Kra mahka kraes farahka turum taen ente taem, demec kempe taroka turum kraes ril. Ae... The Empire is eternal.

- Harak'Tuose

Harak'Tuose is a Zio'Aeni Inquisitor within the Imperial Inquisition. Initially a normal Zio'Aeni warrior in service to his clan, he first began his service to the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus as an apprentice to the Phaedric Lord Archaxys, who trained him for the specific purpose of hunting down members of the Aldárae Order. A terrifying opponent for any who happen to cross his path, Harak is completely apathetic towards his enemies; choosing to fully embody the fatalistic mindset of his people, and viewing himself as an enforcer of fate. Despite this, however, and in stark contrast to many of his fellow Inquisitors, Harak is far from cruel or sadistic and is known to offer his respect for opponents he considers worthy of it.


Early LifeEdit

Born on the Zio'Aeni colony of Viraal seven years prior to the Empire's rise, Harak proved his potential as a warrior early on in his life; quickly taking the philosophical teachings of the Zio'Aeni warpriests to heart and often opening further discussion and debate with his teachers. When the Imperial fleet under the command of Admiral Vastæ Scaeva invaded the territories of the Zio'Aeni clans, Viraal was one of the first planets that came under attack and thus Harak, alongside his fellow young warriors-in-training got their first actual taste of combat not against the typical warriors of a rival clan, but against the technologically superior foe of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. While not directly involved in the fighting, this experience left its mark on Harak, as he was somewhat inspired by the outwardly ruthless approach taken by the Imperial forces and came to see decisiveness as more important than honor when it came to battle.

Growing into adulthood within the now established Zio'Aeni Hegemony, Harak became a full-fledged warrior in the early 10 NE. For the next seven or so years, he continued to serve his clan, until after a typical sparring session with his fellow warriors he was approached by Archaxys with an offer of an apprenticeship. The female Phaedric Lord had been on an observation mission to Viraal and happened to have witnessed the Zio'Aeni man sparring, becoming impressed with Harak defeating each of his fellow warriors with relative ease. Accepting the Phaedra's offer, Harak then began his rigorous training under his new master. However, due to Harak possessing remarkably little in terms of potential for the manipulation of Valin, for his training Archaxys focused more so on the martial aspects of the typical training that Phaedric apprentices go through and helped him hone his innate abilities over Essence as best as she could by applying her own prowess over the Dark to her teachings. Becoming an incredibly deadly combatant under his master's tutelage, Harak, at Archaxys' behest, was inducted into the ranks of the Imperial Inquisition during the Empire's initial conflicts with the rebels of the New Republic Remnant.

Second Great Cyrannus WarEdit

Massacre at SethusanEdit

Massascre at Sethusan

Harak ignites his phasesaber as he prepares to face rebels on Sethusan.

In the late 17 NE, an intelligence report surfaced detailing the presence of a rebel cell comprising of individuals with ties to the New Republic Remnant and its allies operating on the planet Sethusan. Harak was unleashed for the first time in order to deal with the potential threat posed by a listening post - and a planetary government sympathetic to the rebels - so far within the territory of the Occupied Republic. Not wishing to immediately alert the rebels who were planetside to his presence, Harak, alongside a squad of Imperial Stormtroopers entered the system aboard an unmarked shuttle while the Star Destroyer from which they had departed remained outside the system waiting for an all-clear signal from Harak's strike team. Once planetside, and landed at the indicated coordinates detailed by the intelligence report, the strike team's shuttle was surrounded by rebel troops on the landing site - who had gathered there in order to identify the shuttle's passengers. Taking point, Harak had the shuttle's door opened and also ordered all of the lights within the shuttle shut off; striking with brutal fury at the rebels almost immediately once the door had fully opened, distracting them while the Stormtroopers opened fire from within the darkness of the shuttle's interior.

The battle lasted for over three hours with Harak and his strike team moving through the rebel outpost eliminating anyone they happened to run across. The death toll on the rebels' side also included a handful of Knights belonging to the Aldárae Order, who had been confronted and killed for the most part by Harak himself; fully marking himself as an enemy of the Order. In the aftermath of the battle, Harak ordered his men to retrieve any sensitive data still stored on the rebels' devices, and then to have the outpost destroyed by the Star Destroyer that had now entered planetary orbit. As word of the battle reached the ears of people across the galaxy, it was commonly dubbed a massacre, and Harak himself became better known by the more anti-Imperial members of the galactic community as the Butcher of Sethusan - a name which he has come to fully embrace as his own.



A Zio'Aeni warrior of large size, and, in fact, being in the higher end of the spectrum in terms of height for one of his species, Harak also has the musculature one would expect of an individual who has lived by such a lifestyle for most of his life. Additionally, while he is actually relatively young, Harak is noticeably more mature in his appearance than most Zio'Aenies of his age - more than likely as a result of his training under both the warpriests of his clan and the Phaedric Lord Archaxys. During most public appearances, he wears a set of black combat armor and robes in conjunction with a mask that hides his face completely; giving him an intimidating visage that he often uses to his advantage. As his weapon of choice, he carries a double-sided phasesaber with a black blade and a distinct, slightly faded light pink bloom.


Often quite remarkably terse in conversation, Harak, despite being more than capable of holding a conversation in Basic, is prone to using his native language as a deterrent for some of the more talkative individuals; avoiding long conversations with people who mean nothing to him and preferring to let his actions speak for him instead. Harak also has very little patience in general and bears noticeable distaste towards people who prolong things beyond what is required - and especially those who do so to satiate their sadism, or to feel superior to the other party. This also extends to how he conducts himself in battle, preferring to end a combat situation the first chance he gets; to him, there is no use in toying with one's enemy if they can simply be killed on the spot. However, despite the general apathy he shows towards whoever he is to fight, Harak tends to adhere to his people's sense of honor, with the main difference being that he doesn't consider it to belong on the battlefield, and is thus not above using more backhanded tactics in order to achieve victory - an aspect that likely coalesced from his experiences on the besieged Viraal and the teachings of his Phaedra master.


Having received the typical training of Zio'Aeni warriors in his youth, and the often gruelling training he has gone through under Archaxys, Harak has amassed an extensive amount of martial expertise; solidly moving him on the path towards being one of the galaxy's most adept combatants originating from the modern times. Despite the difficulty of operating a weapon of its size in the speeds often used in phasesaber combat, Harak is a master with his double-sided phasesaber and has the capacity of taking on multiple opponents at the same time in a far more easier fashion than those with a single standard issue phasesaber. He also uses his weapon in a manner designed to keep his enemies on their toes by mixing up whether he is using the weapon with both sides of it ignited, or only one - before igniting the other side in a quick surprise attack. His repertoire is further bolstered by his skills with Essence, which, while adequate for active usage, are somewhat limited due to Archaxys being unable to offer him more definite training on this matter. While often not seeming to be so at first sight, Harak is in actuality frighteningly intelligent, and simply chooses to let people around him believe otherwise; fully embracing Archaxys' guidance to always remain unpredictable, and never to give anyone information that could be used to against you.



ImperialLoyaltyFaceMy duty is my life.


Yellow faceDon't hold me back.

  • Vandalion - Lead me.
  • Kathur'Easri - Kra entha Krathfad, tur kra en naha vamrah korha... Haav surtha lail korha...


Yellow faceWhat is it?

  • N/A


Red faceAra kraes karal dem tuhn kra varail, ral en anthas taer. Kra taroka manav.

  • N/A


Such raw, unbridled power. You will prove most useful to the Empire, my apprentice. And together, we will reduce the rebels to ash.

- Archaxys

Mark my words, you'll pay for what you did on Sethusan. It's only a matter of time.

- Aoirtae Valaeris



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