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You have a special destiny, Helo.

- Sonja

Helo Roslia is a male Libertus who serves as a Fleet Admiral in the Navy of the New Cyrannian Republic. A capable and experienced officer hailed as one of the Republic's greatest heroes, Helo is unique in that he is often accompanied by a mysterious Messenger, who calls herself Sonja, claiming to be an emissary of the One God. Claiming that Helo has a special destiny, Sonja has acted as both a companion and an adviser to the Libertus officer since the Intergalactic War.

During the Great Cyrannus War, Roslia commanded the Avenger, a Venator-class Star Destroyer in multiple battles against the Confederacy of Allied Systems, only to be deployed to the Milky Way Galaxy, where he was instrumental in returning the Delpha Coalition of Planets to the Gigaqaudrant after the Annihilation. As such, Roslia was hailed as a hero by the Coalition, who swore a collective debt of gratitude.

When the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was formed, Helo refused to join it, instead becoming one of the Republic in Exile's military leaders, with his messenger constantly by his side. During his tenure as a captain in the Exiled Republic, both Helo and his ship were transported to one thousand two hundred and fifty years into the future, where he aided both the future Empire and the future Cyrandia Republic against the mysterious Xeranbha, who had conquered much of the universe by that point in history. Though the Avenger was destroyed, he soon returned to the present with the C.R.S. Aeolus, pledging his allegiance to the New Cyrannian Republic.

Captain Roslia quickly emerged as one of the New Republic's greatest heroes, being instrumental in discovering the capital world Mou'Cyran, protecting it from the Icolians and the Rihanae Pact and being an instrumental leader in the Neraida War, where he played a key role in the final destruction of the Neraida Gigamatrix. After the conflict ended, Roslia accepted a promotion to the rank of Commodore and prepared his flotilla for what he considered to be an inevitable conflict with the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. During the Second Great Cyrannus War, Roslia became one of the Republic's most renowned officers, and upon the death of Admiral Cretacea, became the military leader of the New Republic Remnant, as the commander of the Star Dreadnought Resolute.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Roslia was born to a relatively poor family on Capricaerón, but the details of his family members have been lost, as he was orphaned as a baby. When he was old enough, he joined the military of the United Republic of Cyrannus, where his incredible combat talents were seen by his superior officers. Within a year of training, Roslia left the academy and was conscripted into the elite portion of the Republic military fighting during the War of Ages.

Roslia was apart of the Republic task force during the War of Ages, where he fought alongside figures such as Warlord Kilnok, Admiral Votarah, Ramcard and Morobus. Helo fought valiantly against the Xhodocto and was one of the few that survived their wrath. However, it was the Intergalactic War when he finally gained recognition.

Second Battle of Corulus 02

Roslia destroys the Affluent

Helo's next major assignment was the protection of the colony of Virgon in the latter stages of the Intergalactic War, he fought his way through hundreds of Cogsangui warriors, however just as the battle appeared won, a woman appeared in front of Helo. She introduced herself as "Sonja", and claimed that God had a plan for him. Confused, Helo told her to get to safety but soon found out that she wasn't really there, no one else could see her.

Sonja began to appear much more often to Helo and on his mission to Sector 67803, she appeared to tell him that the planet they have discovered was in fact Cealestes, the ancient homeworld of all Capricyránae. She guided him to the lush pastures of the forgotten world until they reached ruins, which Sonja said was built thousands of years ago to honour the Lords of the Thirteen. Helo was confused, the Libertus evolved on Capricaerón. Sonja told him that a species of Libertus evolved on Cealestes and millions of years later they discovered Capricaerón where the Libertus also evolved in tandem. By stepping foot on Cealestes, he started shockwaves that would start the Clash of the Gods.

Cyrannus War and Omegatropic Edit


Helo Roslia aids the DCP.

Later on his voyages across the galaxy and beyond, he often came into contact with the Bisistar, dreaded creatures that wanted nothing else but death and destruction for those who lived in Cyrannus, however he eventually escaped their grasp, returning to Cyrannus. Unfortunately however, the Bisistar followed, beginning an invasion of the galaxy once more.

Roslia was later called to Corulus, where he was given a mission to liberate the planet from the icy rule of Moravilon, the fiendish Confederate Admiral. Breaking through the blockade, Roslia managed to accomplish his mission by killing Moravilon once and for all. Captain Roslia soon elected to aid the Delpha Coalition of Planets, which was trapped in the Omegatropic. With the help of Sonja and the AI known as the Guidestarm the DCP was finally returned to the Gigaquadrant, turning Roslia into a well know gigaquadrantic celebrity and hero, especially to the Coalition themselves, who were thankful, calling him an honourable warrior.

Dark Times Edit

Roslia was then sent to the Quadrant Galaxies to aid Rambo Nation against the Confederacy of Allied Systems, however he soon received news that the Republic had fallen in Cyrannus, and the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus had taken its place. Shocked and unsure what to do, he secured the Republic colonies in the Quadrants with Admiral Shavalera, the two becoming the leaders of the Republic taskforce in the Fleet of Retribution. However, with even the Rambo considering the URC enemies at this point, it became a dangerous new world to live in.

Along with Shavalera, Helo officially made the former Republic senator Adelheidis into the new leader of the Republic in Exile, the new name for the colonies loyal to democracy in Quadrant 82. He later escorted the Praesator to the Andromeda Galaxy, where Adelheidis met with the Zazane insurrectionist known as Crispy. Unbeknownst to Helo, Adelheidis began an affair with him soon afterward.

Into the FutureEdit


Helo face to face with the Xeranbha.

Months later, Helo and the crew of the Avenger were on patrol duty near the borders of the Republic in Exile. For Roslia, it was a terribly boring assignment and he would have much preferred exploration duty. Being prompted by Sonja, Helo finally decided to travel to the mysterious NX-01 sector, home to a great deal of naturally occurring wormholes. When the Avenger arrived, it travelled through one of these wormholes, eventually arriving over one thousand two hundred years into the future. As soon as they arrived, they were contacted by a Libertus known as Aquillius Cretacea, a descendant of Apollo, who claimed to serve the Cyrandian Republic. Helo and the crew were shocked but agreed to accompany Aquillius to the Republic's capital on Mou'Cyran.

When he arrived at Mou'Cyran, he was beamed against his will to the Presidential Chateau, where he met with President Le Rambo, a descendant of Empress Ramashe. Le Rambo informed him that due to the threat of an extra dimensional invasion force known as the Xeranbha, which succeeded in wiping out most of the universe at this point in history, the Avenger would not be permitted to leave. Instead, he would help the Republic in infiltrating a Xeranbha Saucer and capturing one of their leaders.

Though Helo was forced to ally with Imperial Admiral Brythona, he managed to infiltrate the Xeranbha Saucer (though the Avenger was destroyed in the process) alongside Aquillius, D'anna and several Imperial Wardroids. During the mission, the group was attacked by the Purity Aliens, the fiendish slaves of the Xeranbha, who managed to infect D'anna with the Purity Virus and destroy the Imperial Droids. Aquillius managed to escape, though Helo was unable and was instead taken face to face with a Xeranbha, who conveyed to Roslia their confusion regarding his immunity to the Purity Virus. To Helo's surprise, he was sent back to the CRS Phoebus with the knowledge that the Xeranbha had an apparent weakness; him.

Helo decided to give blood to both the Empire and the Republic, in the hopes that an immunity to the dreaded Purity Virus could be developed. However, he only did so in exchange for passage back to his own time, something that Captain Aquillius and President Le Rambo eventually agreed to. Gaining command of the last Venator-class Star Destroyer in existence, the CRS Aeolus, Helo and his surviving crew returned to the present.


Helo and Sevine are confronted by Majestic Agents.

Mysteries of Mou'CyranEdit

When the CRS Aeolus arrived in the present, it was greeted by a Rambo Nation vessel, the USS Enterprise-A. Helo had dinner with Captain Rambo, sharing some details about his adventure before reporting back to the Republic-in-Exile, which had become part of the New Cyrannian Republic. Helo discovered that this new civilisation was in search of a homeworld and thus helped them by revealing the location of Mou'Cyran, a planet he visited in the future timeline. Soon after the Republic settled on the planet, Helo was forced to return to the Aeolus when a Regellian fleet attacked the planet. However, for some mysterious reason, the Regellis retreated before firing a shot.

Throughout the successive months after the departure of the Regellians, Roslia would remain posted on Mou'Cyran in command of exploration teams being sent to all areas of the planet in search for knowledge regarding the mysterious world's past. In the process, Roslia, Sevine and Trebob happened upon a base of the Icolian Assemblage and in the progress of removing it, Trebob was killed. Upon returning to the Aeolus, Roslia was shocked to find that the Icolians had united with the Regellian Admiral Tai'Rex and had launched a vicious attack on the planet. However, the resolve of the Republic ultimately won the day though Roslia found no time to celebrate. The secret of the planet had been revealed. A Xeranbha Overseer was hidden beneath the planet and before Roslia had a chance to interrogate it, the Overseer was taken into Majestic custody, much to Roslia's chagrin.

New Cyrandia WarsEdit


The Allied Fleet assembles prior to the Cataclysm in the Neutral Zone.

In the following months, Roslia was reassigned to the border regions with the Rihanae Pact where he led many planetary defences against intruding Jenassian and Regellian fleets before being reassigned to Willelmus Cretacea's united Gigaquadrantic fleet in their charge against the Bisistar Domain's attack on the innocent Ermitant world Venetia.

Over a year later, Roslia and the crew of the Aeolus were once again called into action upon the Corruptus attack on both Republic and Imperial worlds along the Neutral Zone, prompting a titanic clash known as the Cataclysm in the Neutral Zone. During the battle against the demon world Brezank, Helo was teamed with Voro Acetenus, Khorvaanis and Gavakar and would narrowly manage to accomplish their goal despite fierce opposition from the demonic forces of Brezank. After Brezank was destroyed by the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation, Roslia returned to Republic space where he would later be assigned to work with the newly established Pax Infinitus Armada, a Mou'Cyran Accords task force assigned to dealing with threats such as the Dominion of the Xhodocto.

Neraida WarEdit

Battles for Coru Secundus

In 09 NE, the Republic was viciously attacked by the Neraida Gigamatrix, which utilised hidden wormholes to materialise within Republic space and attack innocent worlds. Assigned to a battle fleet commanded by Fleet Admiral Aver Kuestantine, Captain Roslia and the crew of the Aeolus garnered a reputation during the conflict to readily disobey orders from Republic Command if they disagreed.

Hyperspace Pursuit

The Aeolus pursues a damaged Cube through hyperspace.

Indeed, it was the crew of the Aeolus which discovered the nature of the Neraida wormholes by pursuing a damaged Cube through hyperspace, only to be overruled by Admiral Kuestantine not to engage. Nevertheless, his nerve impressed President Nexarón Valkistair, who assigned him to led the Republic task force against Neraida vessels utilising a portal in the Concordian Nebula to attack Republic space.

During the subsequent battle, Roslia attempted to stem the overwhelming odds acting against him, though with the loss of the dreadnought Falcariae prompted him to order a retreat. Undaunted, Helo hosted a meeting of the Allied commanders over Angrenos, where he stressed the need to prevent further massacres. Ultimately, the arrival of the Republic flagship Republica under the command of Admiral Willelmus Cretacea did much to boast morale, as did Commander Selanius' news that he had developed a new weapon which could be used to destroy the Neraida fleet.

Battle of Coruanthor 02

The Aeolus fights against the Supercube during the Battle of Coruanthor.

During the subsequent Defence of Angrenos from the Neraida fleet, the Republic and their allies utilised the weapon to great effect, destroying a large portion of the fleet and winning a temporary victory for the Allies. When the Neraida attacked the ecumenopolis of Coruanthor in retaliation, Helo and the crew of the Aeolus joined with the Republic fleet in fighting off the attackers, though much of the planet was left in ruin. Nevertheless, the destruction of the bulk of the Neraida fleet in the two previous engagements allowed the Republic to finally lead a charge into Neraida space itself, where after a brief battle through the wormhole, the allies established a base from which they could launch attacks into the heart of the Gigamatrix.

Nagith Mystery
Helo: "Welcome to the Neraida War, Master Ryen. I must say that I'm curious as to the nature of your mission."
Ryen: "That's only natural. Suffice to say, I don't operate under the official jurisdiction of the Republic, though I represent certain interests which align exactly with yours, I'd imagine. Neraida space hides many secrets, some of which originate from the very earliest histories. I seek out an Oikoumene installation on a world not far from here, the signal of which was potent enough to be detected from my home on Aldár. As one of the most advanced vessels in the fleet, the Aeolus was chosen to lead the mission to this lost world. If Starlight favours it, the tide of our conflict will soon turn firmly in our favour."
―Helo and Ryen prior to the classified mission

Soon after arriving in Neraida space, the Aeolus received a visitor from beyond the wormhole by the name of Ryen, who had detected an ancient Oikoumene signal deep in Neraida space. According to Republic Command, Helo was to escort Ryen to these coordinates in the hopes that they hold something which could be used against the Neraida. Travelling to the coordinates, Helo volunteered to join Ryen at the coordinates, where they soon came into contact with the Neraida drone known as Sakhmet, who had lured the two to the planet in order to rid the Neraida of a considerable threat. Nevertheless, Helo's skill, coupled with Ryen's mastery over Light won the day, destroying the drone. When they brought it back to the Aeolus, they discovered that the coordinates actually led to a nearby system, which curiously lacked a Neraida presence.

Mystery of the Nagith 04

Helo, Sevine and Ryen discuss the mission on the bridge of the Aeolus.

To the shock of the crew of the Aeolus, the coordinates led them to a vast Oikoumene dyson sphere which had evidently been colonised by the Nagith Empire thousands of years ago. Once again travelling alone with Ryen, the two men ventured through the interior gateway of the sphere in search of the signal, which revealed an ancient Nagith facility in the interior of the sphere. There, they discovered a stasis field holding the last surviving Nagith. Reviving the warrior, Helo and Ryen discussed the current state of the galaxy, including the status of the Neraida, whom the Nagith referred to as the "Children". Introducing himself as Vanikaimar, the ancient Nagith agreed to aid the allies in the fight against the Children, in the hopes of atoning for his people's involvement in their creation.


The Battle of the Neraida Core rages.

End of the War

Several weeks later, Captain Roslia gathered the allied leaders on the Aeolus for one final meeting prior to the planned assault on the Neraida Core. With the Aevarin-created virus ready for deployment, Roslia and Admiral Cretacea oversaw the vast Republic armada assembled for the final battle. Though Roslia wanted to join the ground team to the Core to implement the virus, Cretacea urged him to remain on the Aeolus, to serve as a beacon of resolve to the allies. To Roslia's delight, the virus suddenly activated just as the battle began to turn against the allies, ushering the final destruction of the Neraida Gigamatrix. Upon the end of the conflict, Roslia was celebrated as one of the Republic's greatest heroes and finally accepted a promotion to the rank of Commodore, commanding a small flotilla from the bridge of the Aeolus. Though he suspected that the destruction of the Neraida was part of his "special destiny", as described by Sonja, the mysterious Messenger revealed that they were going to do great things together in the future.

Second Great WarEdit

SGCW The Wheel Turns 2

The Fall of the Twelve Worlds.

Upon the destruction of the Mou'Cyran system by the Empire, sparking the Second Great Cyrannus War, Roslia, recently promoted to the rank of Commodore, joined Fleet Admiral Cretacea's armada in a retaliatory strike against the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation—the weapon used to destroy the system. During the subsequent Battle of Cadian, Roslia played a critical role in destroying the station, and became one of the Republic's foremost commanders against the Empire, serving in battles against both the Imperials, and new enemies such as the True Republic, and the resurgent threat of the Corruptus.

In 17 NE, soon after the Battle of Vasuband, Roslia participated in the Fall of the Twelve Worlds, working to defend the colonies from the Empire's vicious assault. However, once it became clear that the Republic lacked the resources to defend the Twelve Worlds, Roslia obeyed Cretacea's orders and fled to the gas giant Pelion, where the Aeolus became one of fourteen other vessels consisting of the New Republic Remnant.

Crack in the Mirror 08

The Xeranbha saucer arrives.

Upon Admiral Cretacea's death at the Battle of Cognalorilos, Roslia was promoted to the rank of Fleet Admiral, and with Apollo suffering from a deep depression, became the de facto leader of the Republic Remnant. During this period, he established a Republic base on the distant planet Harborage, from which he intended on resparking the war to liberate not only the Republic, but ultimately, all of Cyrannus. During a mission through the Harborage wormhole, the Aeolus was transported to so-called Mirror Universe, dominated by the ruthless Libertan Imperarchate.

Seeking a means to return to Cyrannus, Admiral Roslia infiltrated the Imperarchate's flagship and apprehended Emperor Aedanius, the mirror counterpart to President Apollo. With Aedanius' unwitting help, and in the midst of an invasion by the fiendish Xeranbha, the crew of the Aeolus managed to capture one of the Imperarchate's Valiant-class destroyers, using it to return to their universe. After the battle, Helo rechristened the Libertan ship, the Resolute.

During the Battle of Harborage, Helo commanded the Remnant against overwhelming Imperial numbers and firepower, succeeding in defeating the Imperial invasion fleet with Aedanius' help. With victory assured, Roslia coordinated with President Apollo and launched Operation Liberty, intending on liberating the entirety of Republic space.

Personality and Traits Edit

Captain Roslia is wise beyond his years, and according to his spectral guardian he has a role in a great destiny being planned out by the One God. It is unknown if any of these claims are true, and Helo himself was initally sceptical, only to be eventually won over by the Messenger's omniscience. Roslia always strives to do the right thing and generally doesn't care what the consequences of his actions are, so long as they are for the greater good.

As captain, Roslia is beloved by his crew due to his laidback attitude and tendency to form personal relationships with those who serve under him. Roslia often joins his crew in the recreational room on the Avenger, where they often play games such as Pyramid. Roslia is a strong believer in the theory that a crew will function better if they trust and respect their captain as a friend. As shown on many occasions during his career, Roslia isn't afraid to ignore orders if they violate his personal code of ethics.

Appearance Edit

Helo Roslia is a male Libertus in his early thirties and as such is seen as being very young for such a high ranking individual. Roslia possesses red protofeathers on his body with a slightly lighter colouration on the feathers adorning his head. He wears a comfortable variant of the generic Republic captain uniform with a cap symbolising his Capricaerónn origins. He is considered to be attractive to fellow Libertus and possesses a notable though soft Capricaerónn accent.



Venator URC

The Avenger and the Aeolus are both Venators.

The CRS Aeolus is a Venator-class Star Destroyer currently under the command of Captain Helo Roslia. Before acquiring the Aeolus, Helo captained the RSD Avenger. The crew of the Avenger refused to accept the legitimacy of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus when it was formed and as such remained loyal to democracy, eventually coming to serve the Republic in Exile.

The Avenger made a name for itself during the Voyages of the Avenger alongside Rambo Nation and the Delpha Coalition of Planets, during which they made first contact with species and empires such as the Bisistar Domain.

The Avenger ultimately found itself in the future, where it gained a substantial upgrade in weaponry and shielding thanks to President Le Rambo. However, this wasn't enough to protect the ship from a Xeranbha attack, which completely obliterated the venerable starship. Luckily however, the crew managed to escape and by the end of their time in the future, they returned onboard the CRS Aeolus.


Relationships Edit


Green faceI would do anything I can for you.


Blue faceIt's good to know you.


Yellow faceHmmm...

  • Crispy - I've met him, but I don't know what to think.
  • Admiral Votarah - Despite our differences, you are good in a fight.


Orange faceFrak you.

Quotes Edit

One of the Republic's greatest captains, I would gladly serve with him anyday.

- Willelmus Cretacea

When we next meet, you shall end up in a body bag.

- Nirndal

A little nuisance who has a fame of his own. Not that it will save him from the reckoning to come.

- Tyrant

An honourable man, I would fight with him at my side.

- Tyraz


- Lore Enema of the Zranazm Ipico of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus

Weak. Powerless. Naive. Idiotic.

- Agnassana

A fine officer to his people, If only I had the honour of knowing him before the Empire's birth.

- Larnus Vontarion

There are few in the universe of whom the entire DCP owes their debt to. For without his curiosity and fearless nature, the whole DCP would have perished in the simulation.

- Emperor Wormulus II

He is much like me.

- Tyton Sialis

Kid's got a spine, I'd say. I think I heard him talk to himself, though, so he might be crazy.

- Gavakar

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