In our youth, he and I were close friends - brothers by bond, you may call it. He was a formidable practitioner of our ways - greater than I, but even then he believed that we as Mahanayans were to lead by example. We seek to pursue knowledge in our lives; the knowledge which Hez'Kalka pursued opened him onto a truth worse than the most bleak of realities.

- Mazarothas

Hez'Kalka is the Mahanayan dictator of the Legion of Therus, and acts as the leader of the Dominion of the Xhodocto. Once a follower of the monastic practices of the Mahanayans, Hez'Kalka became one of the most affluent warlords of The Congregation in his youth. Following the dissolution of the Congregation after the Tigris War, Hez'Kalka forcibly assimilated the fragments of the Congregation into the newly-dubbed Legion of Therus.

Though a brutal warlord, Hez'Kalka is known also as a deeply intellectual philosopher and is considered the figurehead behind the practices of Therusism. By most measures of coalition governments across the First Gigaquadrant, Hez'Kalka exists as one of the most feared and dangerous individuals in the known universe, with all but an extreme few view him as a genocidal terrorist bent on subjecting the Gigaquadrant to eternal conflict. He is one of the select few servants of the Xhodocto known as Angazhar. Following the death of Tyrómairon in the Cyrannian Year 26 NE, Hez'Kalka is the Gigaquadrant's sole and most powerful threat.


Born over 2,700 years ago on the Mahanayan homeworld of Mahanaya, Hez'Kalka was raised in the monastic philosophies of the Mahanayan race; in his youth, he chose to leave his home and travel among the stars as an adaḫānaolĥōolōmyan. For a number of centuries, Hez'Kalka traveled with a fellow Mahanayan named Mazarothas. Whilst their bond was considered fraternal in the beginning, Hez'Kalka's views of the universe began to deviate from that of his friend. As Mazarothas began to view his role in the universe as one of a participant, Hez'Kalka began to question as to whether the very power Mahanayans possessed were rightly used as mere observers. Over time, Hez'Kalka grew more and more disillusioned with Mazarothas' objectivity, and started acting on his own impulses which in turn grew more and more immoral. Eventually, Mazarothas and Hez'Kalka severed their ties; culminating in a fight in which nearly killed both of them.

Travelling across the Tuuros Galaxy alone, Hez'Kalka became something of a ominous legend as he moved across worlds. Rumours suggest that he had worked alongside the Vranntan Order and Nijusi Syndicate briefly, though Vranntan legends speak of Hez'Kalka as a bogeyman-like figure, and Tuk Nijusi refuses to speak of the matter. His travels eventually landed him into a position of power in The Congregation and became one of the most trusted warlords of Lord Zhuleshxi. At this point in time, Hez'Kalka began to pry into Zhuleshxi's own philosophies - learning that Zhuleshxi himself followed the will of an entity known as Angazhar. It is believed that Hez'Kalka began to commune with Angazhar himself; while he had admired Zhuleshxi's order, he began to view it as an impure form of what Angazhar intended. Hez'Kalka's and Zhuleshxi's disagreements in ideology caused a rift; whilst Zhuleshxi knew that Hez'Kalka lacked the ability to depose him, he came to accept that he would be his eventual successor.

The dissolution of the Congregation following Zhuleshxi's death at the end of the Tigris War proved to be an opportunity for Hez'Kalka to assume the position he came to covet; although many other warlords at the time came to challenge Hez'Kalka's authority. As a result, a large-scale war occurred between him and the other warlords, though Hez'Kalka utilised his superior knowledge and intelligence to great effect. Instead of directly challenging the warlords, He used many underhanded and deceptive tactics on lesser civilisations across the Gigaquadrant; by stripping them of their luxuries and falsifying their beliefs, they rapidly fell under the banner of Hez'Kalka's new philosophy - Therusism. Hez'Kalka's armies swelled in number over the decade as he eventually pressed attack after attack on the other warlords - either submitting to his authority or being executed, Hez'Kalka declared that his new governance - the Legion of Therus - was the true expression of Angazhar's will. The Legion of Therus proved to be far more savage and brutal than the Congregation; rejecting Zhuleshxi's perfect order in place of an ascetic, all-consuming kratocracy. By 2790, Hez'Kalka had further unified forces allied to Angazhar's will, and formed the coalition known as the Dominion of the Xhodocto.



Hez'Kalka is a Mahanayan of greater-than-average stature; rejecting his species' aesthetics, Hez'Kalka favoured the ornate and complex design of The Congregation's aesthetics and fashioned himself a heavy suit of silver and black armour. His communion and subjugation to Angazhar has rendered his body corrupted by demonic energies - His skin has turned from brown to charred black, and his flesh underneath including his bloodstream has been ignited into a fiery, incandescent red. However, like most Mahanayans, Hez'Kalka walks barefooted. He exudes a much greater aura of intimidation than other Mahanayans do, with those who have crossed him in person noting him as a particularly terrifying presence.


A conduit of his own philosophy, Hez'Kalka embraces the asceticism and austere practices of Therusism. Those who have studied Hez'Kalka's practices believe that his mind has been bent by his own beliefs and experiences - though he believes his actions to be objective under the will of Angazhar, Hez'Kalka has committed acts of heinous violence and deception in the millennia he has lived. Many of his actions have forced uncountable civilisations to dissolve their societies and descend into anarchy as means of assimilating them, often to the point of such desperation that these societies have murdered each other in colossal numbers. These are testament to Hez'Kalka's intellect and knowledge of those he has conquered, as well as his means of keeping them under subjugation should they revolt.


Though known for his intellect and dominating will, Hez'Kalka is also a master of the martial arts of the Mahanayans as well as powerful practitioner of the use of demonic energy. Such is Hez'Kalka's martial prowess and formidable strength that he killed several Kicathian Agents, including Agent Nu in unarmed combat during the events of the Third Xhodocto War, which has earned him a reputation in Gigaquadrantic myth as a being of godly force. It is believed that his communion with Angazhar and his practice in demonic rituals has made him able to commune with the Samut'angar to a considerable degree, and likely used this power during the events of forming the Legion of Therus.



Yellow face.pngMistake not my mercy as complacence. You will serve all the same.


Orange face.pngI would make your choice if I were you; serve me or die. I care not either way.


Red face.pngAs the nature of conflict dictates; let your beloved populace's bodies pile high. Either I stand upon them as a conqueror, or you stand upon them as a failure - or worse, that very mountain's summit.

  • United Gigaquadrantic Alliance - You rebuke conflict in favour of peace among your own people. Peace cannot last, even among its most peaceful. Decadence and luxury will build high, and it will be my hand that removes it. There, you will see true conflict among your own.