On my bridge, Lieutenant, we do not—I repeat, do not—shout information at the intended recipient, particularly when said recipient is the commanding officer.

- Captain Medé chastises a subordinate

Henera Medé is a Libertus female naval officer who holds the rank of captain in the Imperial Navy of the Empire of Cyrannus. Beginning her career in the New Constantipolos Defence Fleet, Captain Medé joined the Imperial Navy in the aftermath of the New Cyrandia Wars, ascending through the ranks and achieving captaincy of the Star Destroyer Chimaera.

Born on Constantipolos during the reign of the United Republic of Cyrannus, Henera's early life was changed irrevocably when the Corruptus entity Okastana destroyed her planet and most of her family, forcing her to fend for herself. Eventually, she joined the New Constantipolos Defence Fleet, which she served for ten years before enrolling in the Imperial Academy of Melanian in the distant Outer Rim. Rising through the ranks of the Empire, she was eventually promoted to captain and was chosen by Grand Admiral Tector Decimius to serve as the captain of his flagship, the Imperator-class Star Destroyer Chimaera. Within a month of her promotion, the Second Great Cyrannus War erupted across the Gigaquadrant, with Medé assigned to the Coru Secundus Campaign.

Medé is regarded as a rising star within the Imperial fleet, with Grand Admiral Decimius considering her to be a protege in the art of advanced warfare. During the opening engagements of the Second Great War, such as during the Battle of Thaehos and the Second Battle of the Mou'Cyran Remnants, she was identified by the New Republic as one of the Navy's most gifted commanders, despite her relative youth.


Early LifeEdit

Born on the prosperous Mid Rim world Constantipolos in 15 BNE, Medé's family could be traced back to the original colonisers of the planet over a thousand years prior to her birth, which would have afforded her a privileged position in Constantipolosi society, where it not for her father being outed as an operative of the Cyrannian Syndicate, a fact which ostracised the Medés from the highest echelons of Constantipolosi society. Though her mother seperated from him and brought the young Henera with her, they remained on Constantipolos, where they came face-to-face with the Corruptus entity known as Okastana—the dreaded sniper of darkness.


Henera witnessed the destruction of Constantipolos at the hands of the Corruptus.

On the eve of her fifteenth birthday, Henera was present in Constantipolos city when Okastana launched her attack, killing countless civilians, including Henera's mother. However, due to the bravery of the Constantipolosi defence fleet, Okastana was distracted long enough for her mother to place her daughter on the last transport ship off the planet, giving up her own seat for one of Henera's friends. As the ship lifted off, Henera watched in horror as blasts of Entropic energy disintegrated the platform upon which her mother stood, forever scarring and embedding within her a deep loathing for all things demonic and undead.

On her own from that day forth, Henera struggled to make a living, scavenging what she could and running in with bands of criminals trying to make ends meet. However, hoping to live up to the brave defenders of Constantipolos who had given their lives to save hers, when she came of age, Henera joined the New Constantipolos Defence Fleet, rising through the ranks from a cadet until finally reaching the rank of squadron commander two years after the formation of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Eventually however, as New Constantipolos grew to rival the old, Medé sought to serve the galaxy another way, by enrolling in the Imperial Navy, where she attended the Melanian Naval Academy. During her time at the academy, Medé engaged in multiple extracurricular activities, including fencing, which she grew quite skilled at. Graduating with high honours, Medé was commissioned into the Imperial Starfleet, eventually attaining captaincy at the age of thirty.


Medé on the bridge of the Chimaera early in the Second Great War.

Second Great WarEdit

Upon her promotion to the rank of Captain, Medé was transferred to the Star Destroyer Chimaera by personal request of Grand Admiral Tector Decimius. There, she became the commanding officer of the Chimaera under Decimius, who remained on the ship in his private command centre above the main bridge. In the first week of 15 NE, she was commanded by Decimius to take the ship to a specific set of coordinates which were later revealed to be within the Mantillian Worlds sector of New Republic space.

There, she witnessed the tactical genius of Decimius for the first time, when he utilised his knowledge of the native Mantillians history to destroy an entire flotilla. A few weeks later, she was present when the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation destroyed the Republic capital Mou'Cyran. Though horrified by the destruction, she hid her feelings well and joined Decimius as he planned his assault on Coru Secundus.

Battle of Mou'Cyran

Republic and Aldárae defenders ambush the Inexorable and the Chimaera in the asteroid field formed from Mou'Cyran's destruction.

On Ianuaria 53, 15 NE, the Empire launched their first strike after the Battle of Cadian, though Captain Medé and the Chimaera remained within Imperial space as Admiral Tharnak Adraci's fleet invaded Republic space. During the opening battle of Thaehos, however, under orders from Decimius, she captained the Chimaera to join the battle, where it proved instrumental in defeating Republic Captain Aeralon Temer's armada. After the Battle of Thaehos ended, Decimius returned to Orbispira, leaving Medé in sole command of the Chimaera.

Coordinating with Admiral Adraci, she fought in both the First and Second Battle of the Mou'Cyran Remnants, during which the Chimaera sustained minor damage when it was hit by a disabled Imperial Gozanti-class cruiser. When the battle ended with a costly Imperial victory, Medé rallied her forces in preparation for the attack on Coruaan, later participating in the planet's capture.

Several years into the conflict, Medé had become one of the most respected commanders in the Imperial Navy, and after Decimius' unexpected death at the Battle of Harborage, increasingly became seen as the Grand Admiral's natural successor. During the New Republic campaign to liberate Coru Secundus, Medé was charged with the defence of the ecumenopolis Coruanthor, and in doing so, found a worthy and respected nemesis in the form of the military genius Lord Psantik—the commander of the Singularim Pact's forces in Cyrannus.

Physical AppearanceEdit


Henera, in the uniform of an Imperial captain.

A young female Libertus, Henera Medé is regarded as attractive among her kind, with dark blue skin and a healthy head of feathers, which she keeps short per Imperial regulations. She is at her most comfortable when in her official Imperial Officer uniform, consisting of a dark grey jacket, black pauldrons on each shoulder, black trousers and two red sashes embroidered into the jacket. Additionally, she wears a rank insignia patch of four blue and two red bars, indicating her rank as captain. Symbolising her attachment to her fallen homeworld Constantipolos, she also wears a traditional Constantipolosi headpiece, rather than a standard issue Imperial command hat.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Carrying herself with an almost regal weight, Captain Henera Medé is a great admirer of the naval traditions of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and the United Republic of Cyrannus, conducting herself with honour, courage and with the utmost professionalism. Indeed, with the death of her family during the destruction of Constantipolos, Medé considers the other members of the Imperial Navy, though particularly her subordinates on the Chimaera as the closest thing she has to family. Nevertheless, she isn't soft and has a reputation on the Chimaera as a disciplinarian who does not tolerate failure or ineptitude. Indeed, she expects the very best from those under her command—which has in turn led to the Chimaera becoming one of the most efficient vessels in the Imperial fleet.

A highly ambitious and meritorious officer, Medé is regarded as one of the Empire's rising stars, with her tactical ingenuity earning the attention of the great strategist himself, Grand Admiral Decimius. Indeed, though absolutely loyal to the Empire and Emperor Tyrómairon, Medé is unafraid to question orders if she believes them to be counter to the Empire's long term interests, even if such orders came from a higher ranked individual. However, when she bore witness to the Mou'Cyran Cataclysm, she felt shame in her Empire for the first time in her life and when she learned that the primary architect of the catastrophe, Grand Mandator Taev Vosaetiur died, allowed herself a smile of satisfaction. Nevertheless, Medé distrusts the New Cyrannian Republic—believing that a galaxy under the Republic would be doomed to mediocrity and chaos.

Though disciplined in her professional life, Medé has many paramours in Imperial space, as well as many suitors attracted to her appearance, her intelligence and her fiery ambition. However, despite her fondness for fleeting dalliances, she has shown no interest in settling down with any one man, instead keeping her options open should such a relationship prove political advantageous during her rise within the Imperial ranks.





Green faceLovely to see you.

  • Unknown


Blue faceHow can I help?


Yellow faceYes?

  • Nirndal: You have yet to gain my trust, Basileus.


Orange faceYou're testing my patience.

  • Mornauó: Once a Confederate, always a Confederate.
  • Apollo: Surrender, or your Republic will fall.
  • Lord Psantik: Finally, a worthy foe. It is a pity we meet on opposite sides of the battlefield.


Red faceBah!

  • Mar-Júun: There are rumours he once served the Empire. Preposterous!


A rather young but promising officer, one that I desire to serve onboard the Relentless

- Chi Chodecra, Imperial Inquisitor

You have seen what powers we hold. What we can do to your worlds. Why do you resist the inevitable?

- Mar-Júun

Never have I known a mind as similar as mine. It is a shame we ended in opposite sides on the battlefied.

- Lord Psantik




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