Hedon's egg was originally laid by a broodmother of House Morillum on the outer-rim world of Toranius V. Originally a farming colony, planet grew into a minor trade hub that gained fame for a set of pre-colonisation ruins of an ancient yet primitive civilization. The Dominatus had secretly hired an assassin to murder a nondescript broodmother on the planet and kidnap the clutch. The assassin maanged to kill the broodmother after a lengthly struggle but the battle injured her in such a way that she could only steal one egg before the house's guards descended on her. This egg was delivered to a client of the Dominatus who, seeing her usefulness outlived, left the assassin to be arrested by civillian authorities.

Birth and Education[]

The day he hatched he was subjected to severe genetic alteration and the Ultima Servillum serum developed for the Overseer project. Like other Overseers he was educated at Stanbridge until age six. Although Draconis asre known for their strength and intellect, the serum and engineering enhanced him even further. Not being dominatus he often ended up in fights with other Dominatus yet the ratio of victory and defeat for him became more or less even as he progressed.

As the stressful life of Stanbridge broke him, It was during this time he discovered a strange love for combat. Unlike other overseers, he took fighting into an art form and he balanced his studies with combat training using a variety of weapons both issued and improvised. During this time the chance of him winning fights increased noticeably, bringing him to the attention of his lecturers.

His skill in defending himself made him respected in both Stanbridge and Camvard, where Dominatus Betas were trained. In later life he sometimes became a bully himself, picking on the weaker and less-capable students. At Camvard he excelled in his studies of anatomy, psychology, logistics and sociology. It was in his studies of Draconis anatomical features that he realised how different he was. Being one of the only Draconis in the Tyranny he was never fully aware of what the Draconis were like. he learned how the Dominatus had made him bigger, stronger and more importantly, he was growing faster, over twice the normal rate.

To relieve himself of the pressures of Dominatus education, Hedon often took part in personal pursuits. The stresses of education were so great on him that he would experiment with all kinds of pleasure-ssking pursuits to calm himself down and took particular pleasure in testing and perfecting new ways of attacking with hapless slaves along with taking personal pursuits in design. He grew to become not just obsessed with self-indulgence to cope with his studies but the combined pressures of his education and yhe satisfaction he gained in his other pursuits made him a fervant perfectionist. He graduated Camvard with honours, now almost six metres tall and weighing several tonnes.

As an Overseer[]

After graduating he was presented with 100 Draconis who had been cloned from his own material. These clones were smaller and weaker than Hedon himself but were by no means any less dedicated to the Tyranny than he was. All of them were given finely-crafted armour and special sonic weaponry. Each of them displayed extradordinary dedication to the Tyranny and to him. Being a man of passions, declared them to be his 'sons', leading to the formation of the Sons of Hedon. The Sons specialised in destroying rebels and invaders through destabilising the subatomic particles of their victims.

Often leading full-frontal or ambush asaults, the SOns became legiondary for the screams that echoed in whatever fields they fought. Within the Tyranny it became commonplace that the weaponry and tactics of the Sons was closely associated with the screams of the damned mixed with the laughter of the demons that tortured them. Entire armies of rebel slaves often became incapacitated as the wail of sonic weapnnry shattered their ears.

After their exemplary performace gained the attention of Medusa Heimdall, particularly after Tyranny relations with the Daconid Imperium slipped. She requested the Sons to be stationed in Andromeda, believing they could be a valuable weapon should the Imperium declare war as well as enforcing Tyranny control within Andromeda. For the next few years Hedon's loyalty grew, quickly gaining favour enough to be one of the Overseer legions that recieved orders directly from Tyant Medusa Heimdall herself.

Switching Sides and the Caltraxi[]

In the late stages of the Andromeda Campaign, Hedon conducted a mission to assault the Draconid Imperium's flagship, the TNSS Dominax with a mission to personally subdue Uriel Ultanos and bring him before Medusa. Hedon's pride overwhelmed him after he managed ot floor the Draconid leader, who bit him on the cheek and poisoned him with a potent neurotoxin. Hedon's implants and augmentations allowed hi mto resist the toxin as it worked its way though his body, but it was not enough to save him from the Paragon striking him down.

To his surprise, Uriel could not deliver the final blow. Initially attributing Uriel's actios for weakness, the Draconis leader explaiined to him how he had summoned enormous willpower to not kill him. Uriel's lecture effectively destroyed everything Hedon knew about the world and he was forced to watch Invictus' annihilation. While Hedon was at his lowest, Uriel offered hi ma chance at redemption. Despite reluctance and despite disbelief that he could be anything other than what he had been programmed for, he accepted Uriel's offer with a growing belief that Uriel was something "above" the Dominatus he had served.

For the first few years after that, Hedon - indebted to Uriel - worked in secret to provide the IMperium and the ANti-DOminatus coalition with vital intelligence, all under the pretence that he was dead.

Hedon was present at the Overseers tribunal when Uriel stepped in and requested the Sons of Hedon be pardoned in exhange for servitude to the Imperium. Taking on a new mantle as the leader of the Caltraxa Guard, Hedon became fiercely loyal to Uriel, joining him in many locations as he reestablished himself as a protector of the Draconid Imperium instead of being the orchestrator of it's collapse.



Standing at a height of almost six metres, Hedon is a goliath of a Draconis. his bady has been extensively modified and enhanced and posesses a monsterous physique. His scales are a dull amber with black marks on his head and shoulers. He often adorns himself with finery and elaborate clothing. Often his armour and sometimes his clothing will have what appear to be faces in all sorts of torturous and sinister expressions. His body is laced with mostly-internal cybernetics.


Lacking any one preferential weapon, Hedon has a variety of weapons depending on his mood and what he feels like doing at the time. Each of his weapons are intricately marked, polished and plated with gold. Unique to his armoury is a sonic cannon designed specifically for him to use. His cannon contains the ability to trigger certain neurotransmitters and depending on the setting the stimuli can cause additional feelings of sadness, fear or whatever hedon wants them to feel.

Like the other Sons of Hedon his armour is gilded and elaborately decorated with numerous faces of varying expressions ranging from euphoria and sadness to anger and terror carved onto the plates.


From a young age, Hedon always admired the Dominatus' ideal of "the strong do waht they like" and has always wanted to emulate the lifestyle hmiself. While he shows clear signs of complete devotion to the Tyranny, Hedon is known for his appetites. He enjoys indulging himself in the finest the Tyranny has to offer him. Due to his training he gains an almost sadistic rush from the slaughter and frequently claims that killing his way is an art form. The swing of a blade is akin ot the stroke of a brush on canvas. When on the field his screams and taunts can be intimidating to the enemy.

On the battlefield his presence is often marked by the loud and terrifying sound of laughter caused by the endorphins that rush through his brain as he tears his enemies apart. This laughter is treated in a similar manner to a banshee's howl as it often signifies the imminent death of all those who hear him.


The effects of the Ultima Servillis serum have made Hedon much stronger than any Draconis before him and the force from his wings alone can be enough to blow smaller beings off their feet. He is telepathically connected to the other Sons of Hedon and can issue orders with a thought. He posesses a keen sense of balance that is unnatural for his kind and his senses have been sharpened to the point where he can hear a person's heartbeat from several metres away. In battle Hedon fights as though he dances, whatever weapon he wields he fights with an elegent ferocity that can mentally scar as well as impress.



Blue face.pngI do so enjoy cooperating with you. Such an exiting feeling.

  • Sadis Agonis - How pleasant, a sycophant. You are not one of my Sons but you may become a brother.
  • Dra'erath - The way he twists reality to his will, it is maginficent!
  • Akemainyu - Hmmm...
  • Pathogis - The way you decieve and sneak around. You are a master worthy of my respect.


Yellow face.pngYou could be of some amusement to me.

  • Uriel Ultanos - You are no Dominatus. You are something...above them.
  • Nosferatu Hexus - Such a shame you prefer to be treated the same way as a slave.
  • Corpulus Obesson - Urgh, how about sampling some perfumes in your spare time?
  • Kuzushimasu - Not much beauty in the way he kills, but powerful nonetheless.
  • Cruon - Tasteless. Absolutely tasteless.
  • 01 - I pity him, having no room in his mind to appreciate the finer things.
  • Tyrant Abandon Heimdall - I failed you my lord...And it pains me.
  • Medusa Heimdall - I swore my sword to you but the worm king has shown me a different path.




- Nosferatu Hexus

Like me, he was Overseered by the glorious Tyranny from a race of spacefaring dragons. But that is were the simmilarities between us end. Since all you turned out to be, Hedon Morillium, was AN. HEDONISTIC. COWARDLY. TRAITOR! YOUR HEAD! YOUR HEAD WILL BE MINE FOR THIS!

- Cruon



  • Hedon was originally inspired by Primarch Fulgrim of Emperor's Children from Warhammer 40,000
  • The name 'Hedon' comes from 'hedonist', a person who's life revolves around indulging in various pleasures.