Dangerous, but highly efficient. His genes are only one factor of his power, for he is most definitely the most skilled Bonio I have ever heard of. He was fundamental to the creation of the Collective and now serves as one of its greater heroes... even though he began as a petty thief who would otherwise be shot and killed on sight. Sometimes things are just meant to be.

- Tarygan Tersly

Herquie Lhern is a famed Bonio warrior who was once one of the most feared bounty hunters of the Milky Way Galaxy before the events of the Second War of Black Fog led to him becoming a hero of the Indoctrinate Collective and as of currently, its sole Royal Admiral. A battle hardened man who spent most of his life living off assassinations and bounties, Herquie has only just been allowed the chance to live in normal society, which has given him at least some reason to feel happiness after five hundred years of living as a space pirate.

Herquie is the most recent descendant of the legendary Vida'Rra demigod Rhigeo Fuerq after he was transformed into a Bonio, which leads to the warrior to having immense Dream Energy potential. Cold, quiet and not too emotive, Herquie has little patience for games or failure and prefers to solve problems with his blades rather than sweet talk, though he is nonetheless capable of friendship with those he grows particularly fond of.


Early History[]

Herquie was born in a shady family affiliated with groups of space pirates which operated near Bonio Republic territory. Being teached the ways of crime, Herquie grew up among the pirates' way of life, seeing others are nothing more than means for obtaining profit. Herquie would become hunted across Bonio Republic territory for his assassinations and criminal deeds. Herquie's life changed, however, when the space station he lived in was attacked by the Marinox, in an attack personally supervised by Errr. Herquie's subordinates all sacrificed themselves in an attempt to push the Marinox off the station, while Herquie himself attempted to kill Errr, only to be stopped by Commandant Karnak. Barely alive, Herquie managed to escape the station before the Marinox took it over completely. Losing his home and his loyal men, Herquie would become a shady mercenary, and train to one day have his revenge on Errr.

While Errr would be deemed killed during the Battle for Planet Kaizox, Herquie kept his training, believing Errr had survived the battle. And he was right.

Second War of Black Fog[]

Herquie being haunted by Shu'ytrogarva

When the Second War of Black Fog began, Herquie would begin being haunted by nightmares involving both Arrtkar Crowart and Shu'ytrogarva, for reasons at first ambiguous. Upon being hired by an unknown party, Herquie would fight Koluap and nearly kill him before being immobilized and arrested. Before the Spinker admiral could execute him, however, Herquie managed to escape. Only later he would actually learn he was actually hired by Errr himself, who he proceed to challenge to a one-on-one battle. The Ermitant, however, hired Mac and sent him after Herquie, who left the Bonio left at the blink of death before Mac was stopped by Titanozor. The Bonio would have his life saved by Thea'Nhirara, who realized his potential and Vida'Rra ancestry. Having his life saved and being accepted among his former enemies, Herquie joined Jerkon and Koluap in the war against the Corruptus.

Herquie was later present in the final battle of the War of Claim, where he helped Tyraz Breek and his allies in putting an end on Moxix, and later slayed Errr, then fought Shu'rimrodir himself in the Realm of Dreams. When the Dracogonarious, Spinker and Bonio reformed into the Indoctrinate Collective, Herquie was chosen to be one of its two Royal Admirals. Herquie would much later take part of an infiltration of the Draconizane's home universe for the purpose of rescuing Tyraz, eventually succeeding in his mission and securing the Zazane emperor's safety.

Years later, Herquie became involved in the Second Great Cyrannus War by providing support to the New Cyrannian Republic during the Borealis Front against the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, ultimately leading to their defeat and retreat from the galaxy.



Herquie appears as a very tall male of the Bonio species whose body is covered in scars of previous conflicts and whose left eye is missing after it was gouged out during a Marinox attack on his original home. The eye has since been replaced by a mechanical eyepatch which can be used to zoom in or out on targets among other functions. Ever since discovering his Dream Energy potential, Herquie's feathers have become slightly more vibrant and sometimes let out a faint white glow, especially when the Bonio is pleased or relaxed.


Herquie is described as being a very quiet and cold individual who opens himself to only a handful of people he trusts. Condensing, sarcastic and broody, he has little patience for jokes or mischief when there is work to be done. Herquie rarely laughs or smiles, and instead his face is usually locked in a frown or scowl. The reason behind his hostile behaviour is the loss of his original home, something which has left him permanently traumatized. He has received the fact he descends from a Vida'Rra hero as a setback, as he considers the idea of being some sort of "special snowflake" nothing short of irritating as it implies he would not be as strong and skilled if he were a normal Bonio.


Herquie is one of the most powerful Bonio warriors in history, sporting great skill and physical prowess which many members of the species cannot hope to match. He fights primarily through the use of vibroblades which are inserted on his gloves, which are known by his race as bladed knuckles, and he uses his agility to deliver quick strikes to his enemies' weak spots. Herquie's fighting style makes heavy use of spins, which are done to emphasize his agility and to disorient his enemy. By using Dream Energy, he can also increase his physical endurance and infuse his weapons with the essence in order to deal more damage.



Green face.pngHello.

  • Jerkon - Pretty smart fellow. I own him a few.
  • Maryah - Feels like yesterday when you couldn't even hold a gun right.


Blue face.pngHm.


Yellow face.pngHmpf.


Orange face.pngDon't provoke me.

  • Errr - Keep in line.


Red face.pngDie, fool.

  • Shu'rimrodir - I'll dedicate my life to opposing you and your scum.
  • Arrtkar Crowart - I'm more of a Vida'Rra than you'll ever be.
  • Cairaovén - Let me put you out of your misery.
  • Kordan - The bigger they are, the more painful the fall is.


He doesn't think of himself as a tough guy; he knows he is a tough guy, as a lot of other idiots who trifled with him now know. Pfft, Kithworto says that I have grown stronger with training, but even then I doubt I could face this guy on my own.

- Kezoreg

People who carry and wield Dream energy have a personal destiny to fulfill, that's a fact. ... I can understand refusing to walk the path laid ahead for you if you feel you can carve your own, but I just hope he doesn't end up sprinting into reverse.

- Hachiman





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