Oh hoh, I like this one. She's a strong-willed gal with a thing for fire (though maybe a tad too much of a thing) and kicking ass.

- IX

High General Key'Tara, translating to Fire Angel in Mithraela, is the former leader of the now-defunct Red Devil's War Clan of the Mithadorn Republic. Suffering from a severe case of pyromania the woman, aged nearly three times older than the average lifespan of any Mithadorn solider, boasts an impressive number of incendiary weapons in her armoury, ranging from standard Flamethrowers to Laz-Rifles and Pyro-bolt Blasters.

Now serving as a fighter of the Muaran Resistance, against The Grand Teyan Empire, she has been fighting a sustained guerrilla campaign on her homeworld for several months, after the official collapse of the Republic. She is considered to be the last Red Devil left alive in the galaxy, after the rest of her battle-brothers and sisters were purged by Imperial efforts.


Early LifeEdit

Born on Kaer, Key'Tara was a single-child to a pair of miners along the northern mountain ranges. Suffering acute pyromania, she often got herself burned while setting things alight. Oftentimes sneaking from the house to burn down the native wild-life's nesting roosts, she found herself with a penchant for mischief; abandoned by friends for her destructive tenancies, her pyromania was worsened until she accidentally burned her home down, leaving her living on the streets alone, orphaned.

Her pyromania was not cured though, oftentimes using her beloved fire to get her way, the Mithadorn became a favored champion in a series of underground fighting rings, often leaving her opponents in critical condition after serious burns. After a particularly tragic defeat however, she was back on the streets, looking to the military for her future.

Early CareerEdit

Key'Tara was made known to and entered the service of the Red Devils aged twenty-two as a young aspirant and cadet of the clan, training with basic (legal) weapons and studying a military lifestyle. Military history, combat strategy, survival strategies, and arms-handling were taught to her by commanders and captains within the walls of the sanctuary of the Red Citadel, the Red Devil's fortress and, to an extent, monastery.

Key'Tara was swift to learn and impressed her peers quickly, ascending to the rank of a standard marine within about two years, half the time any other aspirant would train for.

The to-be High General's first taste of real warfare was in the Mithadorn-Xilic-Dreacorran War, fighting on Nekuru against the Xilic, a few centuries after she had first become a soldier, busying herself with combat against pirate invasions until the war broke out. Her determination in capturing outlying cities around the capital of Exir caught the attention of her force captain, whom promoted her to a squad captain, and later on, a commander. However, she notably lost he right arm during the conflict.

Once the war ended, Key'Tara returned to Kaer to train as a special operatives commando, struggling with the brutal tests, and failing to pass more than once. Yet as time went on, she learned and learned; eventually, she passed, beating everybody else in her class, and finally becoming a special operative. Her former class-mates who had also succeeded became her new squad, and were dispatched alone to board and destroy enemy vessels from the inside, including an experimental Xilic craft.

With a robotic replacement given to the pyromaniac of a commando, she served her War Clan with unmatched passion, burning her way through those whom would harm the innocent lives on the many Mithadorn-controlled worlds, as well as the planets of their allies.


During one of the many battle for Dakasha Station, yet another simple, though brutal, pirate raid, Key'Tara joined the Warclan's High General Teyo'Suna in routing the pirates from the star-orbiting space station. Teyo'Suna was unfortunately killed in the ensuing chaos, swiftly naming Key'Tara his successor on his deathbed, much to the surprise of the Mithadorn soldier and her squad.

War for KaerEdit

Battling against the Grand Teyan Empire for several months, Key'Tara has found herself the enemy of GTE-Commander Kulvarla, battling against the Teyan personally on several occasions. Having lost her squad-mates one by one over the course of her campaign, she has become bitter, jaded, and sadistic as the toil of war begins to gnaw at her sanity.



Key'Tara is a female Mithadorn standing at about 2.4 meters tall, with four orange eyes. She posses black scales with dark brown streaks along her head and body, similar to stripes. Slender, yet muscular, her form is lean and straight, with little curvature or other 'feminine' aspects. Key'Tara's left arm is robotic, built out of a titanium alloy, painted red and black. The metal is polished, though evidence of battles still remain. Burn marks are prevalent on the segmented, metallic hand.

Dressed from the neck down in painted Kiridium, Key'Tara's armor wraps around her form tightly, though is thick and bulky, hiding much of her natural body. Segments of plated metal sit atop a body glove. The red armor, comparable to a carapace, possess little in terms of damage, though the clunky nature of the armor is far too apparent in movement, being somewhat stiff. Elements of the armor do seem sleeker than others, most notable in the legs and arm-guard (the non-robotic one). The back has a large, cubic gas canister for both breathing on inhospitable worlds, and for oxygen to be used for Key'Tara's fire-based weaponry.


A fiery, feisty, and courageous individual, Key'Tara's personality has been shaped by her long life of fighting and violence. Cold and calculating in combat, Key'Tara isn't afraid to hide her hatred of the Xilic race, nor the Draekar Remnants she has fought. Yet to those close to her, a warm kindness shines through, muddled in with her sheer obsession with fire.

As leader of the Red Devils, she has inherited the name well in battle, fighting with the ferocity and determination one might expect of a demon, or an Angazhar cultist. (Though she has expressed a seething hatred of the Xhodocto.)

Out of combat, Key'Tara is known to suffer a minor depression due to the loss of one of her organic arms, and its mechanical replacement, which she has expressed views on being a perversion of her being.


Key'Tara is a strong example of the Mithadorn military's lifestyle. Physically strong, agile, and athletic, much of which is down to the long lifetime of her species being spent largely training herself or burning things. Due to her cybernetic arm, and various other implants to repair damage sustained over the years, she boasts physical strength that could outmatch some of the strongest Mithadorn in Andromeda - though not quite all.

In terms of her weapons, Key'Tara is inaccurate at best, favoring a 'spray and pray' tactic in regards to ranged combat. In closer-quarters though, her plasma-blade proves more than enough, the pyromaniac Mithadorn more than capable of hack-'n'-slash combat as well as several more graceful forms.

Key'Tara's primary weapon is her flamethrower, a weapon with both fuel canisters, oxidizer, and a range of nearly ten meters. Commonly used for combat in enclosed spaces, though Key'Tara has proven herself on multiple occasions to be capable of wielding her weapon in open spaces with efficiency, often collecting a higher kill-count than those with more conventional weapons.



Green face

  • Vey'Kunla - “For the Homeworld, brother.


Blue face

  • Kavaat - “'Ey, come lend me a hand, will you?


Yellow face


Orange face


Red face

  • Kulvarla - “Bitch? Me? Go look in the mirror.


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Strong, independent, and feisty. I wouldn't want to get on her bad side...

- Vey'Kunla, the Black Angel

O Devil who burns with such passion, know that we Angels weep in sorrow for each of our Xillic sisters and Dreakar brothers you burn to ashes. And despair, for the Martyrs-to-be have taken upon ourselves this vow: when Enlightenment comes, every drop of allied blood you have split shall be avanged in kind.

- Izar'Izar'Istishad, Ahrat of the Angels Martyr
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