. A month later Arsac approached Tyraz for help after learning of khaxvis re-emergence in the mid-rim. What was to be a sting operation ended up becoming a horrible discoery of Volakrus' new found intentions and power on one of the system's outer planets. After she and Tyraz managed to escape the planet she contemplated and decided to reform the Inqusition to accept all spacies form all backgrounds and had asked Tyraz if he could provide her with soem Zazane recruits.

Arsac was tested naot long later when Volakrus (who had ressurected Oniron Voxis as a clone) attacked the Selenopolis of Araveene. Under the pressures of the situation, Arsac triggered the release of energies she has only jut been fostering. Wth this power Arsac managed to burn off Volkarus' face and seared his scale, but not before he abosrbed a part of Tyraz's power. She recovered before Tyraz did and when he regianed consciousness she was there to support him. She later offered to personalyl train him to foster his potential using inquisition methods as a gesture of gratitude both for his gifts to her and for the good that she believed was inside of him. For the next few months she was his personal instructor in the ways of meditation and mental discipline.


When word reached that the Devourer's Chosen and the Xi'Arazulha were causing chaos in Borealis, Arsac was sent with a cadre of inquisitors to asses the sitation. She dueled and defeated the champion Capastrus the Emotionless, causing his body to explode.

Discovering the extent of the Corruptus, Arsac led the newly-formed Grand Inquisition on a crusade to decimate the Chosen's ranks. Along the way She found herself haunted by Shu'ytrogarva in her dreams and survived an encounter with Emperor Marigrax, destroying the fleet she was a part of in the process.

Arsac would return to fight the Devourer's Chosen once again, this time helping out the forces of Order to vanquish Dakster and Stolithik the Sorrowful. She later learned from the consul of Executive Admiral Terella Vex of the situation that subsequently unfolded.

Arsac continued working in Borealis as chaos unfolded. Concerned for the sudden silence from the Devourer's Chosen, she had assigned Inquisitor Sarec to assist in the mission to investigate and recover the Gyronic shards scattered across the galaxy while she stayed vigilant for Chosen activity. She was stationed on the Draconid Imperium planet of Praetoria when it was attacked by forces led by Capastrus the Emotionless. She personally led the defence alongside soldiers of the planetary garrison and with the support of several allies including Baptarion Light and Hachiman. With her allies she helped ot defeat Capastrus and engaged a mental battle to save a corrupted Agent Nu and executed the killing blow on Capastrus's champion form by firing a fusion pistol pulse at his head.

Arsac later told Tyraz of her nightmare that had been influenced by Shu'ytrogarva. Not knowing of the creature's existence, her dream was mistaken for subconscious feelings of fear by Tyraz which strained their relationship. She managed to calm him down after telling him she kept him in the dark for his own protection. Afterwards she requested to spend time guiding Tyraz back onto the right path. A little time after fighting the Chosen assault on the Kicath Remnant's provincial capital in Borealis, Arsac joined Tyraz in meditation which led ot a journey through Tyraz's mind. She discovered that his anger and sense of instinct had developed into a semi-split personality. Desiring control after years of rejection, Arsac attemtped tot talk it down and showed it that it did nto have to contro ltyraz to get what it wanted. When she returned to the physical world she agreed to help Tyraz, now aware what his problem was.

She was partially-present when Acolyte Nai-Ar'natl assaulted the Indoctrinate Collective's provincial capital in Borealis. She discovered that, alongside Baptarion and Hachiman, a mysterious entity known as "The Herald" had an interest in her. While she did not learn the reason why she helped defeat the acolyte i nhis ascended champion form. After the invasion was repelled she insisted that the Chosen in the Corrupted sector had to be attacked but an all-out assault was suicide. When they day of the assault came, Arsac personally led several legions of Talon Ground Legions to force their way though the Chosen's forces on their homeworld. Her trust began to wane, however when she saw Inquisitor Sarec for what he had become. Branding him a hypocrite for accepting the gifts of supernaturals, she completely alienated him thereafter and Tyraz had tried to intervene to stop her from further harming Sarec.

Unfortunately, this disdain got the better of her. After helping to defeat Geltastra, she continued ot act aggressively towards Sarec and declared he was no longer an inquisitor. She was unaware that on the day the TNSS Elumitan was destroyed, Emperor Marigrax had secretly imprinted Arsac and in the final conflict she succummed to his entropic corruption. She turned on her former allies and as they struggled against her empowered state, Marigrax was finally destroyed.

With his death, and from the overwhelming levels of dream energy she was exposed to, Arsac was cleansed of corruption. Weathered and battered, she collapsed and spent several days in an intensive care unit as she recovered.

Tantummodo Mortem[]

Arsac was one of several alongside Arkarixus, Koluap, Lemmo, Apollo, Sarec and Hachiman to discuss the situation regarding the emergence of the Dominion of the Xhodocto. She was particularly disgusted when Kezoreg revealed he was also coming, much to everyone's protests, along with his verbal insults to Arsac herself.

While the group were on Paclernos - informed this was the only way to reach Inferno, she offered Nu a hyperspace rifle from the Inquisition's armouries after discovering agents Omega and Xi. After felling one of the agents loyal to the two an intense battle ensued where the group had to enter a mausoleum that was in the heart of one of the planet's largest graveyards. She was with the group during the trek though Inferno, staying close and intently observing the sights. When the group arrived on a planet after traveling though a gateway guarded by Angazhar, she contributed to the ensuing battle to clear out the facility, fighting on the lower levels and killing several Dominion soldiers.

Arsac displayed several feats during the mission including withstanding Santorakh's mental tortures to near-breaking point, fighting off wave-after-wave of Dominion soldiers and overall displaying a single-minded resolve to complete the task they were set out to do. Her scarring however began to degrade her psyche as she became exposed to continually more horrific scenes. As she had expected she grew increasingly infuriated with Kezoreg's behavior throughout the trip. Her eroding resolve showed through when she questioned Angazhar when he materialised within Hyperborea. She was subjected to a torrent of painful visions and nightmares, sending her collapsing towards the floor of the auditorium. Rather than provide support, her actions were met with disappointment by Kithworto and Kezoreg, the latter physically assaulting her.

Arsac remained with the team journeying to the third Xhodocto Construct. While there, Arsac once again stared down Angazhar, who teleported her to some unknown location early in the confrontation. When she was reunited with the team back on their shuttle, she somehow instinctively knew Macin Xermilin had sacrificed herself and that Kezoreg had learned the unpleasant truth about her heritage; when she indicated it, Kezoreg proceeded to handle her as though she weighed very little, digging his claws into her face.

This turned out to be fuel for the fire as after a visit to the Kicathian planet Occasus, the entire team were transported to the Realm of Dreams. Rather inconveniently, Arsac began desplaying signs of Awakened Sin, a quality latent in her ever since her confrontation with Capastrus the Emotionless almost a decade ago. When she arrived in the realm, the dark nature of Awakened Sin along with the realm's positive energies triggered a rather harmful reaction in her which was dulled thanks in part to her own willpower and the efforts of Mimi.

Encountering the negative versions of the various team members she grew to learn their dark truths, Sarec's and Koluap's particularly, who's "dreamy" versions revealed the clearest truth of what the two thought of Arsac herself.She was drawn by whispers into a temple to Shu'ytrogarva. After battling Sarec's dark version and a dark mirror of herself - adorned with the litanies and the garments of a cultist - in single combat and emerging victorious by tearing the apparition in half, Arsac was confronted by Geltastra. The Dark Apostle appealed to Arsac and convinced her there was no point in sheltering individuals who would time and again continue to make the same mistakes that she had dedicated a lifetime of fixing. Realising Geltastra's words, Arsac for the first time to anyone in the temple, looked at her wishing for pity. Geltastra complied, and once Arsac accepted the Dominion's ways as true, the Radeoness corrupted her with Nightmare Energy before sending her though a portal to an undisclosed Dominion city.

Decapitating the Inquisition[]

Inducted into the Corruptus as a student of Geltastra, Arsac's initial service came from her raids on facilities owned by the Grand Inquisition, including the Grand Cathedral on Alcanti, using her knowledge of the order to severely cripple it. She took advantage of the numerous raids, including attacks on the Realm of Absolution and the fabled Reliquaries to build her own army as a dark mirror to her old order; the Black Inquisition. It was these raids and her strategy of bending the loyalty of Inquisition operatives to her will that she gained the moniker of The Black Inquisitor Queen, a moniker that she later adopted as a title for herself. The first decade of her life in the Corruptus were primarily spent growing her forces and establishing a fortress for her corrupted servants within the vast cavers underneath the surfce of Inferno. Her attacks resulted in the deaths of hundreds of civilians at the Grand Cathedral, the aforementioned structure's devestation, the decimacion of the Grand Inquisition, the absorption of the abilities of Capastrus the Emotionless and ther absconding of the Xhodocto Eye Terastia, which had been one of the prize artifacts of the Reliquary installations for its power and its dread.

Her actions hwever, did not go unnoticed by the Order. The threat she posed drew the attention of two high-profile inqiuisition individuals who Alasta and Prodigy, exchanging scrapes with both during her raids and in counterattacks against the Purgatory Guard during the Purgatorial crusades, proving a significant opponent to both whenever either operative came to battle her.


Appearence and Personality[]

Arsac has always been intimidating, even before her corruption. her body is marked with many throbbing scars from her high-risk lifestyle. She frequently wears armour and carries weapons even in diplomatic solutions. Her scales are a deep indigo tinged with dark colours and her eyes are a luminous purple. Her hair is kept short and she seems to prefer practicality over looking nice; This is exemplified in the cybernetics she bears over her left eye. Originally an injury she made the unorthodox decision to replace it with cybernetics, stating that it helps to better pick out heretics and sinners through the various visual spectra.

Her organic eye constantly darts about and she speaks with a deep, throaty voice. When she gets angry she would rest her hand on a holster or scabbard (depending on the situation) and shows little patience for ego or incompetence. Preferring efficiency above all else. She is generally highly focused: She has an agends and will not rest until it is done. Her passion for the inquisition's work borders on the fanatical and her taste for battle only adds to her reputation as a fearsome fighter.

Her corruption has given her several new physical and psychological traits. The most distinguished are a second pair of bat-like wings protruding from her back that sit slightly below the main pair of wings. Her optical implant, once a mere red sphere has deformed with numerous small biomechanical cables erupting from the rim and protruding back into the skull, constantly glowing with a reddish-purple light. Surrounding her implant are several smaller emergent eyes that look in all directions but fixate on a single or a small number of targets when she directs her focus. Her tail now curls about with an incredible flexiblity, capable of weaving as if boneless and shrinking and lengthening itself for reach purposes.

Now a descended being, Arshac displays outward disdain for all systems of belief aside from worship of Shu'rimrodir or the Xhodocto, believing all other belief systems spread lies and the only true gods that deserve following are the aforementioned dieties. She especially shows hatred for the Path of Drakon, outwardly open to calling all clerics and pactitioners as liers and self-delusionals respectively, showing little hesitation to kill them.


A power equal...no, greater than a Champion stands before us.

- Mordathai

With over three centuries of field experience, Arsac possesses formidable skills with both range and close-combat, particularly the use of energized claws. Her training along with now being an entropic entity has boosted her abilities to superdraconid levels. As a result she is much tougher, resilient and agile than a normal draconis, the entropic energy inside her body makes her highly resilient to all forms of conventional damage, at the tradeoff of becoming more vulnerable to Dream Energy. This unnatural strength of hers extends thoughout her body, including her tail, flexible enough to wrap around her victims like a serpent and crush any mass unlucky enough to be caught within the coil.

She has a noticeable proficiency with elemental energy which she primarily uses to enhance her own body along with a latent ability to manipulate heat energy which she can influence to combust, heat up or redirect. With Nightmare energy she can exhale jets of entropic fire from her mouth or hands to engulf her enemies. Under concentration she can take on a form of battle-focus, uniting both mind and body to pull of incredible feats of strength and dexterity for a brief period of time. When under this focus she will appear trance-like, but her tolerances rise further to allow her t owithstand immense amounts of damage even when against other supernatural entities. The cost however is this battle-trance can be mentally draining, putting her at risk of exhaustion if she maintains it for too long. Compared to her predacessors in the Devourer's Chosen, Arsac has proven to be one of the more potent and versatile warriors devoted to Shu'Rimrodir, as on multiple occasions she has not only maddened small armed forces to follow her, but has corrupted and empowered numerous soldiers to act as lieutenants in the Black Inquisition.

One of her most dangerous abilities is that which comes form her cybernetic eye. Corrupted with Nightmare energy, the light from the eye has a hypnotic quality to it, capable of hypnotising the weaker minded while the entropic energy can influence even trained and disciplined soldiers to be bent to her will. It was this ability that allowed Arsac to recruit the first members of the Black Inquisition, an army of cultists devoted to both her and the Devourer of Dreams. Her prehensile tail ,as wel las being used as a weapon, can upon her ocmmand envelop a target like a constrictor snake to squeeze the life-forces from the victim.



Green face.pngI honour you all, the ones who see the truth.

  • Shu'rimrodir - You are the truth made manifest!
  • Shu'ytrogarva - The assassin of the nightmare realm, may your precision techniques strike true.
  • The Vanguards - The enlightened ones.
    • Arrtkar Crowart - My services are yours.
    • Geltastra - I have a new purpose now, I thank you.
    • Varugr - Consume who you like, at least the damned will not be condemned to complete oblivion.
    • Mar-Júun - Shadows devour all...
    • Mordathai - The only legacy mortals have is what they leave behind. I suppose you are wise in wishing to learn what they knew.
    • Vouinas - Crush all in our way!
    • Murangon Nal - Spill the blood of the ignorant.


Yellow face.pngI advise you to stay at arm's reach from me.

  • Baptarion Light - Somehow his relation with the human-thing reminds me of my relation to my own mentor.
  • Uriel Ultanos - A pawn of the false truth.
  • Santorakh - I serve through Shu'rimrodir, but I will not forget.


Orange face.pngKeep away or you will suffer my wrath.

  • Kalcedia Myran - I feel nauseated at your attitude.
  • Exarch Laurinn Ma'fest - Live out your penitance, apostate, and reflect on the crimes you have committed.
  • Hachiman - You were the only one sympathetic...and yet you do not join us?
  • Macin Xermilin - Your death was the first step to me learning the truth.
  • Tyraz Breek - Your son and you...together...on pikes!


Red face.pngWhatever reason we see each other this way, I will ensure the conclusion is quick...and painful.

  • Kithworto - All that power, and you only care for yourself. Admit it!
  • Agent Nu - Feel free to dream of my impalement. It is but a dream.
  • agent Mu - Freak of nature
  • Agent Tau - You poor deluded girl
  • Koluap - You want my head? come take it!
  • Kezoreg - Filthy, disgusting abomination of a child!
  • Corteus - It will be a shame to dismantle you.
  • Volkarus Khaxvis - You dare call yourself "draconis"?
  • Sarec - I will rip your tongue out for your lies.
  • Template:CaptainIovera IX - You and Sarec, you both swim against an inevitable current no matter how hard you try.
  • Emperor Kies - Varkeos died because of the peril within your deal? Too bad for you.
  • Mimi - Why do you continue to resist inevitability?
  • Emperor Marigrax - Enjoy oblivion, abomination.
  • Capastrus the Emotionless - Ending you permanently was immensely satisfying.
  • Arkarixus - Wasted potential.
  • Alasta - You follow the same path of lies, you will join us.
  • Prodigy - Has the Order become so desperate it sends an undisciplined infant to decapitate me?



Feel free to add your ownSo much arrogance from such a little girl. I shall enjoy breaking you before the end.

- Angazhar

Hah! The High Inquisitor is mine!

- Geltastra


- Hellhuntress Telfinne

A fine woman, she is an inspiration, and one of my best allies....Or rather, friends.

- Tyraz of the Brood of War

Life-father is false. The grox are the only truth in this universe.

- Prophet of Honour

I knew I shouldn't trust you zealots!

- Koluap

You think you have any control over me? You and your lapdogs will not stand before me and my beloved.

- Varugr

You are a threat.

- Macin Xermilin

I thought you Draconis were supposed to be high-class polite people.

- Agent Mu

Not quite sure what the logic is behind hating me when you serve me. Then again, what logic is there when you do serve me anyway?

- Santorakh

An Inquisitor going rogue is never good. She represents the worst we can imagine.

- Purgatory Marshal Alasta


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