Skar? Oh, don't get me started on him. Don't be fooled by the smooth talking, because that guy is insane. He'd kill off his entire race if it meant profiting out of it. He has no moral compass nor does he have any mercy for his victims, and believe, once his eyes are set on you, it's extremely difficult to shake him off. Sooner of later, his men will claim your blood for themselves and their Blood Boss.

- Unknown

Hekrax Qrayrloc, most known by his alias "Skar" was the CEO of the private military company known as the Blood, which operated in the Borealis Galaxy. Originally a member of the Zazane's primary society, his egotistic and selfish tendencies got him kicked out of the military branch he served in, causing him to turn to a life of crime and eventually becoming the leader of his own business, profiting out of Borealis' chaotic state.

Smug, cold and sarcastic, Skar was an oddity among the Zazane race who are not known for their pride, and he preferred watching his servants deal with problems rather than acting himself. However, hidden under this exterior was a sadistic and bloodthirsty mind who enjoyed watching his opponents beg for mercy and loved watching the weak fall before his might.


Hekrax Qrayrloc was born on the Third Sovereign Domain planet of Jutisho, located in the Zazane race's home universe. The youngest son of a rich, pompous family, he would spend his childhood living isolated from the rest of his people due to his parents' influence over him, claiming he was better than the other and that they were nothing more than rabble. As he reached adulthood, Hekrax was conscripted into the military in order to fight the Junction, but due to his attitude, he was greatly disliked by his superiors and comrades alike until he was eventually kicked out following a battle against his commanding officer which left him with a very large scar through his chest and stomach. Growing distaste for the Domain for seemingly turning its back on him, Hekrax adopted the moniker of "Skar" and became a criminal working on the Domain's underground, surviving the onslaught ensued by the Junction and eventually arriving to the Onuris Universe following the Great Migration.

Skar remained hidden in the shadows of the regent Zazane governments, using mercenaries, former soldiers or enslaved pre-sapients to boost his numbers until the Zazane's migration to Borealis following the creation of the Ottzello Sector. During the rise of the War Economy in the Second Borealis Galactic War, Skar founded his own private military company, The Blood, and proceed to profit out of the galaxy's chaotic nature by being part of proxy wars. In the following years, Skar made deals with fellow crimelord Zoltik Relkhul until his defeat at the hands of Xerkea, where the Zazane betrayed his deals with Soltako Armed Military and used their CEO's disappearance as an opportunity to make himself more influential, leading to the Blood and SAM to become enemies with one another.

Skar was eventually manipulated by the nobility of the Rovegar Matriarchy into attempting to kill Penumbra Unit member Vekaron, which led to his defeat and arrest. Without its CEO, the Blood fell apart and was disbanded shortly after.



Skar appeared as a middle aged male of the Zazane race, standing a nearly three meters tall in height. In his torso, he had a massive scar left by a katana strike he received from a former commander he served under during his time in the Sovereign Domain's military during the day he was kicked out of the military due to his toxic attitude, which had given him his moniker. Skar wore military clothing and a piece of headwear with a badge on it, mockingly mimicking an officer's cap.


Skar was noted for his egotistic and narcissistic attitude, traits very unusual for Zazane due to their culture. His attitude was considered obnoxious enough for other Zazane to detest him, to the point he was banished from the Third Domain's military because of it. Skar had little regard for the lives of his associates, being willing to cause as much death as possible as long as it resulted in profit and greater influence for himself, and he was always looking for means of further inflating his already huge ego. Skar also showed a dislike for the weak much unlike other Borealis criminals, being especially unforgiving for pre-spacefaring cultures who he had often enslaved and turned into soldiers for himself.


Skar was a highly intelligent Zazane who was able to come up with complicated and and convoluted plans quickly in order to profit out of nearly any given problem. His influence made him a feared figure in the galaxy, meaning not many had the courage to stand up to him. However, even though he had served the military at one occasion, Skar was noted for being a poor fighter by Zazane standards, having little skill with both melee and ranged weaponry and preferring to use his servants to deal with problems rather than deal with them himself. This was one of the reasons he was eventually kicked out of the Third Domain, and many Zazane in modernity still consider him a coward and a fool for his lack of battle prowess.



Green face.pngFriends are merely enemies you have control of.

  • N/A


Blue face.pngI do not expect you to do your task, I know you will. Or else.

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Yellow face.pngThe Blood is open for business, if you have the coin... or the guts.


Red face.pngSuch a shame that your life has to end so soon.

  • Vekaron - I knew that job was a rotten one.


So few times prior to my reign and integration of a leadership role within the Sovereign Domain did I hear tales of the intolerable wretch; so fewer times did I come to suffer blows with those that serve him. An opportunist, he is, alongside a scavenger, but the honour of the role "leader" lies not with him.

- Tyraz





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