My blades for the Brood. My life for the Lord Councillor.

- Hadruz Kullearm

Hadruz Kullearm is a male Zazane who serves as the overall commander of the Brood of War's battlefleets within the Cyrannus Galaxy, having been appointed by Lord Councillor Tyraz Breek upon the Brood's signing of the Mou'Cyran Accords during the opening years of the 29th Century. A fearsome and honourable warrior, Hadruz has served his people loyally since the days of the Third Sovereign Domain, fighting in conflicts ranging from the Revolution of the Warlords to the War of Claim. After being assigned to Cyrannus, Kullearm became a high ranking fleet commander in the Pax Infinitus Armada and became a well known and respected figure for his key role in conflicts such as the Fall of Cirith Beleg and the Great Battle of Venetia.


Desolation of the Bisistar 13

The Despoiler of Faith annihilates a Bisistar cruiser during the Battle of Venetia.

Born on an unknown world in 2762, Hadruz Kullearm was raised from a young age to become a warrior, being forced to brave the harsh wilds of his homeworld for several weeks as a young man to prove that he had the merit to serve and honour his people. Through discipline and his wily nature, Kullearm managed to excel thus winning him the admiration of his tutors. When he came of age, Hadruz joined the battalions of the Third Sovereign Domain during its early campaigns against the Loron in the Ottzello Galaxy before serving in larger conflicts such as the Revolution of the Warlords, the apocalyptic War of Claim and the Second War of Black Fog, where he fought admirably against the demonic hordes of the Corruptus.

Many years later, Kullearm had risen to such a point in the meritocracy of the newly formed Brood of War that he was awarded his own Zazane Dreadnought Despoiler of Faith. Soon afterwards, the Despoiler of Faith was assigned to the Cyrannus Galaxy, where Kullearm was appointed the commander of the Brood's armada there by Lord Councillor Tyraz Breek himself.

Desolution of the Bisistar

Our shidium will be both the hammer of the fleet and its protection.

- Kullearm, during the battle against the Bisistar.

Though he was initially sceptical about the Mou'Cyran Accords, believing it to be a weak alliance of soft-bellied politicians, his mind was soon changed upon witnessing the might and majesty of the Pax Infinitus Armada, which had gathered to oust the fiendish Bisistar Domain off the peaceful New Republic colony of Venetia. The Despoiler of Faith proved to be one of the key flagships of the armada during the campaign, during which Kullearm and his men managed to save the lives of countless Ermitant. After the battle, Kullearm was awarded by the New Republic government and continued his duties.

A year later, he ferried Lord Councillor Tyraz to the Republic of Cirith Beleg for talks with Iovera IX and Proconsul Apollo. While in orbit however, his fleet was attacked by the Corruptus, forcing the joint Brood-Republic-Divinarium fleet to buy time for the leaders on the ground while they escaped Mar-Júun. After the battle, Kullearm returned to Cyrannus where he was once again faced with the Corruptus during the Cataclysm in the Neutral Zone, though once again he and his allies emerged victorious..

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Green face“'


Blue face“'


Orange face!


Red face “'




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