He is given this name for he is the harbinger of the armies of the Corruptus. He is the first to arrive before their unstoppable armies march into war. He is a symbol of Shu'rimrodir's eternal war against mortalkind, a symbol which is very difficult to combat by itself.

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Harbinger was the most powerful of the Lympharians of the Corruptus. Assumed to be the first of his kind, Harbinger served as a demonic commander who led the armies of nightmare into war against mortals, displaying cold, emotionless efficiency as he did so. He was created to spare no one, for no enemies of the Corruptus were worthy of surviving the terrors the lord of nightmare had in store for them once the great Lympharian had arrived.

Harbinger's presence signaled the coming of immense Corruptus armies, which led to him being given his name. Considered a symbol of the Corruptus's declaration of war against the Onuris Universe, Harbinger stopped at nothing to do as he was ordered by his god creator, which involved the corruption and destruction of entire solar systems in the name of the nightmare, leaving no survivors in the process. As one of the oldest demons of the Corruptus, Harbinger was widely respected for his power and wisdom, even though he was not considered a part of the Corruptus's pantheon of gods.


Harbinger's existence dates back from the War of Black Fog, where he was among the infinity of Corruptus Demons created by Shu'rimrodir to wage war against the Vida'Rra. The latter would come to see the Lympharian as an avatar of war and as a symbol of Shu'rimrodir's hatred for the universe. It is unknown whether Harbinger was the original Lympharian, though given his great power and age, he is assumed to have been either the first or one of the first of his kind, more powerful than the rest of his kin like other Great Demons like Shu'rahkavarh.

Harbinger leading Corruptus forces at Volganos

Like the rest of the Corruptus, Harbinger was defeated at the end of the war, being dragged into the Realm of Dreams alongside most of the demons of nightmare. However, he resurfaced during the Second War of Black Fog to wage war against the universe once again, now working under the Marinoxidiz's orders against the Dracogonarious Empire and their allies. The great Lympharian attacked the Dracogonarious colony of Volganos but was ultimately defeated and destroyed by Titanozor, and while Volganos was saved from the Corruptus, the Dracogonarious realized their enemies were growing stronger as time was passing.

Despite his destruction, Harbinger was reborn after the Annihilation resulted in the recreation of the Corruptus. Years later, he made a sudden return during the Second Great Cyrannus War, where he attacked the New Cyrannian Republic under the orders of Mar-Júun; leading a fleet of corrupted Imperial ships, he assaulted the world of Haeren, but was defeated by the Republic and their Borealan allies.

He remained in Mar-Júun's service and was eventually tasked with destroying the Spear of Ramielum, a Vida'Rra weapon capable of permanently killing Corruptus Vanguards. However, during the war against the Crimson Imperium, Aoirtae Valaeris and her companions thwarted the nightmare's attempts, eventually culminating with Vanikaimar using the Spear of Ramielum to permanently kill Harbinger at the Nightmare Region.



Harbinger differed greatly from his Lympharian kin in several ways. He was easily the tallest of all Lympharians, standing at nearly five meters tall, and his head was decorated with two pairs of large curved horns and a pair of deep blue eyes. Unlike his servants, Harbinger possesseed what looked like a pair of enormous skeletal wings on his back which appeared to be made of rocks and crystals. His Corruptus Heart pulsated heavily at all times, causing audible thuds which could be heard from a fair distance away from the creature itself.


A creature dedicated solely for war, Harbinger was comparable to his lesser kin in behaviour. Emotionless yet incredibly proud, he showed contempt for the mortal universe and led the armies of the Corruptus to destroy it without a glimpse of remorse. He did not display any sadism, unlike other Greater Nightmares of the Corruptus, though he was noted to retain a serious composure at all occasions, even at occasions where other demons would feel anger or happiness. When not leading armies, Harbinger spent most of his time in silence not unlike a statue, though he was still referred to as one of the wisest nightmares of the Corruptus, and convincing him to share his knowledge was one of the few ways one could learn of the faction's ancient past.


Harbingerwas is the most powerful of the Lympharians, as shown by his immense power over Nightmare Energy. Through his staff, he could channel great quantities of the energy in order to launch blasts of power or cause sharpened demon crystal to erupt out of surfaces to impale his victims. His staff was extremely resistant and could clasp into objects like a fanged mouth, allowing him to use it as an extended limb when needed in order to grab enemies and throw them away. Like all Corruptus demons, he could manifest dark tendrils out of his hide to defend himself in melee range.



Yellow face.pngI march in the Devourer's name.


Yellow face.pngLet the universe be torn asunder by our march.


Yellow face.pngOur coming is unending.

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Orange face.pngThe eternal war ends for you now.






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